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Things I Love Thursday- Bodum French Press December 19, 2007

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coffee-press.jpg In thinking of what product to highlight right before Christmas, I thought it would be best to pick one that could help you out if you have any last minute Christmas shopping for an impossible to buy for person. This product is what I got the hubby for his birthday. I am not a coffee drinker, but he loves it. So all I can tell you is that he loves it which makes me a stellar wife for buying it for him. If you want to be stellar too, check out the hubbies review.

Hello All,

Mr. Diaper Diaries here. As Jill mentioned, she got me a french coffee press for my birthday and I LOVE it. Why? Well perhaps you’re like me – as you’ve grown older your vices have changed. Fatty foods leave you nauseous, hangovers last days not hours, and the thought of a cigarette is slightly more enticing than actually licking a dirty ashtray. But coffee – now that’s a vice for me, particularly when the weather turns frigid. And for those of us that choose coffee as our most indulgent vice, a french press is the essential tool.

What is a french press (I know – it sounds like something Napoleon used on his enemies), you ask? Well, it’s a quick, simple way of making coffee that preserves the coffee’s flavor and creates a rather strong flavor. It’s a glass cylinder, into which the coffee grounds are dumped, that is then filled with water so that the grounds and water create a strong frothy brew. Then a steel plunger with a strainer is put in so that the coffee can be poured off without letting the grounds out of the cylinder.

 What’s the advantage? Speed and flavor (not to mention that they look cool so your friends will think you’re very cultured). I heat the water in an electric teapot which is much quicker than our old coffee maker so it’s fast. And the lack of a paper filter allows larger coffee particles to make their way into the cup along with the flavor and oils that they bring. The flavor isn’t as strong as an espresso, but it’s midway between that and normal cup of java. Oh, and one more advantage… they’re relatively cheap. The basic Bodum model  costs$20.

One brief disadvantage worth noting – it’s a pain to dump the grounds. Without the paper filter, you either have to wipe them out of the cylinder with a paper towel or rinse them down the drain and pray your garbage disposal likes them. Alternately, those of you with a compost pile will love having the grounds for it.

Good luck last minute shoppers!

The Hubby


5 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday- Bodum French Press”

  1. Heather Says:

    I LOVE the French Press!!! I like it better than some coffeehouse brews. And my rose bushes love the grounds.

  2. Jessia Says:

    I make killer loose leaf tea in my French Press!!

  3. Marie Says:

    I have a French press, but it makes my coffee taste like cigarettes. My brother, the French press expert, says I must not be doing it right. My “coffeemaker” is a one-cup thingie from melitta. It’s basically a plastic funnel that sits on top of your cup. You put in a small cone filter and coffee, and just pour the hot water through. I LOVE this thing.

  4. bigbinder Says:

    I love my french press dearly. Some days, it is my only friend. OK not really. But I do love it, and it is great for my compost pile like Mr. Diaper Diaries said.

  5. lookmomlook Says:

    I love bigbinders french press as well. Nothing says love like when I got to drop off my kids at her charm school and in return she would hand me a lovely mug of french press coffee 🙂

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