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Week 11- Shake It Up Baby Now! December 15, 2007

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sex-challenge.gif I defy you to read that title and not picture Ferris on top of a float in Chicago with Bavarian girls dancing behind him. If you don’t know what I am talking about you are either too young or too old to be having sex and you shouldn’t read this post anyway.

Part of the reason our sex lives get stale is because we fall into a rut. Perhaps an evening in the bedroom looks like this. Husband leans over with twinkle in eye. You agree, somewhat annoyed that you have to stop reading Better Homes and Garden. You kiss a little, touch at points A,B and C (and always in that order), assume the same position as always, 45 minutes later (well maybe not, that was for the hubby) resume reading magazine. My sex life is wayyyyy more exciting than that, but I am speaking to the rest of you of course.

Perhaps what we need is to mix things up a bit. Now I am not talking about anything crazy. No toys, weird costumes, dirty talking. Just something a little different all while maintaining your Christian values. Maybe you kiss a little longer to build anticipation. Maybe you touch at points B, A, C (radical!). Or, gasp, try a different position. I am not going to get into specifics here, use your imagination. Trying new things is typically awkward at first (ouch, you’re on my hair), but you may find something that works really well that you can add to the repertoire. If nothing else, you can have a good laugh trying something different. If you go too crazy and end up in the E.R. make sure you have your stories straight, preferably one that doesn’t involve the real reason you got injured.

*I just found this and I think it illustrates my point very humorously. Enjoy!


5 Responses to “Week 11- Shake It Up Baby Now!”

  1. Marie Says:

    My biggest issue is that my husband tends to get amorous at say 3 AM. I am an insomniac and have a very difficult time falling asleep. If I am woken up, I will not fall back asleep no matter what I do. He knows this. So either we forego, or I lose sleep. I know it’s easy to say why not try it another time, but his schedule just doesn’t allow it.

  2. jynell79 Says:

    I couldn’t get the movie clip to work… ??

  3. SAHMmy Says Says:

    “If nothing else, you can have a good laugh trying something different”–too true.

  4. Jessia Says:

    The Clip does not work. 😦
    I would love to hear you expound on how to Spur on a Less Amourous Husband…

  5. not ready to tell yet Says:

    Hi! I sneak in about once a week to check out your challenge. I can’t say that I actively try them, but they give me something to think about and sometimes that’s half the battle. I don’t mind you knowing you I am; I’m just not ready to announce my sex life to the world.

    So far I agree with all of them. You really zinged me with the panties one – my old ones surely did creep in during the bad laundry week.
    I’m comfortable now with a night light or candle on.
    I so agree that you have to flat out tell the man what you want – it doesn’t bother them either.
    I also really agree about the getaway. For me too there is just something about a hotel room. . . We have gone once a year for our anniversary even when I was nursing and we went 20 minutes away for one night. We have a great place near us with a big Jacuzzi. 😉

    My thought for this week is that it could be something as simple as putting your pillows at the foot of the bed or laying across the bed sideways. Just to get out of the rut…

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