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Week 17- I Feel like making love (on Sunday at 10:30 pm) February 1, 2008

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sex-challenge.gif Grab your calendars ladies. We are schedulin’ ourselves some sex. Scheduling you say? That is so boring and unspontaneous. Spontaneous? If you are waiting for the mood to strike you, your hubby could be waiting a loooong time. I would bet spontaneous isn’t working too great for you (or your hubby).

Here’s the upside. You will be having regular sex. Your hubby will be happy. You will have less nights that end with “the look” when you are too tired to even function. You may even grow to look forward to those nights on the calendar with excitement and anticipation.

Alright, you can do this one of two ways. But February is the month to jump on board this challenge. Choice number one- pick a night and stick to it. Just make sure to let everyone know that Sunday night is sex night so people don’t disturb you. Ok, so maybe not that last part. Choice number two- you and the hubby get out the calendars and coordinate your schedules. Find the nights without commitments and stresses and pencil in a little horizontal mambo (I have been waiting to utilize the euphemism and it just felt right…sorry).

I won’t tell you which of the two methods we are choosing. Just please don’t call on Friday nights after 10:30.


6 Responses to “Week 17- I Feel like making love (on Sunday at 10:30 pm)”

  1. Heather Says:

    I like this challenge! It’s one of the upsides when you’re TTC – at least it has been for us. It’s helpful when I am able to move my thoughts in that direction throughout the day.

  2. canearl Says:

    This is what my husband and I do and it works really well. I know what nights I have off and he knows what nights he has on. Not that it’s always scheduled, but with 3 kids under the age of 5 it helps both of us to know what we will or won’t be doing that night :).

  3. MommyRidd Says:

    Came across your blog through another blog, so I’m a little behind on the challenge – but I’ve always wondered if this (scheduling sex) would be helpful or not -I still “fear” that I’ll be dreading it when the scheduled night rolls around, but I’m also curious to know if it will change my perspective if things are happenin’ on a more regular basis. Thanks for the challenge – now I have to talk to the hubbs & prepare for the WOOOOO HOOOOOO that he’s bound to be shoutin’ when I tell him the “good” news. :>

  4. Pamela Says:

    I mentioned this idea to my husband about a year ago, but I think he found it mildly insulting. He didn’t love that I needed to put the cha cha night in the planner in order to get it done. So I just started doing it anyway. Unbenounst to him, we have regular intimacy nights planned, but he thinks they are due to spontaneous combustion, not the reminder in my planner. Works for him, works for me.

  5. Kati Says:

    My hubby and I have to do this, or else it ain’t happening!

  6. Ellen Says:

    I just found you through wfmw this morning and I LOVE the challenge. Next weeks challenge should involve lipstick. Have hubby pick out his favorite bedroom shade (very different from lipstick you wear in public – much redder and glossier) and have him apply it for you on your lips. Even after 12 years of marriage – it works. 😉 Weirdest part? Learned about it watching a sitcom. Anyone remember Dharma and Greg? 🙂

    I read through all the challenges. Started one week today. DH loves the bedroom without all the clutter. Will work on it some more tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration.


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