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Frugal Fridays- Cold Hard Cash February 28, 2008

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frugalfridays.jpg When I met my husband we were a bit different when it came to spending. I was more of a spend it if you got it, pay check to pay check, pray to God the check clears kind of gal. He was more of a know where every dime of his money was at any given time, spreadsheet budget loving, cash in envelopes in his underwear drawer kind of guy. Just for the record, I wasn’t looking through his underwear drawer, he just told me that.

So when we merged finances, it could have been real ugly. Thankfully, I saw the light and gradually paid off some credit card debt, scaled back on the clothes shopping (ouch), and began to embrace a budget. But the one thing I couldn’t get on board with was the underwear drawer thing. I got on board with the fact he had one, just not the cash in envelope thing.

I realize all the big financial guys say to do it, but to me cash equaled spend. For example, I am not a big Starbucks person. First of all, I don’t drink coffee. Second of all a drink there costs the equivalent of a small house payment. But for some reason, when I have cash in my pocket somehow a chai tea latte sounds divine. I would never put that paltry amount on a card, but have no trouble throwin’ down the $5 in my pocket. Is anyone with me??

Anywho, we have done relatively well with the budgeting thing since we got married except for one area (well besides the fact I feel I should have unlimited financial resources to buy as many outfits I want). We always seem to go over in miscellaneous spending. Who even knows what it all is? Target runs, Lowes for lightbulbs, gifts for an unexpected birthday party, a new tandem bike for trips around the block.

So with the turning of the calendar year, I declared 2008 “The Official Year of Not Going Over Budget in the Miscellaneous Category of Our Budget.” I even had t-shirts made. January, not so much. But I am hear to report that in February, we are $89 under budget. Did you hear that, UNDER BUDGET!!! To what do I attribute this miraculous fact? The underwear drawer. Well, not really…but the cash system. Every week I withdraw the amount we can spend on miscellaneous that month and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Everything else on the budget is still debit card purchased cause I can’t bear to part with that beautiful piece of plastic. It’s so purty.

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Things I Love Thursday- Envirosax February 27, 2008

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envirosax.jpg Ok, so I am not the greenest person I know. I vote Republican, own an SUV, leave my water running while I rinse off my dishes and can’t stomach the thought of messing with cloth diapers. I also will admit out loud to my loyal readers, Al Gore just bugs the crap out of me. The annoying intonations, the most disgusting public kiss ever witnessed, the constant kissing up to celebrities, and the grandious claims of internet invention. Actually, that’s pretty great he gave us that gift cause even if global warming causes the apocalypse tomorrow, I want to go out surfing

Anywho, I have been trying to make some small changes to our life to make this world a little better for my girls. I am an avid recycler, I am trying to make some of my own cleaning products and we have replaced most of our light bulbs with CFLs. But one of the things that has bothered me the most is the mountain of plastic bags that were accumulating in our house. So I decided to make the switch to re-usable bags.

My beef with re-usable bags is that they are so heinous looking. Why on God’s green earth does that matter? Cause if I am going to save the Earth, I still want to look good doing it. That is why I was thrilled to stumble up Envirosax. They just make the absolute cutest bags. You can buy them individually or in a set that fits into a tiny 9×6 pouch that fits right into your purse. The pouch contains 5 bags (that coordinate beautifully) and unroll to 19.5×16.5 and are really sturdy. I am amazed at how much I can stuff in that bag and I have never used all 5 while doing my big weekly shopping trip. According to their website, each bag holds the equivalent of 2 regular shopping bags.

Now if you want to be even more crunchy, you can buy reusable shopping bags made out of bamboo, linen, or hemp. They aren’t near as cute as the other ones, but perhaps if you are that crunchy you aren’t near as shallow about the appearance of your bag as I am. If you are, however, that shallow, you may be excited to know that Cameron Diaz apparently uses these bags. Feel free to strike a Charlie’s Angels pose as you are leaving the supermarket.


Works For Me Wednesday- Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby February 26, 2008

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worksformewednesday.jpg More sex talk for you. Well, if you are coming here by way of Rocks In My Dryer, you may not realize, we have been talkin’ bout sex around here. For 20 weeks to be exact. See I think we Christian wives need to be havin’ more sex with our hubbies so I threw down the gauntlet and my readers stepped up to the plate (how’s that for a mixed metaphor). Well, some of my readers, but I know there are some of you out there who are still leavin’ your hubbies high and dry.

So first, 20 weeks of challenges and then I am throwin’ down a big huge challenge at the end. Newbies, pick a week that looks good and jump in. Veterans, hang onto your hat for the ending.

Week 1: Fix Your Boudoir

Week 2: Mama Needs a New Pair of Panties

Week 3: How Illuminating!

Week 4: Shock and Awe

Week 5: Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

Week 6: When in France

Week 7: How Bout Something a Little Racy (and Lacy)?

Week 8: Take it Off!

Week 9: Tell Him What You Want

Week 10: A Weekend Getaway

Week 11: Shake It Up Baby Now!

Week 12: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Week 13: Let’s Get Physical

Week 14: A Challenge of Purity

Week 15: A Change in Scenery

Week 16:Try a Nooner

Week 17: I Feel Like Making Love (On Sunday at 10:30)

Week 18: Who Knew the Brain Could be so Sexy?

Week 19: Laughter, The Best Aphrodisiac

Week 20: The Grand Finale!

Ok, here is the graduate level challenge. I mentioned it in week 20, but I have decided to take the 30 day challenge. The hubby doesn’t know, so he will be so shocked when this baby lands in his inbox he might just have a heart attack. Actually if you see him skipping through work tomorrow, that means he has just read my blog.

Anyway, I know a few of my regular readers are game. How about you? I am not gonna lie. I am a little scared? That’s a lot of sex on nights when I will probably be so tired I will just want to curl up in a ball and drift off to sleep. But, I got friends doin’ this challenge who just had babies and friends competing with other friends to see who can have the most sex in 30 days. The competitive nature in me just has to jump in and not let myself get “out challenged.” So the new challenge has begun…are you in?

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Brainwashing of the dangerous kind February 25, 2008

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hockey-puck.jpg They say children’s minds are like sponges. Lily’s absorbs information at an alarming rate and she has the memory of an elephant (what the heck does that mean??).

So, today as I’m reading a news magazine, Lily comes over and looks over my shoulder. It was an article about how Obama and Clinton are in a tight race and had pictures of both candidates. She said to me, “Which one is running for President?” Ok, why she even knows this indicates we may be following politics a little too closely around here. Anyway, I told her both of them and asked her who she liked better. She pointed to Hillary and said, “I like her. Her outfit is pretty and I just really like the way God made her. But Daddy says she doesn’t have very good ideas.” So wise already at 4…

Then, every night when we put Lily to bed there comes a point where we tell her no more talking. More nights than not, this takes a few reminders (I have no idea where she gets this annoying trait of not knowing when to shut her mouth). But often times in these quiet moments, I get a little window into her soul when she says something in a whisper right before she falls asleep. Tonight, it was this:

Lily: “Mom, what would happen if all the hockey players on the ice got put in the penalty box all at one time and there was no one left on the ice to score? Could that really happen?”

Tonight her soul told me that the hubby’s brainwashing goes far beyond political (which honestly is just the healthy Republican kind) and has crossed over into the dangerous, threatening realm of hockey. Seriously, I can’t take it if I have one more hockey obsessed person in this house. The season is like 10 years long. So I have decided I will start brainwashing her my own way. You know in the movies when they brainwash people and they strap them to chairs and hold there eyelids open while they show them images. It will be like that, but with music and dancing. Oh yes, I will brainwash my daughter to love a good musical. She loves singing, she loves dancing…all the basic building blocks are there. So next time when the hubby asks her to watch a hockey game, she will look up at him with that face he can’t resist and say, “Daddy, can we please do West Side Story instead?”

Evil cackle followed by maniacal laughter.


An Oscar Quickie February 24, 2008

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oscar.jpg I am a major sucker for award shows. The stars, the gowns, the suspense, the silly musical numbers. The stupid writer’s strike has robbed me of some of the good ones this year and I was starting to get worried that the award show of all award shows was not going to happen. Thank God those crazy writers finally thought of someone other than themselves and settled the strike. We were dying around here!!!

Anyway, you have not watched an award show until you watch in on DVR. You get the stars, the canned humor, the gowns, and the worthwhile awards without the “other” awards. You know the sound editing, cinematography, make up awards. Now I am sure to someone’s mother, these are a majorly big deal. Or for the dude who struggled his way through film school to finally be recognized for his camera work. No offense dude, but nobody cares. Even if you were introduced by Halle Barry, nobody cares. Sorry, your mom cares. And Lily and Hannah if you go into costume design, your mommy and daddy will care.

But what the world really cares about is that Jessica Alba looks really cute pregnant. That Jon Stewart was really funny. That George Clooney’s girlfriend’s dress was kind of heinous (sorry to be catty, but you are dating one of the most attractive men in Hollywood and you should have a spectacular dress). That I hate Kerry Russell a little bit for being that skinny after having a baby not so long ago. That Jack Nicholson still gets a front row seat and wears those stupid sunglasses despite being in nothing worthwhile this year. That Katherine Heigel could seriously not be more beautiful or likable all at the same time.

Let me also be very clear, the last movie I saw in the theater was Veggie Tales. Before that Bee Movie. I am not exactly a connoisseur of fine film these days. I had not seen a single nominated film this year and hadn’t even heard of half of the nominated actors and actresses. So that is why I prefer an DVR’d Oscar quickie. Let’s just get down to business and get to the big awards and fast forward through all the other unnecessary stuff. Aah, good stuff.

P.S. If you are a DVR rookie, you should know the Oscars ALWAYS run over so you should always tape the show afterwards. Otherwise you will be sorely disappointed when midway through the presentation of best actor, your show cuts off. Thank God, I’m no rookie.


Cause this is better than anything I could write February 23, 2008

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popsicles.jpg I don’t have a lot to say tonight (shocking I know) so I thought instead I would share this post with you. This post was the winner of Scribbit’s February Write Away Contest and it could not be more deserving. Keep a tissue handy.


A Contest!

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announcement.png Need to announce a baby, engagement, graduation or wedding? Tired of the typical fare. Announcements Galore designs high quality photo cards for you to announce your special news. They are printed on actual photo paper and you can customize their designs to fit your needs. The best part is the price. The cards are under $1.50 each. which includes envelopes. This is a bargain for this quality. Their competitors are charging $3 and up.

Here is an example of their work.


Here is the scoop. Each announcement measures 4 x 6. There is a minimum order of 20 cards. After ordering you email your pictures, and they will send you a proof before sending them to be printed, so you get to see your cards before they are printed to make sure they are just what you wanted! If your photos need any cropping they will do that for you. They can also turn your pictures to B&W. All orders are shipped within three days of the proof being approved.

Announcements Galore has generously offered a $20 gift certificate to my readers. To enter, just head over to their website and tell me what your favorite design is in the comments. Only one entry per person. This contest will close at midnight on Sat. Mar. 1 and I will draw a winner and post it on Sunday. Thanks for entering!