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Week 19- Laughter, the best aphrodiasiac February 15, 2008

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sex-challenge.gif If you sex life is stale it could be because you have forgotten how fun sex really is. My hubby recently told me, “Women take sex way too seriously, it is supposed to be fun.” Now let me assure you when he said that he was not referring to us. I sometimes have the opposite problem and am giggling so much I forget it’s also supposed to be romantic. It’s about balance ladies.

Mistake #1 is that we ladies approach sex as some chore on our checklist that we just need to check off. Not so appealing for the hubbies. Contrary to the popular myth that men are just into sex to please themselves, most husbands really care that you are enjoying yourself. It is hard to feel that way when you are laying there with a look in your eye that says, “Hurry up and get this over with so that I can go back to watching Oprah.”

Mistake #2 is that we ladies have watched too many movies and expect some magical romantic moment complete with billowing curtains and Berlin singing “Take My Breath Away” in the background. That kind of moment may happen once in a while (well without Berlin), but chances are that is not the norm. And I think the expectation that sex should be like this puts a lot of pressure on our husbands. It is more likely that a moment that starts out very romantic ends up with a misplaced elbow or someone rolling off the bed. I have one friend (who will remain nameless) whose box spring gave out and they laughed their way through it and are still laughing about it to this day.

So don’t be afraid to laugh together. There is something about laughter that just makes an intimate moment all that more intimate. Laugh when you try something new that goes horribly wrong. Or laugh when you do the same thing that is tried and true, but it goes horribly wrong. Find a way to laugh about the fact you just possibly had the worst sex of your marriage (not at each your hubby ladies, WITH each other). Or laugh cause you just had the best sex of your marriage and you are so happy you married each other. The point is, lighten up and have some fun.

If I haven’t convinced you, maybe this article can. It states that the secrets to keeping a healthy, nimble mind is sex, laughter and dark chocolate. It’s a scientific fact ladies, and you just can’t argue with science. Man, I love it when science tells me to eat more chocolate…


4 Responses to “Week 19- Laughter, the best aphrodiasiac”

  1. Char Says:

    Laughter is one of the best things. Especially when someone somehow roll backwards over her head out of bed while trying to be a sexual goddess.

  2. Sunshine Says:

    I’m actually going in to have my estrogen levels checked. Now that the “reproductive” phase of our lives is over, I would like to enjoy the fun of having sex with “no strings attached” (a/k/a trying to get pregnant) but life is so crazy and I seem to have no “oomph”. But I got to wondering if my lack of interest is medical, it would certainly explain a lot!

  3. Heather Says:

    I love reading these sex pep-talks. You are inspiring and encouraging!!! I love sex…but am often too tired or look at as I have to do it. I’m so glad I have a good husband that doesn’t put the pressure on. But I need to be reminded not to take advantage of that either. Thanks for the encouragement. YOU ROCK!

  4. Kate Says:

    Trust me, we have laughed a lot! Since we are newlyweds, we are experiencing a lot of awkward moments and just try and laugh them off

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