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Free Food!! February 11, 2008

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pancake.jpg Tomorrow (Tues) is free pancake day at IHOP. You get one free shortstack per guest and they ask that you donate something to Children’s Miracle Network. Never one to turn down free food (or free anything frankly) the hubby and I went 2 years ago at 7 am when it opened hoping to beat the crowds. We kept Lily in her pajamas, I confess I might have been pretty close to pajama wear and the hubby went on the way to work. We were the only people there. Apparently the rest of the sane people of the world aren’t so enthusiastic about free breakfast food laden with butter and syrup.

So for tomorrow I suggested to the hubby that maybe we go for dinner instead. To be honest, I want to sleep in and of course work out tomorrow. Somehow Cardio Blast doesn’t sound as much fun after polishing of a stack pancakes. He looked at me like I was off my rocker and said, “Pancakes for dinner?”

Am I the only one who loves to eat breakfast food for dinner? Growing up pancakes, eggs and bacon were a regular Sunday night meal. Now as I get older I realize that although I thought my family was ultra-normal…it wasn’t. Still, I can’t be the only person who did this. So my faithful commenters, help a sista’ out. Tell me that pancakes for dinner sound heavenly.

BTW- we will be going at 8 am. If you see me doubled over in Cardio Blast, you now know why. If you want some free food (and seriously!!! why wouldn’t you), click here to find the nearest IHOP to you. It seems as if you live in Eastern Montana or pretty much all off North Dakota, you are screwed. Then again, if you live in Eastern Montana or North Dakota, I think you probably already knew that.


22 Responses to “Free Food!!”

  1. Candace (Mama Mia) Says:

    I’m all about free food!!! Thanks for the heads up- I’ve never heard of this before.

    It’s totally not weird to eat breakfast for dinner. Some of my fondest memories are of my mom making us waffles for dinner. It was such a treat to have breakfast for dinner. We’re carrying on the tradition with our kids.

  2. Yum. I love breakfast for dinner. Especially IHOP. I craved IHOP my whole pregnancy.

  3. We LOVE breakfast for dinner! Our girls adore pancakes so they are always excited when breakfast is on the menu. Have fun at IHOP tomorrow.

  4. lifeafterbaby Says:

    We did the breakfast for dinner thing on Sunday nights as well. Way back in the day when you went to church and Sunday school in the morning, then back again in the evening for ‘night church’. Although I must admit we often had Spam with our pancakes and eggs–I always traded away my Spam for something a little more edible.

    I always seem to sit in syrup (pronounced seer-up not sur-up) at IHOP. Might want to lay a napkin down before you sit…

  5. bloginmyeye Says:

    We do breakfast for dinner at least every other week. It’s one of the meals my kids eat best. They even serve it every Wednesday in my daughter’s school cafeteria. Very kid friendly.

  6. M Says:

    I just made breakfast for dinner on Ash Wednesday. My kids loved it! I made french toast from Jessica Seinfeld’s book Deceptively Delicious (it had butternut squash in it). You couldn’t even taste it. It was good. And I loved the fact that I was not fighting with my kids to eat their dinner!

  7. stacey Says:

    love breakfast for dinner!

    we are heading there for an early dinner tomorrow!

  8. Char Says:

    We eat breakfast for dinner from time to time, and it’s wonderful! I so love a stack of pancakes for dinner, with a side of eggs, and toast…..YUM. I’m making myself hungry just typing about it.

  9. Heather Says:

    I am a huge breakfast-for-dinner fan – especially when I am out of options and all I have in the fridge is eggs and bread (think of all the possibilities with just those two items!). Plus, BFD is fast.

  10. MommyRidd Says:

    yep, we have breakfast for dinner at least once a month – it’s good to change up the routine now & then!

    there isn’t an IHOP near us, otherwise, we’d be there for sure!

  11. Kati Says:

    I LOVE breakfast food for dinner too! The hubby thinks breakfast food is for breakfast, so it’s rare that I get to gorge on pancakes and bacon for dinner…but yeah for free breakfast!

  12. Michelle Says:

    Although I’m not Dutch, I’ve lived long enough here in the Netherlands to know that pancakes for dinner is as normal as mashed potatoes.
    Dutch pancakes are somewhat bigger, yet a lot thinner than American pancakes, I think. It’s common to eat them with sweet -(powdered) sugar, chocolate spread, slices of fruit etc.- as well as hearty -ham, cheese etc.-toppings.
    So if any tells you it’s weird to eat pancakes for dinner, just tell them that the Dutch do it. So why can’t you? 😉

  13. The other day I saw IHOP’s advertisement for this, and I was pretty excited. I don’t know if I’ll make it over there today, but I think it’s great what they’re doing to raise some money for the Children’s Miracle Network.

    This is my first time visiting your blog, and I like it. Expect to see me around these parts more often. 🙂

  14. Courtney Says:

    I’m sure you know that I don’ t have a problem with pancakes for dinner. Also, my mom used to give us pancakes for dinner, too. See? We are so similar…. yet, so different..

  15. Olivia Says:

    We do breakfast for dinner a lot. I guess we’re weird too, but you already knew that.

  16. Mindy Says:

    I just had pancakes for dinner tonight!

  17. Heather Says:

    I LOVE breakfast for dinner! Actually, Hubby prefers to eat pancakes or waffles for dinner because they make him sleepy, so it’s perfect for moi, who loves breakfast at anytime of day!

  18. Jeana Says:

    I am not a pancake fan, but we do have breakfast for supper every Sunday night. And often it is pancakes, since my husband and kids love them.

  19. momtotwoboys Says:

    ummmm having breakfast for dinner…..we probably have breakfast for dinner more often than i cook real dinner! well, maybe that is an exageration but not much of one.

  20. Krista Says:

    Well, Eastern Washington doesn’t have much going on either. 😦 sad, ‘cuz I love me some breakfast for dinner!

  21. Ashley Says:

    We went for dinner tonight! I never turn down a free meal either. My kids think it is the biggest treat to have breakfast for dinner.

  22. Beth Says:

    I would not go so far as to say your family is “normal” (ha ha) but mine isn’t either. We had breakfast for dinner every once and a while, and as kids we loved it!

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