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A Pox Be On Your House February 5, 2008

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cold.jpg Remember in the days of yore when people said “a pox be on your house.” Remember how in those same days of yore women went out to the field, squatted down and had a baby, stood back up, strapped that baby to their bosom (another big word in the days of yore) and went right back out to working in the fields. Kinda makes you feel bad for whining about your day don’t it?

Anywho, a pox has fallen on our house. We all have these yucky colds. The kind of colds that make your head feel like it weighs 100 pounds and has a bucket over it. The kind of cold that makes you yell at your daughter who insists on wearing her princess shoes all afternoon around the hardwood floors causing her to look at you confused and say, “but I’m just walking like a princess.” Cause you all know I would never yell at an innocent child for walking around in princess shoes ON HARDWOOD FLOORS for hours upon hours if it wasn’t for the cold. Thankfully, the cold can’t stick up for itself and my daughter is asleep.

I realize this post probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I also realize that I started this post by saying you shouldn’t complain about your day and then proceeded to complain. I further realize when someone feels as crudy as me, they probably shouldn’t be up until midnight trying to compose coherent posts, but should be in a Nyquil haze and asleep hours ago. But then you, my faithful readers, would miss out on gems like this post. Your welcome.


8 Responses to “A Pox Be On Your House”

  1. Jackie Says:

    You should not mix wine and Nyquil!

  2. Wifey Says:

    I hope you feel better! We’re dealing with colds around my house, too, and I’m the one who’s the worst off today, which explains how I’m watching my kids eat muffins in the living room and leave a huge trail of crumbs without really caring.

  3. Awww….I’m still getting over my cold from this weekend too. It sucks. I hope you get to feeling better soon. I found copious amounts of chocolate helps.

  4. Nicole Says:

    Oh, sister, we’ve all been there. And OH DEAR HEAVENS the princess shoes on the hardwood & tile floors! It’s like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. My oldest looks at me like I’ve lost it every time I ask her to “Walk a little softer please. Mommy doesn’t like all the clacking!”

    Feel better soon. Maybe a cocktail is in order.

  5. fizzledink Says:

    Oh, we’ve got the same pox here – and my little one just woke up with it this morning. I feel terrible that he’s sick – but I do admit to loving the cozy, sleepy snuggles I got all morning, even though I know it was only because he didn’t feel well.

    Good luck with your pox – I’m hoping ours is almost over!

  6. Char Says:

    Maybe you need a hot tottie…not that I know what’s in one or anthing 😉

  7. Neicy Says:

    Aww….you poor thing. My little one and my dear hubby have both had a cold the last few days..but, knock on wood, it has managed to pass me by so far. I hope you feel better soon….oh, and while she’s sleeping is the perfect time to “misplace” those princess shoes!!!

  8. Heather Says:

    Loving your blog!! can you please tell me how I can put a 1Cor. 7:5 challange link on my blog? Thanks! Keep up the great work!!!


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