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Things I Love Thursday- Pampers January 30, 2008

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pampers.jpg When I had my first daughter and it came to pick her diapers, I went right to Pampers. To me they were just the diaper I most associated with quality. So I tip my hat to whoever is behind marketing over there. You have effectively sold me. In the 4 1/2 years since then, I have tried other diapers and even regularly use some of the cheaper brands to save a bit of money, but I have a confession to make. Pampers are still my favorite. I never have to worry about a tab tearing or a poop explosion. Remember those newborn poop explosions? Oh fond memories…

Anywho, I trust this brand. So when they contacted me to send me some free Pampers Cruisers to review, I was all over it. I love these diapers. They are so thin, yet incredibly absorbent. Let’s just say that I neglected to change Hannah’s diaper for a while. Not that I would, but for the sake of argument (ahem). Let’s say I may have experience with their absorbency and leave it at that.  They have very flexible sides and aren’t bulky in between the legs. And they have cute Elmos on them to boot.

Let me just highlight one other thing about Pampers. They have a great website. There is tons of information of different developmental stages as well as a personalized deveopmental calendar. Also, if you sign up you will begin to receive lots of coupons in the mail to bring down the price. I know these are pricier diapers, but if you use coupons and look for sales, they can become very affordable. Or you can start a blog and beg companies to send you free stuff like diapers. Whatever works…


12 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday- Pampers”

  1. anne Says:

    We’ve already discovered that we like Pampers better! Good thing we’re still in the phase where other people are buying them for us as gifts. 🙂

  2. Amanda Says:

    I too am a lover of Pampers. Funny thing is I used White Cloud w/my son and that’s because literally every brand other than White Cloud he’d wake up drenched… it was horrible. With the new baby I fell IN LOVE with Pampers Swaddlers. I just bought our first pack of Pampers Cruisers and I am quite happy with them. Go Pampers!

  3. lifeafterbaby Says:

    I also liked them because they smell good.

  4. I loved Pampers when Bear was a newborn. They were the only diapers that didn’t leak. As he has gotten older we switched him to Huggies because you can do subscribe and save through Amazon and get a package of 144 size 3 diapers delivered to your doorstep for 27.00 a month. I wanted Pampers but by the time I decided to sign up they only offered Huggies. If Pampers could get back into Amazon’s good graces I would be all over them again.

  5. Jessica Says:

    I love Pampers!!! The swaddlers are just so nice. My opinion was cemented by the fact that MyBaby got diaper rash and worse from every other kind I tried…

  6. why do you always copy off me?? GEEZ! I hope you buy your Pampers at CVS where they are FREE-99. 🙂

  7. renae68 Says:

    The few extra pennies are worth it if you have a diaper that is comfortable and doesn’t leak. I learned that the hard way. Try washing sheets over and over and over, or doing tons of extra laundry because of the leaky diapers. Or, dealing with diaper rash because of a yucky diaper material.

    Trust me. Spend the extra pennies. 😉

  8. Marie Says:

    The cheaper type of Huggies (can’t remember what they’re called) are the worst for poop explosions. I actually don’t like Pampers because there’s no stretch in the back. I use Huggies Supremes for the first six months or so, then I switch to White Cloud. I’d use White Cloud the whole way but they just aren’t hardy enough for the constant abuse a diaper must take in the first few months.

  9. bigbinder Says:

    Next week (Feb. 3-9) Pampers will be on sale at Target and you get a $5 gift card back if you buy two boxes. Use a coupon too, if you have any to bring the price down more. Here is the link to Pampers’ Website:

  10. Char Says:

    We ONLY used Pampers when Clare was in diapers. The first few months experimenting with other brands after she was born was aweful, and I wished that I had known how great they were from the get go.

  11. Jackie Says:

    I LOVED the Swaddlers. I wished that they made these for the older ones!

  12. Kati Says:

    These were the only diapers we used for the first year! I discovered the Swaddlers when our son was born and LOVED them! Yeah, they cost more than Target or Walmart brands, but I sure wasn’t washing as many pooped on clothes! Plus, I love how stretchy they are!

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