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Frugal Friday- Contentment January 25, 2008

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frugalfridays.jpg You know how sometimes God is trying to talk to you and he lightly taps you on your shoulder. Than a nudge…then he just goes ahead and throws a pebble. I think God just dropped a boulder. Dave Ramsey was speaking in town last night. I fear if I would have gone, the sky would have opened up and I would have been struck by lightening.

I have heard and read so many things about contentment this past week it is starting to get ridiculous. Now let me just lay it all out on the table and tell you that this is my closeted (and no so closeted) biggest sinful struggle in life. My hubby likes to say that shopping is women’s porn. What he means is they way that a lot of men struggle with lust, many women struggle with wanting “stuff.” I know men do too (but I really, really need an Ipod!!), but I just find a lot of women are looking around and saying, “I want what she has.” Come to think of it, it doesn’t even have to be stuff we do this with bodies, personalities, husbands…whatever they have, it looks better than what we have (except husbands…honey you are lookin’ good to me 🙂

So, let’s all get a bit of perspective about what we WANT vs. what we NEED. Cause the 2 are very different things. And guess what, the bible tells us God will provide us with what we need. Check out Matthew 6 for one example. So, I won’t reinvent the wheel, go read these great posts. Also, I know it is long, but my pastor hit the ball out of the park this weekend with his sermon this weekend (complete with a giant foam “IT” on the stage…that ought to peak your interest). If you too struggle with contentment, I would really encourage you to listen.

  1. Days to Come: But I Want That
  2. Resouling the Stilettos: Shiny Things
  3. Ada Bible Church: It

And God…if your reading…I get it.


8 Responses to “Frugal Friday- Contentment”

  1. Candi Says:

    I struggle with wanting more all the time. It’s never anything that I need either. i don’t find myself wanting what other people have, it’s more along the lines of just wanting everything in sight. LOL. Thanks for the encouraging post 🙂

  2. misty Says:

    as our income has literally gone down to a third of what it’s been, and will now (as of this month) remain at this level for a long, long time, I am finding myself eager and terrified of refraining. I feel stupid even saying that the idea of not buying (not just for me, but my daughter or a friends birthday, etc) is just ridiculous. This post was great and made me feel not so isolated. Thank you!

  3. Kim Says:

    Thanks for the reminder. I try to remember to be grateful for all I have when I watch all the devastating news on TV – I have so much. A new Ipod (I want one too :)) isn’t going to make my life better than it is. My family is healthy, happy and we have enough of everything.

  4. Olivia Says:

    I think this is why we check out each other’s rear ends. You know, to compare.

  5. canearl Says:

    Great post. I totally agree – this is something that I struggle with too. I feel silly wanting more when I have so much!

  6. lifeafterbaby Says:

    I didn’t realize I hadn’t listened to last week’s sermon until I read your post. Thanks for the reminder. Dan’s off to the mall to spend b-day gift cards, kids are in bed, I’m gonna get a cup of coffee and listen to the sermon again–uninterrupted this time. And, listening to it on the coattails of the Dave Ramsey Live seminar, whewee–am I feeling just as whammo-blammo’d by the contentment thing!

  7. Sherry Says:

    What an awesome sermon! Contentment is something I really need to work on. I have been getting better, but have a long way to go in realizing that I don’t need more “things”. Thanks for linking to the sermon and blogging about contentment. You are my favorite blogger!!!!

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