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Things I Love Thursday- Veggie Tales January 9, 2008

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veggie-tales.jpg Fresh off a post about healthy eating, I am still talking veggies. But this time the kind that talk (if yours are talking, you probably should throw them out and not continue eating). These guys hold a fond place in my heart. You see I first discovered them long before I had kids cause a few of my friends were Veggie Tales. No not for Halloween, like they were actually Veggie Tales. The scallion in Daniel and Scooter the carrot to be exact. Does that count as knowing someone famous?

Actually one time the guy who voices Scooter the carrot stayed the weekend at out house. I kept telling Lily one of the Veggie Tales was coming to stay with us. I think she was mighty confused when a man showed up…and he wasn’t orange. Either way, I love Veggie Tales. I love that they put all sorts of things in their songs and shows that are just for adults. And not in a slightly off color Shreck like way. Who doesn’t giggle at their Silly Songs? If you don’t, I have decided you have no soul…well, ok, you have a soul, but no sense of humor (unless you find my blog exceptionally funny, then you have a stellar sense of humor).

Anywho, I was given the opportunity to see the latest Veggie Tales big screen release “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything.” It releases for the masses (ie. those without super special bloggity connections) on Friday. I have been waiting for the release of this movie since I first heard it was coming forever ago. I have also held off on taking Lily to see a movie in the theatre until it came out. Needless to say, she was excited.

She really liked it although I think the plot was a bit over her head. To be completely honest I think it is a plot for 5 and up, but any kid who loves Veggie Tales will like it. Also any kid (especially boys) who is into the pirate craze will love it. There are peg legs, eye patches and arrghs abounding! Adults will be entertained by the smart humor. And you can leave the movie saying you read the blog of someone who knows the guy who plays the singing pirate carrot. How cool will you be??!!

So here is the deal. Opening weekend is really important. The bigger it opens, the more likely this kind of family fare will be offered in the future. To me, this is important, cause I am often less than thrilled with the stuff that is released “for kids” these days. So head out this weekend for a fun date with your kiddos. Bring their friends and their friend’s friends. For more info on the movie and where you can see it, check out the website. Enjoy!


5 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday- Veggie Tales”

  1. Heather Says:

    Yes, I think that counts for knowing someone famous! I love VeggieTales too, I have all of their first videos on VHS. I guess I should work on getting those transfered to DVD before the VHS goes the way of the 8-track, huh?

  2. Wifey Says:

    I can’t wait until the movie comes out. I’ve had plans with a friend and my son to go see it since the first time I saw a preview in November. It’ll be the first time I’ve taken one of my kids to see a movie, since anymore it’s impossible to tell if a “kid movie” is appropriate for kids to see.

  3. Sweet! I love Veggie Tales TOO! Can’t wait to see it!!

  4. Administrator Says:

    I didn’t learn about veggie tales until they released the story of Jonah and my youngest was 9 at the time. She loved it, and my husband and I loved it and we’ve been hooked ever since so we all can’t wait to see it this weekend when the new one comes out!

  5. SAHMmy Says Says:

    Oh My Gosh–How did you get a review copy of the new VT movie? We love Veggie Tales here too. I’m so proud of NBC that they actually air it on Saturday mornings now!

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