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Works for me Wednesday- Spatula holder January 15, 2008

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worksformewednesday.jpg This very well could go down as the lamest WFMW post ever, but at lot of my brilliant ideas would best be served with a picture and I am too lazy to go find the camera and my props. This is some serious lazy. So I have sat here racking my brain for a tip that requires no photos yet is still somewhat interesting. I apologize that this is what I came up with. Please don’t hold it against as reflective of my blog. Sometimes I am actually interesting and witty. I promise…

Anywho, here is my lame tip. Often when I am cooking I will have some sort of dirty utensil I am stirring or flipping things with. I know they sell things that you rest them on. I used to own one and it was just one more thing that was constantly dirty and needed cleaning. So it went into the garage sale pile. So, I began to rest them on the counter which required just a quick wipe up after cooking. Then one day a light went on and I came up with a better solution. Are you on the edge of your seat? If so, you might want to consider getting out more, but that is neither here nor there.

I use trash to rest it on. Not gross raw chicken wrapper type trash, but trash none the less. Like if I am making rice, I use the rice box. Fresh veggies- the bag they were in. Something that didn’t come in a container- the magazine I was about to recycle. Since it is already going in the trash, who cares if it gets a little dirty, and it is just one less thing to clean up (yes, I know I have to throw away the trash, but I was doing that anyway). All you “green” people should be majorly impressed. Seriously Al Gore should watch his back.

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24 Responses to “Works for me Wednesday- Spatula holder”

  1. I have the horrible luck of the spatula rolling off the box and making an even bigger mess.
    Alas, this is my life.

  2. bloginmyeye Says:

    Totally not lame…as it secretly makes those who already do it feel oh-so-wise and ahead of the game (your brilliant plan, I’m sure).

    A dirty tin can makes a top-of-the-line spoon holder.

  3. phyllis Says:

    i also use a plate and then just throw it in the washer with everything else. i’m always paranoid about the outside of boxes, cans, etc being “dirty” — just like i wash the orange before i peel it…how many people touched that box or can or orange before it came into my house?

    okay, sorry to share my weird paranoia…it’s still a good tip!;-)

  4. agreeing with bloginmyeye.


  5. Nikki Says:

    I like this tip. Very smart. And you’re right, it needs no picture. 🙂

  6. Courtney Says:

    I actually HAVE a spoon rest, but I tend to also put the spatula/spoon down on the box, or the package that the rice came in IN the box.

    The moral being, even if you have the special spoon rest, sometimes trash still wins. LOL

  7. Laura Says:

    Fun post! Good idea! I’m glad you didn’t go to the trouble of taking a picture…you would have had to dig out a piece of trash, dirty up a spatula…what a pain!

  8. Jackie Says:

    We must have some crazy ESP thing going on because I did this last night when I made chili using the can from the diced tomatoes as my spoon rest. I thought to myself that this really is a brilliant idea. How kooky that our minds are thinking alike!

  9. ringpopbride Says:

    I find the silly spoon rest is too small for alot of larger cooking utensils anyways. Thanks for the good idea.

  10. Wifey Says:

    I do this, too…even though I have a spoon rest! I usually forget the spoon rest is there when I’m looking for a place to quickly put a cooking utensil.

  11. Stephanie Says:

    Not lame at all, and quite entertaining! I do the same thing for a spoon rest.

  12. MaryLu Says:

    I will frequently use the can to rest the spoon, but I agree with the Phyllis, the outside of the box, wrapper, container can be pretty germy, who knows how many hands have touched it. I’m also careful not to take cheese out of the package and lay it on the outside of the wrapper, same with crackers, deli meats, etc. Just paranoid ol me, sorry.

  13. Candace (Mama Mia) Says:

    At least you have something today- I have nothing! I can’t think of a single thing to post for WFMW.

  14. AmyR. Says:

    I love this! It’s the little things that count, and this COUNTS! Us moms don’t need anything more to wipe up or clean, so this is a perfect solution, and I love it! Thank you!!

  15. I’m with Phyllis. Great theory, but not at all hygenic. Cans, wrappers and boxes are some of the germiest things you can come across. I once tested them for a college microbiology class. Cans are commonly covered in rat pee. Boxes not so much, but they are covered in… well, as Phyllis atready stated, just think of all the unwashed hands touching these things, then add all the dust and grime form processing, shipping and storage. You really don’t want these things touching your food. Paper towels are good though! =o)
    (sorry, I really didn’t intend for my first comment on your fabulous blog to sound negative. I LOVE your blog!)

  16. Heather Says:

    okay – i’ll be honest, this is kind of lame. but look how many people can relate to the simplicity of it! looks like other women were going, “oh, so it’s not totally idiotic of me to use what’s in front of me. I guess I DON’T need every kitchen gadget to make my life work.” sometimes that’s all we need…

  17. Did you write this to set me up? Because I have a feeling that you know what I am going to say…

    You should be recycling that box, veggie bag, or magazine, girlfriend. Don’t throw the box into the trash, put it in your bin. I am sure that’s what you meant to say.

    I am the lone wierdo (it’s ok, I’m used to it) but I love my spoon rest. It has a removable plate (that the spoon sits on) so you just have to wash that part.

  18. Alexandra Says:

    Helpful tip…I hate using a spoon rest.

  19. jessia Says:

    Ok that I cannot do. Too much non-food dirt. I’d rather use the counter and wipe it – I will whether I “got it dirty” or not – or use a plate. I have a spoon rest but it is too small and poorly shaped for cooking utensils.

  20. Silly Sister-in-law Says:

    We use a spoon rest and wash it afterwards, recycle the boxes. I think that is gross, sorry. Each to its own. We shouldn’t judge, we all have our own things we do that is different.

  21. Laane Says:

    Yes, that can be done too.

    I just use a plate to put all utensils on.

    Feel welcome to visit “works for me” at my blog

    Laane on the World

    Have a great day!!!

  22. bloginmyeye Says:

    So…that was dirty tin can as in the inside that’s dirty where the beans were not the outside that’s dirty where the rat’s peed!!

  23. Sarah Says:

    I agree that the outside of the box/can is dirty, but I have been using the inside of the box for years. I mean if the pasta is loose in the box, then I trust the inside to be clean. I just tear it open and turn it inside out. When we have frozen pizza I turn the box inside out and cut the pizza on the box. It’s as close to recycling it as I can get since no one in our area recycles cardboard packaging.

    We have a couple spoon rests, but never use them.

  24. lcsa99 Says:

    It sounds like a great idea

    What I hate most about the spoon rest is that it was ALWAYS dirty. Even when I wasn’t using the damn thing it would get gross! So unfair. I think I still have it somewhere but I never use it.

    Using a paper towel or box or something would work great.

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