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Polly Pocket February 17, 2008

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polly-pockets.jpg An eternal dilemma

Pro: Keeps Lily occupied for hours on end

Con: Thousands of tiny little shoes and plastic dresses all over my playroom floor

God’s greatest gift or a form of motherhood torture? Discuss…


18 Responses to “Polly Pocket”

  1. canearl Says:

    I had my first encounter with Polly Pockets tonight (we were at a friend’s house). Those things are horrible!!! I don’t know how anyone could keep up with all of those little pieces. I’m so glad that I found out how bad they are before my girls got hooked on them.

  2. lifeafterbaby Says:

    I have not yet had the pleasure of PP in our home. My girls just received their first Disney Princess Barbiesque dolls for Valentine’s Day from out-of-state grandparents. I’m already grinding my teeth…what happened to corn husk dolls and toys made out of sticks? Sigh….

  3. anne Says:

    I can totally imagine that they would be everywhere. However, I know that I wish I had had them when I was a kid. They would have been my favorite. I’m sure they’ll drive me nuts, but I can’t wait to get some! 🙂

  4. Sunshine Says:

    We have a zillion of those things too.
    They are, in my opinion, a wacky combo of God’s gift and Satan’s handiwork. I shudder to think of how many tiny Polly shoes are in my vacuum cleaner.

  5. M Says:

    We have a big shoebox full of them and the huge polly pocket crusie liner. My daughter loves them and although there are millions of pieces, I don’t drive myself crazy if some of them get lost! My vote—-love them!

  6. Lisa D Says:

    Love them because they keep my girls so busy.
    Hate them for the cleanup. However, we keep them in plastic craft organizers with little compartments. My girls know where to put each little piece back – shoes here, shirts there, pants here…

  7. Jean Says:

    I heart these. My daughter knows she is responsible for all pieces and if they get lost or vacuumed up, oh well. I rarely pick them up as she’s old enough to take care of them and put them away. She doesn’t care if the shoes are mismatched or not. I have a tackle type box with dividers for all dresses, shoes, polly’s, etc. It’s great b/c she can carry it around and they’re all in one place. She spends hours playing with these and they get two thumbs up (and 8 fingers) from me!

  8. RachelD Says:

    I love Polly Pockets. They keep my daughter entertained for hours. My four year old is a little OCD when it comes to keeping track of her toys so she is very careful about not losing them. We still have all the pieces.

  9. Char Says:

    I don’t mind them so much. Clare has 2 Polly carrying bags, and as soon as she’s done playing everything gets gathered up and put back in the bags. It’s not so bad, then again I don’t have a toddler that puts things in their mouths – on the plus size I hear Polly shoes pass with great sucess if swallowed 🙂 I’ll keep the dolls. THe pop up bus though is a piece of flaming pooh – Clare calls it the fall apart bus!

  10. Chandra Says:

    We are a Polly loving family as well. My girls (7 and almost 5) will play nicely for hours with them! They have the little plastic organizers to clean up their toys and are responsible for putting their own things away. Whatever gets lost is just lost. Lets face it, kids today have so much, do they really miss one tiny shoe?

  11. Kati Says:

    I have a 2 year old no PP! However, I do have an inflatable ball pit, that I am forever putting balls back into.

  12. adventuremom Says:

    Can’t wait to have to try and figure out all the girly stuff out there. We currently have legos and other small boy toys that constantly end up on the floor.

  13. Olivia Says:

    I hear that! Part of my solution to that was keep the pieces in a metal box, so they stick to it. It doesn’t really help with the rubber shoes etc.

  14. stacey Says:

    i used the china-made excuse ages ago, but i never really liked them before anyway!

  15. Jessica Says:

    I like them. I have none, though. Well, no girls either. But I have seen so much fun with them. I think it is key to not give them to girls that are too little/immature. Also key is having a special specific place for peices. Beyond that, your loss is the vacuums gain.

  16. jubilee Says:

    There’s always a caveat to a great toy, isn’t there? Don’t have any PP yet, but we do have a Barbie wardrobe scattered (flung?) across the living room on any given day.

  17. Ginny Says:

    My daughter loves these! I don’t give her all the shoes & accessories though. That helps keep down some of the problems with these little things!

  18. Irene Says:

    Yeah, those shoes and purses are ridiculous. After finding them in the carpet about 2 dozen times, I finally toss them. My kids usually never play with them anyway, just the clothes. But, like you said, the kids love them so they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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