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Things I Love Thursday- Hillshire Farm Deli Wraps February 20, 2008

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deliwrap.jpg I have mentioned before my love/hate relationship with lunch. I just dread noon time everyday cause I have to try and feed the kids while making something for me to eat and do it all before the naptime meltdown.

So imagine my delight when I was asked to try the new Hillshire Farm Deli Wraps. These babies make lunch time a no brainer. Each kit contains enough to make 2 sandwiches, but I only needed one with some fruit to fill me for lunch. The wrap consists of meat, cheese, tortilla and dressing. They can be eaten hot or cold, but I preferred mine after a quick zap in the microwave.

Note to the Hillshire Farm people, your website is I think that is a little creepy. Especially, the girl who jumps up and yells go meat when the page loads. Someone might want to rethink the Go Meat theme. Just my humble little opinion…thank God it’s is some good meat.


5 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday- Hillshire Farm Deli Wraps”

  1. jubilee Says:

    It must be some kind of meat to overshadow those unsettling commercials. 🙂
    Are the kits worth the price, do you think?

  2. Chandra Says:

    I’ve been thinking about trying these. Glad to know they’re alright! I’ll add one to my grocery list and give it a try.

  3. Char Says:

    I went just to see – and yes, the GO MEAT chanting is a little creepy!

  4. Courtney Says:

    oh my word! I think you just found my new favorite thing! I never know what to do for lunch and this looks perfect! somewhat healthy and portable. YAY!!!

  5. CoCo Says:

    Dad ate the ones you gave him and was raving about them

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