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Frugal Fridays- Children’s Place December 13, 2007

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frugalfridays.jpg This is kind of a Things I Love Thursday and Frugal Friday rolled into one. 2 for the price of one!! That’s frugal in itself. Or it would be if you actually paid to read my blog.

Anyway, I love Children’s Place. There clothes are very affordable even at regular price, but you rarely have to pay that since they seem to always be having a sale. And these people know how to have a sale. Often times there clothes go for $3-5 dollars. Seriously, I have been to garage sales where people are trying to charge that for used stuff (a pet peeve of mine, but that is a whole other blog post).

Anywho, cheap clothes are great enough, but in addition to the sales, they are always sending out coupons if you get on their mailing list. Or there are almost always coupon codes you can track down off the web (or use my earlier post on the subject). In fact right now you can take 10% off with this code ggpppl7dbnc7. I also found a coupon code for 20% off that is CLUBEGXIEPC7. Try the 20% one and see if it works, if not try for 10%.

But wait…there’s more (it’s like an infomercial blog-order now and we will throw in some steak knives). Now, I am not one to advocate credit cards in a frugal post, but this one actually pays off. If you get a credit card now, you will get an additional 10% off all your purchases through the end of January. This is combined with all the other sales. Then starting in Feb. after you have accumulated $200 worth of purchases on your card, you get 10% off all purchases for the rest of the year.

Now ladies, we only should do this if we in fact pay off the card every month. If not, this is not helping you. However, if like me, you tend to buy most of your kids clothes and gift at Children’s Place and pay off the balance every month, this is a way to save a whole heap of money on your kids clothes. If this is just a temptation to spend more money, then disregard the whole credit card thing and go about your merry way.

For more frugal ideas, head over to Biblical Womanhood.


3 Responses to “Frugal Fridays- Children’s Place”

  1. lifeafterbaby Says:

    Whell…I thank you for staking your claim at Children’s Place–I will be sure NOT to shop there so that we don’t duplicate clothing. I mean, like, seriously. Can you imagine how much we will have damaged our girls if they show up to Sunday School wearing the same outfit?

    Thanks for coming to the Bee Movie–that was really great fun for me. And I forgot to tell you that your haircut is awesome. I love the angle and layering.

  2. Lady Why Says:

    I love Children’s Place clothes too!! They are such excellent quality! Thank you for the coupon codes!

  3. Amy Says:

    Thanks for sharing! We love Children’s Place at our house. The quality has always been great for the price.

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