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Things I Love Thursday- Valentine’s Edition February 13, 2008

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ist2_419124_painted_hearts.jpg What else could I possibly write about on Valentine’s Day than my fabulous hubby. You know how everyone and their dog says “I married my best friend.” Well, I truly did and it was one of the best moves I ever made.

See, the hubby and I had only know each other 4 months when he popped the question. The freaky thing was, we started talking marriage after 2. We both knew that was slightly crazy, but started praying about it and everything felt 100% right. Now looking back, I am shocked we so clearly knew that we were who we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with so soon, but I have truly never doubted that decision even for a second. I would hate to give the impression that it is all champagne and roses cause no marriage is, but the ups far outweigh the downs. And I am confident I am in it with someone who truly believes in the covenant of “for better for worse” and is in this thing for the long haul. 

My hubby swept me off my feet with the smallest gesture on our first date. We had met about a month earlier and over the course of the evening I had mentioned that I didn’t like my current toothpaste. Yes, I am a wizard at riveting small talk. Anywho, when I picked him up for our date (we lived in Chicago where no one sane has a car except for those who must travel for work) he handed me a small gift wrapped box. In it was a tube of toothpaste. He told me he thought I might like this better. He had me at Colgate.

Corny? A bit, but what I realized at that moment was that he had truly listened to me and cared about what I was saying even though it was a really stupid thing. That moment is so defining for me. Everyday he takes the time to listen to me and try and make my life better. He isn’t perfect at it, good golly who is? But I go to bed every night feeling ridiculously loved and cherished by the man who lays next to me.

Valentine’s Day is a rather stupid holiday really. Isn’t just a day to make hubbies feel like they need to spend lots of money and wives feel like they dust off their lingerie? Why do I need a special day to tell people I love that I love them. Don’t I do that everyday? Absolutely. But it is a day to pause and realize what so many days I tend to take for granted. That I truly believe I am the luckiest woman on earth to have found my hubby and stuck him with me for life. Oh yeah babe, you are stuck.

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9 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday- Valentine’s Edition”

  1. Aww…that is sweet. I care more about the thought behind a gift more than the gift itself. Mine proposed after 4 1/2 months too.

  2. Ryan Says:

    Thank you babe! I’m very, very happy to be stuck with you.

    Now I’m going to annoy you by singing that Huey Lewis song loudly for the next twelve hours…

  3. M Says:

    I have been with my husband now for 15 years. Married for almost nine, dating for 4 1/2 and engaged for 1 1/2. I was 18 and a freshmen in college when I met him. Jill, can you believe that? We were dating for only 3 months when we celebrated our first Valentine’s day. He took my car to basketball practice and when I went to get it there was a bag of Hersey hugs and a card that read “For the first month of our relationship, you earned my hugs”. Later that night I got a bag of Hersey kisses and a card that read “For the second month of our relationship, you earned my kisses”. When he came to pick me up for dinner I was handed a teddy bear and another card that said “For the third month of our relationship, you earned my love”. I knew he was the one (actually I knew right when we started dating). It is the little things. It is the thoughtfulness and the listening and the love we share for each other and our three amazing kids.
    P.S. I married a romantic and no matter how hard I try, I can’t beat him with creativity and gifts. Isn’t it usually the other way around???

  4. M Says:

    So now I am singing “Do you believe in Love” by Huey Lewis after reading Ryan’s comment. Is that the song he was annoying you with?

  5. bec Says:

    how sweet! I’ve never really been much for valentine’s day, but i agree it is good to realize just what you take for granted some days.

  6. awww he’s so sweet!!! My husband popped the question after we had dated three months! And I have never regretted it! I love him with all my heart> what they about you will just know when it’s the right one is so true!

  7. CoCo Says:

    Did you tell me you loved me today??

  8. Had you at Colgate 🙂 Ha! Marrying your best friend is something I’d wish for everyone. It’s a great thing.

  9. Heather Says:

    What a neat story. I loved hearing about your adorations for your husband. Isn’t God good! It’s so cool how God puts people together. For so long I was so lost….. searching for Mr. Right….and then God put my husband into my path. We met for the first time in our early 20’s. All that time we had only lived 20 minutes apart. We got married 10 years ago. What fun it is to be married when God is in it!

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