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We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post… January 10, 2008

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delurkerday_200px.jpg It has just been brought to my attention that today is National Blog Delurker Day. For real, I think the Prez declared it so. So that means if you are reading this post, you best be commenting on it. Cause the President says so. Perhaps I should give you something to comment on. Foreign policy experience of President Truman. Discuss…

Nothing? Ok, how about this- My hubby is stud. Why you ask? Because he is an excellent hubby and daddy. Well, yes, but there is more. This week he has been interviewed for an international radio program hosted by the BBC. He went on to talk about why he thinks Mike Huckabee should be the next President of the United States. You can listen to him here. Head over here to listen and click on Jan. 8th. Actually go 20 minutes in and listen to him, the rest is just other people who aren’t near as cool. You can also read his brilliant thoughts on his blog. Oh how I love to toot his horn (keep your mind above the gutter please, this is a family friendly blog).

Seriously are you interested in politics? Cause I typically care very little. Don’t get me wrong, I vote in every election. I take my voting rights very seriously and I hope you do to, but I just can’t get super into it. This election is a bit different. I really love this guy Huckabee. I find myself watching debates. Yes, I said debates. Not as much as Grey’s Anatomy or anything, but more than say, Wife Swap. I even went to a rally tonight. I am going to another one on Saturday. This is so weird to me. Do you follow the election? If so who do you like? I know you aren’t supposed to talk politics and religion, but on National Delurker Day you can. It’s in the rules.

One last topic for you to discuss in the comments. Is anyone else ready for TV to come back. This is crazy. Last night I watched a rerun of “Who’s the Boss?” Seriously, is this what my life is coming to. Soon I might have to read a book or clean my house or converse with my hubby at night. This is just unacceptable. I need my TV. I don’t ask for much, just a little Grey’s, Scrubs or Ugly Betty. I am dying for Lost to come back. Throw me a bone networks. I am dyin’ over here.

If none of those work for you, you can just comment about how much you love my blog. I know, I know, I just had you do that a few weeks ago, but you must comment and if that is all you have to say, what can I do? If you love me a lot, you could vote for me as Best New Weblog of 2007. Seriously, my hubby (did I mention he was a stud) nominated for me a bloggy award. Isn’t that the sweetest? (I think he thought it would get him some action- sorry to my MIL). Maybe I could be the Huckabee of the blogging world. The blog that comes out of nowhere and wins the whole thing. Yeah, I know I have no chance, but aren’t you tired of seeing rich white men spend there way to the top of elections? Oh, wait, I think that is the wrong election…um, sorry, I have been watching way too many debates. Seriously, when is good TV coming back?



28 Responses to “We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post…”

  1. sunshinekmp Says:

    Hi! I’ve commented once or twice before, but mostly I just lurk! 🙂 Let’s see-Elections-Not usually big into it either but I did come across Mike because of your and then your husband’s blogs. I am now very much telling people about him but having them of course decide for themselves. I do think it’s cool to actually find a candidate that you want to support!
    TV-There could definately be some better stuff but I’ve actually started reading book and we play the Wii for some exercise! And now I’m off to vote for you!

  2. kailani Says:

    I, for one, cannot live without new episodes of Brothers & Sisters and Grey’s Anatomy. End this strike! hee hee

  3. Krista Says:

    Alright already!
    The only thing I can comment on (since we don’t own a TV) is politics. Have you seen the “candidate pickers”? There was one from I believe Minnesota Public Radio (on their website) that was quite interesting. It asks you some questions and then how important those issues are for you and THEN it matches the candidates responses with yours. I find that the matching isn’t quite as accurate as if you actually go down below and read their responses. I think Mike Huckabee is interesting. I also think John Edwards is interesting. I think those would be my top 2 choices so we’ll see who makes the ballot I guess!

  4. lizzieshome Says:

    Okay, I’m officially delurking.

    I do love your blog 🙂 No need to fish for compliments there; they’re well deserved anyway. Were on Friends re-runs at the moment….but good for me, cause I miss them…


  5. Wifey Says:

    You know, I’m kind of enjoying the shows the networks are putting on in place of the others. Some of the new game shows are cool, and what’s better than American Gladiator? I will admit that I threw a bit of a tantrum the first time I realized Scrubs was off, though.

  6. Jackie Says:

    Is Huckabee really his name? I think it sounds so funny. 🙂 Obviously he must have a great self esteem if he was able to grow up with that last name and still be a successful human being. Anyways, I love your blog. It’s kind of a nice way to catch up on your life even though I know you IRL. I too am so looking forward to Lost. I do love Biggest Loser, Jillian the trainer rocks! That show motivates me to exercise. Well, at the very least I think about walking downstairs to exercise a lot. Off to vote for you!

  7. Char Says:

    Not much on politics from me…but I am eagerly awaiting good television’s come back. I’m so tired of having nothing to watch…then again I’ve been giving my Netflix account a good workout!

  8. Maria Says:

    Love your blog–imagine my surprise when I stumbled across it a couple of months ago via Rocks in My Dryer! Small, small world… great now I have that ever-loving song stuck in my head. Sorry.

  9. Heather Says:

    I’m ready for Lost to come back too! I’ll probably have to Tivo it, though, as the baby hasn’t discovered the joy of sleeping in. Most days she is up by 6 am, and that makes me mighty tired by 9 pm.

  10. M Says:

    We are democrats over here. If you want to watch some funny stuff check out the Colbert Report. He loves Mike Huckabee and has had him on him show a lot lately. It is pretty funny. He ended his interview last night saying to him “Be a Huck a be not a Huck a was”. Very clever TV if you are looking for something to watch. Did I hit on all your topics today? Oh forgot, your blog is the bestest.

  11. I too am voting for Mike. Although I’m still working on my husband. He got mad at something Mike said and threw away my yard sign and HID my bumper sticker. Seriously. I made him put the bumper sticker back on my car but alas the yard sign is gone.

    As for TV, I have already invited friends over for the season premiere of Lost. We are all so excited its a little silly. We are also having people over for the Superbowl but no one seems as excited about that as they do Lost.

  12. anne Says:

    I am officially unsubscribing from your Challenge. 🙂 Just so you know.

  13. melissadphotography Says:

    I read every one of your posts. Especially the Challenges, but we’re doing okay in that department.

    I’ve caught reruns of Who’s the Boss, Wonder Years, even Dead Like Me is showing on one of our free channels here.

    I listened to part of the republican debate yesterday. I can’t believe we have 11 more months of this…but I’ll pick a candidate before election day, I promise!

  14. Jessia Says:

    I love your blog. Otherwise I would not subscribe. duh. 🙂

  15. Candace (Mama Mia) Says:

    I don’t have cable, but one of the channels will run “Who’s the Boss” every once in a while and I ALWAYS get sucked back in. I don’t know what it is about that show.

    I’m with you – I’m counting the days until Lost is back on.

  16. Hello! I am delurking. I think that I have commented once before. I love you blog and I check it everyday. I am so excited that you have challenged yourself to blog for 365 days straight! Now I will have something new to read everyday.
    I have just been watching reruns of Friends and Seinfeld, but I don’t mind some episodes are classics!

  17. Olivia Says:

    I can’t wait for TV to come back. My DVR is seriously lacking substance!

  18. Damselfly Says:

    Not sure if I’m officially delurking, but hey anyway.

  19. I don’t think I am in the lurking category on your blog, but I will comment anyway. Of course I will vote for you. Not for Huckabee, but for you 🙂

  20. Bethany Says:

    I am delurking for the first time ever!!! I am not much into the election yet and I am already sick of the ad’s– I mean how long have we been hearing about this election? I do always vote though.

    Also, great blog, just never much time to comment…..

  21. CoCo Says:

    I like Mike and I love you, but then I’m your mom!!

  22. I miss THE OFFICE SO MUCH! And maybe I’m lurking outside your house right now. And MAYBE I’ll de-lurk by ringing the doorbell…if you’re lucky!

  23. Cleavermama Says:

    Is your husband being on the BBC going to be kinda like you reminding me about you making a recording? 🙂

  24. faith Says:

    okay, i don’t think i am delurking anymore since I’ve actually started commenting more often lately, but I have to say I’m happy to see more huckabee’ers. LOL. Huckabee IS a funny name, but I like what he’s saying and the way he “feels real.” Not that I’ve touched him or anything….hahaha…(sorry i have a weird sense of humor). Anyways, my hubby was the one who got me interested, too, and I’m NOT into politics at ALL. =)

  25. adventuremom Says:

    I lurk and comment. 🙂 I miss TV. There are a few new shows I am trying out like Cashmere Mafia DVR’d but have yet to watch. Lost will be back soon. Something to watch while I am in the hospital 🙂

  26. Ames Says:

    whoops, looks like I missed de-lurker day! I’m a regular reader though 🙂 I’ve been avoiding TV in favor of going through all my DVDs, keeps me pretty busy!

  27. LBCoffee Says:

    Hi, I stumbled upon your blog linked from GR for Huckabee–just started checking him out as I’m considering trying to get a postal ballot at some point. I read your hubby was going to be interviewed by BBC, which I now listen to every day as I moved to England 7 years ago from GR. Perhaps it’s already been aired but I would love to hear it if you have details ( I’ve stayed out of US politics as it’s been too hard for me to keep up with 3 or 4 cultures now (tho I used to be very active when in GR) but have a renewed interest. Can you help?

  28. Kate Says:

    I WANT MY GREY’S ANATOMY! ………there..I lurked..and I commented……

    bring back TV..bring back TV……..

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