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Works For Me Wednesday- Be “That” mom January 29, 2008

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worksformewednesday.jpg My least favorite part of living in Michigan is the weather. Which is frankly a REALLY large part of living in Michigan. We all tolerate it for the 4 months of the year where the weather is really great and we delude ourselves into thinking there are so many “great winter activities” that it is worth it the rest of the time. I seriously question that wisdom. Especially since I partake in next to none of those fabulous “winter activities” and have begun to seriously question whether the sun is just something people have made up to taunt me.

Anywho, we have some nasty weather here this evening. This led me to call my in-laws who would be driving in from about 20 minutes away to babysit and tell them not to risk their lives so I could go to book club. This bums me out cause I really liked the book and it is always a good time and there is always wine and chocolate involved. So the hubby had a work dinner and I am home with the kids. To be honest I was a bit bummed.

I think I am a good mom, but I am not one of those “sit down and make crafts that rival something Martha Stewart makes with your kids all afternoon ” kind of moms. I am also not a “sure I will dress up as a princess and pretend for hours on end with you” kind of moms. At the most I am a “ok, I guess we can bake cookies, but only if you do it exactly my way and don’t spill anything or make a mess” kind of mom. Doesn’t that just scream fun to you??

Not tonight though. Tonight I was “that mom.” The mom that ran a bath for the girls and then jumped in with them, splashing water all over the floor and squirting them with bath toys. The mom that turns on the Ipod and dances like no ones watching, giggling so hard at our dance moves that my tummy hurts. The mom that gives her girls brownies right before bed time and lets them eat them in the middle of the floor. The mom that reads a few extra books even though it is a little past bed time. I really like being that mom. Sometimes I wish she would come out to play a little more often. I have a feeling my kids do to…

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27 Responses to “Works For Me Wednesday- Be “That” mom”

  1. Heidi Says:

    I love you being that mom! These are the BEST kinds of moms in my book. With you all the way sister!

  2. hotomom Says:

    What a great blog tonight. I would have to say I am definitely not “that mom”, I am more like you, but you have inspired me too be a little more fun tomorrow. Instead of “don’t do that”, “stop fighting”, “no messes” mom. Thanks.

  3. Anne Glamore Says:

    I’m not that mom either, but my boys seem ok!

  4. j2andn2 Says:

    I must say that I am not “that mom” either. And sometimes I can get bummed out on myself because I am not. I sometimes wonder if I am the only one that is not “that mom”. So, thanks for showing me I am not the only one. And for also reminding me to let loose. I have done it a few times. 🙂

  5. misty Says:

    awe… I so get this. (Michigan weather too. spent 7 winters there. Just moved here in August…)
    but I get it exactly. Sometimes there is this voice in my head that says “why, why not do that?” but I can’t seem to. And then I surprise myself and pop out as super-fun-mom…

  6. PJ Says:

    What a wonderful Evening!! Thanks for the reminder that I need to “Dance wildly” more often!!!

    (Our weather stinks too — Chicago! There’s a blizzard out there tonight!)

  7. jennifer Says:

    I like being that Mom, she does not come around as much. Thanks for reminding me.

  8. Elizabeth Says:

    I’m not “that Mom” very often either, but when she does come out to play it is always fun. I don’t think being “that Mom” all the time would be great either. Everything in moderation, but that Mom is fun! Thanks for the great post, Elizabeth

  9. bookiesbookmarks Says:

    Thanks for that encouragement. Sometimes I’m “that Mom” like today when I read books until my throat was sore!

  10. Amanda Says:

    “That mom” the mom that we all swore we’d be when we were kids. I wish that I was a little more of “that mom” as well. It’s in me and it does come out to play, but more often would be a lot funner for my son. It gives our children such wonderful memories.

  11. raquel Says:

    I need to be “that mom” more often, thanks for the reminder

  12. domesticallyblissed Says:

    That is so cool – I love it! What cool memories for your kids. And book club next month – with extra chocolate and wine

  13. I loved this post. I can relate. I wrote a similar post about this last week. It is amazing what being “that mom” does for everyone, especially yourself. I’ll be back to check out your blog soon.

  14. Nicole Says:

    I know my oldest wishes that “that mom” came out to play more often. I’m getting better at it!

  15. Alana Says:

    I think if you were “that” mom all the time it wouldn’t be as special for your kids . . . . they would think it was normal and I’m not so sure it is.

  16. lifeafterbaby Says:

    Jill–I think this is your best piece of writing so far. It’s authentic, organic, and transparent. Carry on.

  17. I agree with Alana above… it wouldn’t be wacky if it wasn’t out of character… i think all moms have *that mom* moments- i once spent 45 minutes getting my kids into bed, only to rip them back out once i saw the grinch was on television… they were surprised and it was special because i am normally strict on bedtime…. great post!

  18. SAHMmy Says Says:

    What a fabulous time! This mom needs to remember to be That mom more often too!

  19. Elizabeth Says:

    Good job, mom! I find it hard to be “That” mom, too. I will try hard this week to be silly and fun.

  20. lomagirl Says:

    I’m this kind of mom- for short bursts of time. I think it’s pretty hard to maintain and still be the kind of mom who cooks dinner and makes school lunches. But she sure is fun when she’s around.

  21. Mamabug Says:

    Thanks for admitting that you aren’t “that” Mom. I am not either but I like it when I have those moments. I call it “good mom” moments. If I meet “that” mom that raised the bar so high, I might just punch her. : )

  22. Jackie Says:

    You inspire me. Way to go!!

  23. mom2fur Says:

    Hey, it’s 1000 times better to be a mom who has spontaneous fun than a “Martha” mom who plans out each and every minute of the day. I’m sure your kids will remember this time much longer than they’d remember every single crafty/musical/educational/fun moment planned and checked off by “Martha.” (BTW…nothing against Martha. I like Martha. Besides…my sister’s name is Martha…)

  24. Michie Says:

    I think it is funny that we all have a different version of who “that mom” is. I am the one who plays in the tub, does silly dances, and is generally goofy with my daughter. But I often worry that I’m too silly and don’t do enough serious stuff, and that I’m not teaching her the right stuff. I guess we all judge ourselves too harshly sometimes, hmmm? I’m glad you had a great night with your kids. 🙂

  25. adventuremom Says:

    I wish I were “that mom”, I get finiky about how they decorate Christmas cookies. But I am glad I can still show my kids a great time being the mom I am. Great post!

  26. renae68 Says:

    I can really relate!

    All too often, I am the “don’t mess up the living room because I just cleaned it” kind of mom.

    It is a lot more fun to be a “let’s take the pillows off the couches and build a fort” kind of mom. 🙂

    Thanks for the reminder!

  27. Chanin Says:

    I love this post! You sound so much like me, it kinda freaks me out!! lol Anyway, I have been trying to be more of a “fun” mom all week. My girls have behaved WAY better because of it!

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