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Happy 2008!! December 31, 2007

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2008.jpg Hope everyone has big plans to ring in 2008. Actually, I think once you have kids big plans and New year’s stop going together. I think New Year’s Eve parties often times have trouble living up to the hype. This year I will be celebrating with my family on the beach with some daiquiris and fireworks. 2007 has been a year of many blessings. Here’s praying 2008 will bring many more for our family and yours!


10 Random Things Learned on Vacation December 29, 2007

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  1. Big Jackie O sunglasses while very fashionable and Hollywood, aren’t the best look once you’ve sunburned your face. Think major raccoon.
  2. A 4 year old girl is able to make friends with any other 4 year old girl and immediately pretend to be mermaids, princesses, barbies, etc. They will play all day and become the best of friends despite knowing each other 2 minutes.
  3. It is always a plus when said 4 year old’s new best friend has a grandpa who keeps buying rounds of drinks.
  4. No one gave my kids the memo that vacation=sleeping in, therefore 6 am wake up calls are unacceptable.
  5. Going to bed nightly at 9 pm makes the 6 am wake up calls not so bad.
  6. Shaving your legs should be optional on vacation, which is a major bummer when you are in a swimsuit everyday.
  7. It is very annoying when people get up at 8 am to lay towels on multiple chairs and then not reappear until 3 pm.
  8. I wish my sister-in-law would start having kids so she will have a post kids body too. I mean, so I can be a loving aunt.
  9. When the car rental place tells you they are renting you an 8 person van- don’t believe them. Unless the 8 people are midgets or people who don’t mind being strapped to the roof.
  10. Although today is supposed to be a post for the weekly “Challenge,” there is nothing more challenging then trying to have any sort of quality couple time then when your kids are on an air mattress right next to the bed and your parents are right on the other side of the door.

ps. check out my new “blogging office” in the picture on the previous post


Things I Love Thursday- The Caribbean December 27, 2007

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computer-palm-tree.jpg This is exactly what I look like right now! (ok, so add 20 pounds). It is so glorious here. I have done virtually nothing for the 3 days we have been here, but lay around in the sun. Occasionally I pause to make sure my children haven’t wandered into the ocean. Or sip a fruity drink. Often at the same time.

Lily decided to start the trip off with a bang, puking as we waited in line to check our luggage. She continued the trend all the way down here. She is a champ though. She never complained, just puked, wiped her mouth and went about her day. I wish I could be so graceful. It appears the hubby got a bit of the virus yesterday, but hopefully we are done passing it around. If you were on either flight with my pukey daughter, I so apologize. Hopefully your Christmas wasn’t hampered by an intestinal virus.

Coincidentally, Lily barfed her way through Christmas last year. She barely paused from opening gifts to do so though. Not even the flu will stop her from ripping wrapping paper apart with a vengeance. Hopefully this is the last year for that fun-filled holiday tradition.

Today we will go snorkeling and then head to the airport to pick up the brother and sister-in-law. Did I mention the condo we are staying at is not super spacious and that Hannah has decided 6 am is her new wake up time. That should make for good times all around. Still who is going to complain when this is your view. (picture coming, camera not working)


Cause this is what it looks like back home (well not officially home, I don’t know whose house that is).



Merry Christmas from the Caribbean December 24, 2007

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caribbean-christmas.jpg I am blogging from the warm and sunny Cayman Islands. It is very, very difficult to even remember that it is in fact Christmas when you are staring at palm trees. Then I pulled up the news about the weather back in Michigan and I remembered. So I won’t be bloggin’ much for a little while which is a bummer cause the trip down alone provided  weeks worth of bloggin’ material. That being said, our condo has high speed internet so who am I kidding, I’ll probably pop back soon.

In the meantime, wherever you are and whatever that weather, I pray you and your family have a wonderful and safe Christmas. I also pray you can spend some time remembering the “Reason For The Season.” Isn’t it amazing that God came to Earth as a helpless little baby? Isn’t it even more amazing that Mary rode all that way on a donkey while days away from giving birth? Makes you understand why Catholics love her so. Just a thought…


A Toddler Has Hijacked My Blog! December 22, 2007

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toddler-computer.jpg Braden James over at Sarcastic Mom tagged me (Hannah) for a meme where I tell 8 things about myself. The first thing I should tell you is that isn’t me in the picture. In fact, I am pretty sure it is a boy. Someday, I will probably be mad a my mommy for trying to pass a boy off as a picture of me, but for now I just think she is the bestest, most coolest mommy ever (Jill says: who me? go on…). Also, if you are new to the blog, know me in real life and thoroughly confused as to who this Hannah girl is, you should know that Hannah is my super secret alias. Please don’t blow my cover, the future of the world depends on my staying underground.

  1. I was really anxious to come out and play with you all. I was born 3 weeks early, 53 minutes after my mommy got the hospital. She says I made her miss her epidural, whatever that is. Still, I was kind enough to come out in 1 push so how nice is that?
  2. I love animals. I have mastered the sounds of nearly every species around. I am still not talking, well at least to the humans, but I have this Dr. Doolittle thing down.
  3. If there is music on, I am dancin! My personal favorite is “Hey Ya!” by Outkast. I even shake my hands when he sings “Shake it like a Polaroid picture”. I also like to kick my leg out to the side while dancing, much like Elaine on Seinfeld. It seems to make the adults giggle and I aim to please.
  4. Whenever I see a camera pointed my way, I just can’t help posing and flashing a big grin. I am practicing up for my future stint on America’s Top Model.
  5. I can’t wait to be a mommy. I have never met a baby I didn’t like (or like to poke at). I just love patting them on the head and giving them hugs. I can often be found running towards the nearest infant carrier desperately trying to get at the baby inside. When a real baby can’t be found, I settle for hugging and squeezing one of my baby dolls.
  6. Just like my mommy and sister before me, I love a good book. I prefer any board book by Sandra Boyton or Karen Katz. Actually anything with lift up flaps pretty much rocks. That seems to be all I am getting for Christmas though so maybe I should start showing interest in something else before I own every board book east of the Mississippi.
  7. Rarely have I met a food I didn’t like. Nuf’ said.
  8. I was born with a decent head of dark brown hair. Most of that fell out and really light brown hair came in. Now it seems to be growing in as a mullet. The front just won’t seem to grow. My mommy tries to camouflage it by putting the back in pigtails, but I am not sure she is fooling anybody. I am only 1 1/2, but already I am pretty stressed about the future of my locks. Am I destined for lunch lady duty?

Ok, so now I am supposed to tag 8 of my buddies to play along. I know it is Christmas and everyone is crazy busy, but maybe you are also looking for blogging material. So tag your it! Maybelle, Oliver, Addison, Sophie, Jessamine, Baby #3, Taylor, and Flybaby. Let me know if you play so I can come read what you say.


Week 12- The Gift that keeps on giving December 21, 2007

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sex-challenge.gif How Merry is the hubby’s Christmas going to be? This Christmas week, your challenge is to have a conversation with your husband asking him what you could do to improve your sex life. How scary is that?

Does your hubby know you are taking The Challenge? Has he even noticed if you are? I will confess even as the “challenger”, I have not participated in every week. Life just gets in the way sometimes. Maybe this is the week you tell him about it and see if there is anything on the list he particularly wishes you would have participated in. If you are an A student in your weekly assignments, then is there anything we haven’t discussed that would make his holidays a little brighter?

The hubby and I don’t usually give each other gifts for Christmas and anniversaries. Instead, we give the gift of time- a fancy date night, theater tickets, a weekend away, etc. We then use these times to check in with each other and see how “we” are doing. By we, I don’t mean us separately, or mommy and daddy, but hubby and wife. Often that conversation inevitably leads to how we are doing in the bedroom. Ladies, it is time for that conversation.

Now, here are the rules.

  1. Timing: If this is a painfully difficult conversation to have, probably best not to time it on Christmas eve on the way home from church. This is not meant to ruin the holidays. Pick a time when you are not stressed and emotional. Preferably one where you are 50% awake.
  2. Preparation: Gear yourself up to really and truly hear what the hubby has to say. Hold your defensiveness and excuses (well, I’m tired and you never help me, and I got fat…). Just listen with an open mind.
  3. Ground Rules: Whatever is suggested must be biblical and consensual. This might be obvious, but some woman misunderstand what being submissive means. If the by some odd chance, the hubby suggests something that there is no way on earth you would feel comfortable with or it an outright sin, then the answer is of course no way. If he just suggests something a bit out of the ordinary that might be slightly out of your comfort zone, give it a try. Just make sure you keep the lines of communication open.

Nothing like leaving a crazy hard challenge for “the most wonderful time of the year.” If it is too scary, you can always pretend you were too busy with the holidays to read it. I won’t know either way (but Jesus will…I’m just sayin’)


Frugal Friday- Last minute Holiday deals

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frugalfridays.jpg Anyone who knows me, knows I love a good bargain. I also love shopping for clothes. When the 2 things intersect…it’s like Christmas no matter what day it is.

  1. The best deal around can be found over at Garnet Hill. I normally don’t shop there cause it is pricey, but there stuff is adorable and really well made. So when I discover they have kids PJ’s at 70% off, I pay attention. Seriously, you may not find a better deal around the internet. Head over here to check it out.
  2. Children’s Place is having their semi-annual Monster Sale. This is when they practically give stuff away. Hint: they have really cute holiday wear marked down that you can stock up on for next year. Check it out here.
  3. Remember when I told you about Crazy 8, Gymboree’s cheap line. Well despite not yet existing for a year, they are having a semi-annual sale. Some of there stuff is $3-5 dollars. I found them to be a bit low on sizes, but maybe you will find exactly what you are looking for. Head over here.

I am sure there is a TON more. If nothing else, the mall is open until midnight every night it seems so you can grab something over there. Has anyone been there at midnight? I am curious to know if anyone is shopping that late, but too tired to find out.

Happy shopping!!