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Things I (Kinda) Love Thursday- Insignia Radio Compact Shelf System February 6, 2008

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compactshelfsystem.jpg What is a girl to do when someone offers her a free stereo system to review for her blog? Um, yes please. It will go great with the new Ipod I just inherited from my hubby who upgraded to one with video capacity so he can sit feet away from our TV watching Scrubs on a screen the size of my thumb.

Can you believe we live in a world where a machine that is a foot wide and a foot tall can dock my Ipod, play a CD, play a DVD and make dinner? Ok, so it doesn’t make dinner, but it does all sorts of stuff. So much stuff that frankly, I don’t know what half of it is yet. So here is the review- the good, the bad, and the ugly. I present to you the Insignia-75W DVD/CD/HD Radio Compact Shelf System with USB Port from Best Buy.

First, the ugly. It isn’t. It is sleek and compact and pretty. And it lights up a gorgeous shade of blue when it is turned on (just like my husband!).

Now the good. I really like the sound quality when I play my music whether it’s from my Ipod or a CD. I love the size. It is really compact and can be separated from the speakers (although they are corded) so I can place the speakers where I want. For all that it does, it is really reasonable. It retails from anywhere between $140-$160 depending on the sale.

Now, to be honest and fair, I gotta give you the bad. I can’t get the high definition radio to work. It is extremely picky about what stations it will search for and most of my local favorites are full of static. The antenna just doesn’t seem very effective. Sometimes the remote is a bit temperamental if it isn’t pointed at exactly the right spot. Also at one point the digital display got all wonky and I couldn’t read it, but unplugging the radio and plugging it back in fixed that. I haven’t used all the features, but I did notice the reviews on the Best Buy website weren’t overly stellar.

Also, after Hannah played with the remote our stereo kept turning on at full blast at 1 am for a week until we figured out that she had set some sort of alarm. After some thought, I am pretty sure this isn’t a defect with the system per se, but probably a defect in parenting for letting your children mess with the remote. And not being smarter than a 1 year old to figure out how to turn the alarm off (again, unplugging and re-plugging in the machine).


One Response to “Things I (Kinda) Love Thursday- Insignia Radio Compact Shelf System”

  1. Char Says:

    We actually looked at this a while back in search of something for our kitchen. THanks for your review…I’ll have to keep it in mind when Brad starts looking again.

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