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Works For Me Wednesday- Healthy Eating January 8, 2008

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worksformewednesday.jpg A new year, a new “resolution” to eat healthier. No really, I do eat pretty healthy (she writes as she sits immobilized on the couch from the piece of cake she had for desert…it tasted like a ho-ho). But really, who couldn’t eat a bit healthier. Here is my dilemma- I’m set for breakfast, I am a rock star at healthy dinners, it is everything in between. Does anyone else on the planet just hate lunch. Everyday I just stand before my cupboards and stare…and stare, swear, I mean stare some more. I would like to boycott lunch, but when I do, I just eat a bunch of who-haw for the rest of the day (technical and more pleasant term than crap). Am I the only who hates lunch?

So give me you best healthy lunch ideas. “Go to Subway” does not count unless your name is Jared. If nothing else, give me healthy snack ideas. I’ve got 10 pounds to lose before trying for baby #3. With all this “Challenge-ing” going on, I need to get rid of this 10 pounds quickly in case there is some sort of…malfunction/wonderful blessing that is being with child. The best idea will get my next child named after them. Unless I don’t like your name, then you will get…the satisfaction of knowing you helped me get skinny.


36 Responses to “Works For Me Wednesday- Healthy Eating”

  1. Oh…I have the same problem you have, so I’m afraid I have no help to offer. During the day is when I walk the fields of my kitchen and graze all afternoon on c-r-a-p….a.k.a cookies, crackers, chips, and usually microwavable stuff…..:(

  2. Jackie Says:

    In my weight loss plan for the new year, I’ve started drinking Myoplex Lite for 2 meals a day. I am not a big breakfast or lunch eater, so these are perfect for on the go. I just take a straw and off we go. My personal fav is Chocolate Fudge ready to drink. I’ve tried the powdered ones and they make me want to vomit. These have 170 calories, 2 fat grams, 20 carbs and 20 grams of protein. I don’t feel hungry for a few hours later. The weight would come off quicker if I would find the time to exercise, which I am planning to do. Best of luck to you!!

  3. lookmomlook Says:

    Here’s my advice. I don’t think you need to lose any weight but in trying to eat healthy to upkeep my silly sensitive tummy, I have had to get a little creative. I make wraps almost everyday. I just keep some tortillas (whatever kind you want), some cooked/roasted chicken, lettuce and cheese. I just throw whatever in it and eat. Avacado is also a favorite to put in there. Another favorite is to make a vat of rice and beans one night and put it into smaller sized containers to munch on during the day for the rest of the week. You could use brown rice and the beans would give you your fiber and protein. You can spice it however you like. I also love the Dannon Naturals Yogurt. The portion size is great for a snack especially if you pair it with some healthy nuts. Then there’s the donuts….wait you wanted healthy right?? Dang, I am out of ideas for now.

  4. lookmomlook Says:

    Also, I find that if I was grapes and other fruits that can be put out on the counter, I will snack on those instead of the cookies calling to me from the cupboard. Okay, i will stop stalking this post.

  5. Erin Says:

    I swear that we might be the same person when I read your blog sometimes! Or maybe we are just totally normal people…

    I really like “fancy” salads. By this I mean, buying a bagged salad (with a mix of lettuces) and adding things to it with a yummy dressing (of which I measure before pouring if I’m trying to eat healthy). I usually add avacado, tomato, some sort of nut (walnuts and sunflower seeds being my favorite), cucumber, jicama, apple, sliced mushrooms, whatever. Obviously, I wouldn’t add all of this at the same time. My favorite dressing at the moment is vidalia onion vinagrette (sp?).

    I’ll make the salad with all the fixins, store it in a tupperware bowl or big baggy, and then it is ready for me to pour out a portion for lunch all week (or atleast for the next day since I tend to eat a large portion of these). Then you just dress it and enjoy!

  6. Amy Says:

    I second the wraps. The key, for me, is that I have to heat he tortilla though. I hate raw flour tortillas, but if I heat it (and melt the cheese) then let it cool a bit and add everything else (because who wants hot lettuce??) they’re a real treat!

    Stop by and visit me today, I have a BIG problem!!

  7. christine Says:

    If it’s bad for me, then it’s bad for my kids. You won’t find any cookies, sodas, etc., in my home. If it’s here, I will let them have it, and I will binge on it once they go to bed.

    So, we always have things like graham crackers, Cheerios, baby carrots, bread, natural peanut butter, natural preserves, fruit (fruit! and more fruit!), honey, etc. Beside our three typical meals, we have a snack around 10:00 am, 3:30 pm and 8:00 pm. I only snack at those times, as well. Otherwise, the kitchen is closed.

    When I first started my weight loss, I made a list of things that I would do when I was having cravings (like crochet or read or clean a sink or ANYTHING that would shift me to another task until the craving faded).

    Now, I must say that the one thing I desperately wish I had discovered years ago was the value of cutting out refined sugar. Just two weeks after eliminating them from my diet, my sweet cravings were non-existent.

    When it comes to breakfast and lunch, keep it “boring.” People who lose weight and maintain it typically rotate through a small selection of things for those two meals. They find things they like, but that are good for their goals, and then stick with it!

    This is coming from a woman who was 200 lbs ten years ago. After a year or two (including a second pregnancy) I lost all of the 80 lbs I had gained, and have maintained it all of this time.

    Plan what you can live with, because it is something you face every single day.

  8. Sorry, that last link was just to soups! Here is the link to all the recipes, most of them including veggies:

  9. Wifey Says:

    I almost always eat Lean Pockets for lunch, usually the cheese and chicken enchilada variety or the pizza variety. I drink a large glass of water or cup of tea with it and it fills me up until dinner. If I do get hungry before dinner, I have a chicken noodle cup of soup.

  10. Heather Says:

    I like left-overs for lunch. So if your dinners are healthy and you don’t mind left-overs, that’s an option. I also keep personal-size pizza crusts on hand. I make an extra-veggie sauce (with carrots, green peppers, etc.), part skim mozzarella, and veggie toppings. If I need more protein, I’ll add canadian bacon or shredded chicken (from the left-overs usually).


  11. Ames Says:

    Whatever you eat, you’ll want something with fiber to keep you going until dinner so you don’t graze all day. I like sandwiches, soups, and salads, anything with a variety of flavors, and a palmful of almonds. Another good all-in-one is a baked potato with turkey chili or shredded chicken. Good luck with those last 10, and don’t forget to drink lots of water!

  12. silver Says:

    I hate lunch. I’m glad I’m not alone. What I do is stock up on those frozen dinner entrees when they’re on sale. They’re portion control, variety, and if you select carefully, they really aren’t that bad for you.

    I can’t help you for snacks, though. I eat way too many cookies, chips, and other bad things. If I have plenty of fruit in the house, I just add it on top of the snacks!

  13. SAHMmy Says Says:

    I just eat what the kiddos eat–different combos of cheese, canned beans (low sodium), fruits, veggies, and whole wheat bread is our typical lunch.

  14. Andi Says:

    This is my favorite lunch- it might sound gross at first if you don’t like chickpeas, but give it a try!
    Chickpea salad:
    Chickpeas (rinsed)
    cut up cucumber
    dried cherries
    Mix & enjoy!

  15. Jendeis Says:

    Haven’t done this in a while, but a nutritionist recommended this to me, and she looks great. One box frozen vegetables + one 3.5 oz. can of tuna/salmon/chicken + a little mustard. Heat, vegetables, toss on meat and mustard. Mix. Yum!

  16. Milehimama Says:

    Leftovers of healthy dinners. Annie’s organics mac and cheese, add some veggies. Tuna in whole wheat pitas with lettuce and tomatoes (not tuna SALAD, just tuna). Chicken Salad (again with the leftovers!).
    Soup. I’m a big soup fan for lunches! I also love cereal. Special K even has a whole marketing campaign around eating cereal and a piece of fruit for lunch to lose 10 lbs.

    When I was working and did not have to fix lunch for 7 people everyday, I ate frozen meals (Michelinas makes some lean gourmets for around $1.) I took extra frozen veggies to add in to bulk it up.

  17. Nicole Says:

    Lunch is my hardest meal too. Breakfast is easy – lots of quick, high-fiber options. Dinner is easy because I don’t mind planning and putting some effort into it. But lunch kicks my butt because I want it to be healthy, but I don’t seem to willing to put much time into it.

    Here is something that works for me. It can be made ahead of time & you can eat on it for a few days.

    Confetti Salsa

    1 can black beans, drained & rinsed
    1 can corn, drained & rinsed
    chopped bell peppers
    chopped red onion
    chopped avocado (optional – I don’t use this)

    Juice of one lime
    Couple shakes of olive oil
    salt/pepper to taste
    1 tsp. cilantro
    1 tsp. sugar
    Whisk together & stir into salsa.

    The dressing recipe is totally estimated. I just add stuff in until it looks good to me. This is great in quesadillas or wraps. It’s great with baked tortilla chips (& even better with Frito’s scoops!).

  18. seussgirl Says:

    I love the Lean Cuisine Paninis! They’re much better than the Stauffers’ version or the Healthy Choice. For snacking – turkey luncheon meat, a piece of provolone cheese, mustard, and roll it! Mmm…I can eat those all day.
    Good luck finding healthy, yummy, food!

  19. Dawn Says:

    I love salads so, when I’m in a good eating mode, I keep a variety of salad fixings in the fridge so it’s easy to throw one together quickly. Sometimes I make a vegetable tray and snack on it througout the day. I love whole wheat pita bread and hummus. Whenever we have chicken for dinner and have leftovers I chop it up, no matter what flavor the original recipe was, add some sliced green onion and chopped sweet pickes, mix in some mayo (you could use light) and have chicken salad sandwiches.

  20. Emily R Says:

    handful of almonds
    string cheese
    apple slices (w/ peanut butter sometimes)
    baby carrots
    sliced red bell pepper

    I find the proteiny ones keep me going longer, but sometimes I want something a little sweeter. These are all things that require almost no prep, which is the other appeal. I don’t buy store bought cookies because I make tastier ones, and the effort of baking may slow me down in my consumption.

    bowl of high fiber cereal (current fave: frosted mini wheats)

    If it’s a girl, Emily, if it’s a boy, Emilio. No, Emmett! Or Emmerson.

  21. Administrator Says:

    I’ve started to keep lots of string cheese, Cracker Barrel snack sticks and Cabot cheese sticks in the fridge as well as lots of Beef Jerky in a variety of flavors because they both are packed with protein and a quick grab. I also keep cottage cheese and lots of grape tomatoes, cucumbers and mushrooms around because I can scoop out a spoonful of cottage cheese and pop in a few tomatoes, ‘shrooms and cuc’s – the thing is to have lots of things around that don’t require a lot of preparation. I also recommend protein drinks because “protein” helps your body burn fat and calories so whatever you are going to eat, make sure it has lots of protein in it!

  22. Olivia Says:

    I like the Smart Ones 3 cheese baked ziti (I’m not sure what the exact name is.) At Walmart they’re less than $2 each. I just add a side of mixed greens and chop up some apple for the salad (it sounds weird, but its so good). I love Marie’s Bleu Cheese vinaigrette. It’s full fat, but a little goes a long way.

  23. Laura Says:

    You can find some healthy (and family friendly) recipes here:

    and some menu ideas here:

    I’m glad you’re interested in eating healthier! Snacking is definately the hardest thing to be “clean” about!

  24. canearl Says:

    I like hummus and pita chips for a snack (although you have to watch how many chips you eat). I also really like the 100 cal packs and the pre-sliced apples. I know that they’re more expensive, but I’m more likely to eat them that way so it’s worth a paying a little extra.

  25. Alison Says:

    Another vote for the Lean Cuisine paninis and the WW Smart Ones frozen dinners. I keep these in the freezer for days when I don’t want to put forth any effort.

    I like leftovers from healthy dinners, soup, or salad (I use some salad from the night before, and add grilled chicken strips). Yesterday I had a healthier version of Lunchables: deli turkey, low-fat cheese and whole-grain Triscuits.

  26. Marie Says:

    I keep a “lunch” basket in the fridge. It contains: whole wheat tortillas, baby spinach, pre-chopped tomatoes, grated cheese, boiled eggs, kidney or garbanzo beans, and sometimes some chicken or ham. I throw stuff on a tortilla, squirt on some ranch or honey-mustard, roll it up, and voila! Lunch. In the winter I first nuke the meat and cheese on the tortilla, then ad the cold stuff.

  27. Lunch is always a dilemma! I love hummus and it is low fat and good for you. I like to use it with a few crackers and some sliced turkey. I am also big on soups right now. Progresso Chickarina, hearty chicken noodle, and split pea. Lastly, if you like Indian food Amy’s Organic makes a great frozen Matter Paneer.

  28. canearl Says:

    I have to add that tonight I tried some baby carrots with hummus and it was really good. Just thought I’d throw that in there.

  29. Lisa Merritt Says:

    I usually make enough dinner to have leftovers for lunch. Or I have half a sandwich. Or I have this great yogurt – greek yogurt, either Fage or Oikos brand, 0 fat and very low carbs, with a little granola. Or try this tuna salad:
    1 can tuna
    low fat mayo
    sweet pickle relish
    dried cranberries (yep, try it)
    pepper and onion salt (or powder if you’re watchign salt).

    Any ideas for late night snacks while blogging?

  30. faith Says:

    HEHE….cracked up at your post. Especially since I totally feel your pain on the lunch thing….i HATE it. Specially since I work and am usually not home for lunch and hardly ever have the forsight to pack it (or if I do pack it, I forget it) so I’m always going out and it usually ends up being cheap versus healthy. HAHA. I hate it. But then it also stinks to be home and not know what you feel like throwing together. Which leads me to my current favorite….not sure how healthy but it seems like it might be a teeny bit healthy and I like how easy….cut up a banana and stick between two slices of bread with crunch peanut butter on each side…..and pretzels. Fruit, nuts, and if you use wheat bread, it’s a double whammy. *grin*
    Good luck in your quest to lose 10….I’m just working on 8 extra but we’re not plannin the baby thing, so I don’t have any worries about time running out. Haha. =)

  31. Totally with you on this one – lunch is hard! One thing I do is I keep a list of lunch possibilities in an easy to spot (yet somewhat inconspicuous place). When I am staring into the void that is my cabinets, I usually remember that I can look there. Most of the things on my list have already been mentioned. One thing I might add is a fruit, yogurt, and granola parfait. (I have a granola recipe on my blog,, or you can buy some premade – just be sure to look for one with minimum added sugar.)

    I also eat a lot of leftovers for lunch – I’ll make a bit extra for dinner, just so I know I have something healthy to eat for the next lunch or two!

    A way to do easy soups is to make a large pot of soup, then freeze it in lunch-serving size bags or Tupperware containers. Then just just nuke what you need.

  32. proverbs31 Says:

    Wow, I have a lot of tips for you. 🙂 Too many for a comment, to be sure. First you can check out my menu plans on Monday’s. Starting this week (and some last week) I cranked up the health factor for our meals, as I try to lose weight, get healthier, and teach our children healthier habits. One thing I try to do is make extra at dinner to use some of it for lunch the next day. For example, last night I made extra grilled chicken than what I needed for our chicken and black bean burritos so I could make grilled chicken salads with mandarin oranges and almonds for lunch the next day. Tomorrow night (I think) I am making Baked Ziti and turkey meatballs. I plan on making extra meatballs so we can have meatball subs for lunch the next day. It helps. 🙂

  33. Meredith Says:

    I hate lunch too. I loathe sandwiches and wraps, so here are a few of my favorite lunches:

    Taco salad–lots of lettuce, tomatoes, warm refried beans, a sprinkle of cheese, salsa and a handful of crushed chips. So yummy, and I like the combination of warm beans (try refried black beans!), cool lettuce, and the crunch of corn chips. Hits the spot every time. Sometimes I add grilled chicken too.

    White Bean/Tuna Salad–Mix 1 can tuna, 1 can cannellini beans (rinsed and drained), a splash of lemon juice, a Tbsp olive oil, salt, pepper, and oregano to taste. I love this with sliced tomatoes.

    Amy’s Organic burritos. I stock up when they’re on sale and it’s a quick, easy and HOT lunch.

    Lean Cuisine.

  34. j2andn2 Says:

    I think lunch is so hard to figure out, because it’s enough for me to figure out what to have for breakfasts and dinners. Plus I am not a big sandwich person. I will say that the left-over thing is my favorite. I have even been known to stop my husband from eating seconds and third portions, so that I can have enough for lunch the next day. 🙂
    I also love making big things of chili or other soups and freezing it. It’s a lot healthier than canned soups – lower sodium, no MSG or preservatives.
    Good luck!

  35. tdlough Says:

    I have to go with having fruits/veggies in the house. I stopped doing that because they seemed to go bad before I ate them all. But, now, I only buy 2-3 of each thing or small packages if they don’t come individually. When they are gone, I go back to the store. If just buying a couple of things, it does not take too long. Also, I would suggest not keeping things like sodas or chips in the house. If they are there, you will eat them. Or, you could only get them as a treat occasionally. That is what we do. Good luck!

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