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Music Monday- Kiki Sheard January 13, 2008

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record.jpg I haven’t done one of these in a while and this will be brief cause, can you believe it, my hubby wants his computer back so HE can blog. The nerve. Anywho, this song makes me want to crank my stereo as loud as it will go and dance. Maybe dance so freely that you would giggle a bit if you saw me. This is also a great song to download to your Ipod so you can listen to it while working out. Just make sure you don’t forget you are at a gym where people are watching and break into that dance I referred to earlier. Cause that would just be embarrassing. Sorry the video is ultra boring, it was all I could find. On a side note, I would really like to pull off the name Kiki. I am fairly certain I can’t.


One Response to “Music Monday- Kiki Sheard”

  1. mamasgotmoxie Says:

    my favorite kiki sheard song is one that is on karen clark sheard’s “the heavens are telling” album. you know, when they re-did jill scott’s song “you loved me.” oh, i used to play that song, over and over and over again!! kiki has such an amazing voice, just like her mom and aunties.

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