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Girlfriends and Gamenight January 18, 2008

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board-game.jpg Tonight was a mom’s night out with my local moms group. This is what I love about mom’s night out. It is always a random mix of people. Rarely have I gone where it is all the “usual” people I hang out with. Throw board games in the mix and fun is bound to ensue. No we didn’t play twister (although that definitely would have been interesting). Still there was plenty of wine and chocolate (yipee) and here are some things I learned this evening.

  1. Whenever I go to a night event where food is present, I eat everything in site. Tonight my strategy was to eat a full meal before hand so I would be so full I wouldn’t eat all night long. This strategy sucked. Apparently a full tummy isn’t the deterrent I hoped it would be against the piles of chocolate munchies and Mexican dip. Seriously, I can’t imagine how full I would have to be to avoid chocolate and Mexican food. Next time I will have to just starve myself for days before to justify the binge I partook in tonight.
  2. Apples to Apples is a very funny game.It is even funnier when in the first round someone throws out a Britney Spears card. This continues to be the answer everyone throws out for the rest of the word associations for the rest of the game. If you have never played this game, this makes no sense to you, but I don’t much care about that at midnight when I am trying to get a post in before my eyes close.
  3. I discovered some interesting facts about people that might not have been revealed without a bit of alcohol and board game questions. If you were there, you know to which I refer. If you weren’t and you are in my mom’s club, you missed out on some juicy information. That will teach you to stay home when there is a MNO.
  4. This is not new information, but I am a highly competitive board game player. Even in games where I have no control over the outcome. I truly think this is because I have less than zero athletic ability. Seriously…you may recall the bowling confession. I also enjoy trash talking during board games. My husband particularly enjoys that. Yeah, actually not so much. Even so you should know I will kick your you know what in pick up sticks.

I have decided we should really have more board game nights. I truly don’t understand people who don’t enjoy it. To me that’s like not enjoying Christmas. What kind of person doesn’t enjoy a rousing round of Taboo? I try not to be judgemental, but I think there might be something seriously wrong with a person who isn’t up for an evening spent acting out the lyrics to “You Give Love a Bad Name?” Which camp are you in? If you like me are a board game aficionado what game do you think tops all others? I’m up for anything that involves pop culture. My keen ability to store useless information in my brain combined with my need to check 3 times a day to keep up on Britney’s latest escapades render me unbeatable. Oh so sad, but oh so true. I just dare you to take me on.


11 Responses to “Girlfriends and Gamenight”

  1. Char Says:

    You blogged before you went to bed last night?!?!?! I fell asleep on the couch in a wine haze, talking in my sleep to my husband on the couch next to me. Good times…..good times though last night! If we don’t do game night more often I think we should start a game club! Then you can create our Gamer’s Jacket 🙂

  2. Beth Says:

    I love board games as well! Playing Ballderdash was quite an unforgettable and very entertaining experience last weekend. Just a suggestion… Things in a Box is also one of my favorites. Have a great weekend!

  3. canearl Says:

    I’m kind of in the middle. I don’t mind playing board games, but I don’t normally initiate. I should get some pop culture ones though because I could kick some serious butt in those. I know way more about pop culture stuff than I really should. It makes me so thankful that my life is boring :).

  4. Heather Says:

    ah,… sigh…

    i, too am competitive – my entire family is, actually. my older brother is known to quit a game if he is not winning, and it is a well known fact in my family that I have been cheating since I learned what rules were.

    Apples to Apples is one of my favorite games!! My 3.5 year-old nephew won when we played with my family by throwing down what turned out to be the most hilarious cards. His winning round the word was “soft” – he threw down the card “Canadians” Now that’s funny!

    Will you be at the musician’s party tonight? maybe we can find some sort of game to get our hands on…

  5. Administrator Says:

    I love games -period. so much fun. i have always liked Scrabble, Monopoly, Pictionary and Trivial pursuit, (when the kids were younger we’d play Sorry, Candy Land ans Chutes and Ladders – I never got too old to play them) but my daughters boyfriend brought over Cranium one night and now we are hooked – so much fun! I love the mom’s night out idea, how does it work?

  6. Bethany Says:

    I LOVE BOARD GAMES!!! I also grew up playing board games and beating my little sister every time. I have already taught my 3 yo how to play Candyland and plan to take seriously that commerical that tells you to have a family game night. The only thing that bothers me about board games is that every time we play, my husband (who doesn’t much care to play games) WINS! I think it is strategy to get the game time over with. 😦

  7. sunshinekmp Says:

    We LOVE board games too! I like Scattagories–except we play with house rules depending on where we are…and I don’t really like that sometimes! My house rules are the right ones!! 🙂 Our new favorite is Cranium but I think we like the Turbo version and Pop5 Best!!! We have an entire entertainment center cabinet that is full of games!!!

  8. Candi Says:

    Sounds like a blast! I love playing Pictionary even though I am the worst drawer ever, lol.

  9. Krista Says:

    You might really like Hoopla. It’s a great party game using pop culture and other things and it’s a variety of charades, one letter only answers, and other puzzles. It’s from the makers of Cranium, but less “involved” so it moves faster.

  10. hotomom Says:

    Board games rock. Funny I just posted about my new favorite game before I read your blog. We love to play all types of games. Girls Night Out sounds like a good time was had by all.

  11. NuttyGal Says:

    Have you ever played Charudes? It is Charades but all the things you have to act out are….rude! It is so funny! One of my friends had to act out Naked Gun – He did the sign for “a film” and then ran out the room, we were all looking at each other a little confused and then he suddenly burst into the room completely starkers making a gun sign with his hands – you probably had to be there but I’m sure you get the drift. I’m sure you are probably thinking “who the hell is this NuttyGal chick?” too. A site I read quite often had your blog on their blog roll so thats how I ended up here – anyway, nice to meet you – happy gaming :o) x Smiles from the UK x

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