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Frugal Friday- Valentine’s Edition February 14, 2008

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frugalfridays.jpg Another Valentine’s post for you all. This one will be brief though cause I got people comin’ over and I doubt they will be entertained by watching me write on my blog. So my tip to be frugal is this:

Stock up on holiday stuff on the day after that holiday. Tomorrow head to the store and buy a few boxes of Valentines at 50-75% off. I won’t tell if you also load up on chocolate and conversation hears. I would suggest eating them though and not saving them until next year. That is just a sacrifice you will have to make.

I have a sad, sad confession. I was slightly bummed to be on vacation (in the Cayman Islands while it was cold and snowy here!!!) on the day after Christmas cause I was going to miss out on the great deals. That is sad, but doesn’t that impress you just how committed I am to frugality!

If you are a person who decorates her house for every holiday this is also a great time to get a cute heart shaped wreath. If you are the type of person to buy cute things to decorate your house for every holiday only to forget where you have put such cute things until well after that holiday….welcome to the club.


5 Responses to “Frugal Friday- Valentine’s Edition”

  1. Tootie Says:

    Good plan! I’ll have to keep my eye out for good deals on Valentine cards, etc.

    Thanks! 🙂

  2. Sonia Says:

    I was thinking of this already. I got some great items after Christmas and thought, hey, Valentines will still be good enough to give out to friends in a year, right?? I’m all over it! Excellent suggestion.

  3. bigbinder Says:

    That’s a good one. I have recently become obsessed with holiday/seasonal tablecloths and was very discouraged to set a BLUE one out on Valentines Day. Must…go…shopping…now…

  4. I’ve been thinking this all week about CHOCOLATE. heh heh

  5. Lora Says:

    I do this, too–both the buying of the great sale items and the forgetting of where I’ve put them:)

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