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A Toddler Has Hijacked My Blog! December 22, 2007

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toddler-computer.jpg Braden James over at Sarcastic Mom tagged me (Hannah) for a meme where I tell 8 things about myself. The first thing I should tell you is that isn’t me in the picture. In fact, I am pretty sure it is a boy. Someday, I will probably be mad a my mommy for trying to pass a boy off as a picture of me, but for now I just think she is the bestest, most coolest mommy ever (Jill says: who me? go on…). Also, if you are new to the blog, know me in real life and thoroughly confused as to who this Hannah girl is, you should know that Hannah is my super secret alias. Please don’t blow my cover, the future of the world depends on my staying underground.

  1. I was really anxious to come out and play with you all. I was born 3 weeks early, 53 minutes after my mommy got the hospital. She says I made her miss her epidural, whatever that is. Still, I was kind enough to come out in 1 push so how nice is that?
  2. I love animals. I have mastered the sounds of nearly every species around. I am still not talking, well at least to the humans, but I have this Dr. Doolittle thing down.
  3. If there is music on, I am dancin! My personal favorite is “Hey Ya!” by Outkast. I even shake my hands when he sings “Shake it like a Polaroid picture”. I also like to kick my leg out to the side while dancing, much like Elaine on Seinfeld. It seems to make the adults giggle and I aim to please.
  4. Whenever I see a camera pointed my way, I just can’t help posing and flashing a big grin. I am practicing up for my future stint on America’s Top Model.
  5. I can’t wait to be a mommy. I have never met a baby I didn’t like (or like to poke at). I just love patting them on the head and giving them hugs. I can often be found running towards the nearest infant carrier desperately trying to get at the baby inside. When a real baby can’t be found, I settle for hugging and squeezing one of my baby dolls.
  6. Just like my mommy and sister before me, I love a good book. I prefer any board book by Sandra Boyton or Karen Katz. Actually anything with lift up flaps pretty much rocks. That seems to be all I am getting for Christmas though so maybe I should start showing interest in something else before I own every board book east of the Mississippi.
  7. Rarely have I met a food I didn’t like. Nuf’ said.
  8. I was born with a decent head of dark brown hair. Most of that fell out and really light brown hair came in. Now it seems to be growing in as a mullet. The front just won’t seem to grow. My mommy tries to camouflage it by putting the back in pigtails, but I am not sure she is fooling anybody. I am only 1 1/2, but already I am pretty stressed about the future of my locks. Am I destined for lunch lady duty?

Ok, so now I am supposed to tag 8 of my buddies to play along. I know it is Christmas and everyone is crazy busy, but maybe you are also looking for blogging material. So tag your it! Maybelle, Oliver, Addison, Sophie, Jessamine, Baby #3, Taylor, and Flybaby. Let me know if you play so I can come read what you say.


3 Responses to “A Toddler Has Hijacked My Blog!”

  1. Braden James Says:

    You didn’t give your mother enough trouble at delivery! You are supposed to make them push forever! 😉

    Good job on the dancing – maybe one day we can dance together, my little tamale.

    Braden James

  2. canearl Says:

    I’m so clueless- I was reading through seeing who you tagged and it didn’t even dawn on me that you tagged my baby #3 (because there are so many out there). It didn’t hit me until I saw it on my incoming links. Thanks for the tag- Hubs is grocery shopping- kids are asleep- I need an excuse to blog :).

  3. Marie Says:

    Hey, I never saw this before! I just saw that someone came to my blog by Googling “baby blog Jessamine,” and most people think Jessamine is a pretty bizarre name so I looked it up myself to see what came up. And this came up! Sorry I missed it!

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