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I got a Fever…and even cowbell won’t work March 3, 2008

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flu-baby.jpg Ok, first off, if you do not know to what this title refers, than it is official, we cannot be friends. Now onto our regularly scheduled post. I am going to let you all in on a little secret. Do you know what my least favorite part of being a stay at home mom is? The staying at home. Seriously can’t stand being stuck within these 4 walls. We have a perfectly lovely home and enough toys to keep my kids entertained until Jesus returns, but I just get this awful cooped up feeling if I am trapped inside for too long. Some women say this is the reason why they return to the workforce. To be completely honest, for me, the thought of that is even worse.

So we are pretty “on the go” people. I go to the gym a lot (or some weeks a little, who am I kidding), I have MOPS, my playgroup, Moms Club, dance for Lily, the library, random errands, whatever. Sometimes, I do just like to hang out at home, I just don’t like to be forced to stay at home. Which brings me to my latest dilemma.

Hannah has had a fever since last Wednesday. It has never really gotten much over 100, actually I think it hit 101 once, but it is mostly hanging out in the high 99s, low 100s. Snotty nose, yucky cough, crabby, clingy baby. Enough symptoms to not be able to pass her off as a healthy child at the gym daycare or nursery at church. So this leaves me at home for, count ’em, 6 DAYS!!

I remember the first day of the illness that will never end (as it has affectionately become known). I told someone, “It’s kind of nice when they’re sick cause they get all cuddly and cute.” Now on day 6, I feel as though I have grown an extra appendage and I can assure you, I did not need to add on 25 extra pounds. Lily is not getting near enough attention which is causing her to seek out any kind of attention she can get. Good, bad, ugly, who cares, it’s attention.

We took Hannah to the doctor this weekend cause I could have sworn she was exhibiting classic signs of an ear infection. Nope. Never have I been more disappointed that my child did not have an ear infection cause that meant we couldn’t get some drugs that would do something, anything, to put an end to this thing. So the doctor said not to let her out around other children until she had been fever free for 24 hours. Wanna know when her fever made an appearance today? 7 pm. It teased me all day with visions of leaving my house tomorrow and re-entering the land of the living only to dash my hopes minutes before I put her to bed.

I know that you, out in the blogosphere, feel my pain. I see your status updates on Facebook. You too have sick kids. It seems every blog I have read lately has talked about some random illness or another. Maybe I should Lysol down the laptop before surfing around the web. This bug is everywhere and never ending. And you know what, the second I take her out again, you know we’re just going to pick up some other bug and get pulled right back in again. Once we get over this thing, I am going to wrap my kids in saran wrap, put on a surgical mask and spray Lysol at anyone who comes within 5 feet of me or my children. I’ll be the coolest mom at library storytime. Who cares? At least I’ll be out of the house.


18 Responses to “I got a Fever…and even cowbell won’t work”

  1. lifeafterbaby Says:

    I have been in for weeks. We have been paying preschool tuition so that I can stay home with my kids because they are sick–it drives me crazy. And yesterday I was so freakin’ frustrated that I did literally disinfect my laptop. Yesterday we took Liam to the doc to find he has Scarlet Fever–he has to have 24 hours of meds in him before he can be around other kids, so that means I’m home with him again today. Sigh. I think I need to start wearing scrubs around the house because I sure feel like one of the characters on Grey’s Anatomy pulling a week’s worth of 18 hour shift…minus the random gratuitous sex in the supply room, of course.

  2. momtotwoboys Says:

    I feel your pain! M has had a fever ranging from 100 to 103.7 since Saturday morning, with no other symptoms like a runny nose, stomach ache, sore throat, etc. Went to the doctor and were told to just continue treating the fever and push fluids, which is waht I expected to be told. But we are definitely going stir crazy!

  3. Britni Says:

    I’m at work and my boss has bronchitis and another guy has the flu. But they are both here. I think the being at home option sounds great to me right now, but I don’t have a sick kid to worry about! Good luck 🙂

  4. canearl Says:

    I totally get you on this. I like to be on the go too and having sick kids sucks the life out of me. I hope that she’s feeling better really soon :).

  5. Tara Says:

    I’d better not say out loud that we’ve been fortunate enough to have missed the creeping crud. Head out to Walmart. Those carts and aisles have already seen the crud, so you won’t be infecting anyone new. And you never know what you’ll find on clearance that you need! 🙂

  6. Janis Says:

    I sooo know what you are feeling. My three kids have been passing this fever around for 13 days. Yes, almost two weeks of this has me almost to the point of putting the whole house in a bubble. When is it going to be summer?????

  7. Jenn Says:

    Six kids and they’ve SLOWLY given each other strep (and my husband and myself). Thankfully I’ve managed to disappear after hubs gets home a few nights. I have also pretty much rearranged the entire house!

  8. wearethatfamily Says:

    I feel your pain! We went thru the same things for 7 straight days. It was horrible. But it will end. And then you’ll get it. Ooops! I didn’t mean to type that. Sorry.

  9. skiplovey Says:

    Oh I go crazy too if I have to stay in the house too long. And this winter has been the worst for colds, flus and other maladies. Hope you’re all feeling better soon.

  10. Chandra Says:

    It’s awful when the tiny ones are sick! Hubby and I have been taking turns breaking free (he works from home) so we can get some kind of break from the madness. I hope you get a break soon!

  11. Heather Says:

    I need more cowbell! (can we still be friends?)

    Please keep your germs on your side of the internet. Thank the good Lord, we’re healthy.

  12. Jessica Says:

    My daughter has had the fever since Saturday, too! I missed church and the Sunday night youth meeting (my hubby is the youth minister) and that is the high-light if my week. Teen girls help you forget about the Mommy world for just a little because they still find something that they like about you (your lip gloss, shoes–the stuff you only put on for them nowadays). They also think you’re the best mom in the world so it gives you a boost (little do they know that I get excited about coupons and the Spanish word of the day on Sesame Street so I can learn something).

  13. Sally Says:

    I really want to be your friend, but I have no idea what the cowbell thing is you are talking about. Maybe since I left a comment you’ll reconsider!

  14. Mary Says:

    I found your blog thru my friend, Krysty at Left Bower.

    Everybody has been sick. My hubby left Wed for Seattle for a week!! Of course, during the day my throat started hurting. My oldest got off the bus with sore throat, fever, aches. Went to the pediatrician and yes it is strep!! She even treats me. Thank goodness!! So here I am with a 104 temp taking care of 3 kids by myself. At 1a.m. Saturday morning I get up fix a shot of KY Bourbon and honey. My dad always told me it worked and that it was good for the ears too!! So I got a dropper and use it!! It soothed my pain.

    When I complained to my husband He reminded me that they and I will get over it. He is a surgeon and quickly reminded me that a little fever, sore throat, and stuck in the home is better than a hospital. I quickly told him “you owe me one!!”

    So, you like Christopher Walken? I use that line with my hubby, “I need more cowbell.”

  15. Jeana Says:

    You know what you need to do to enjoy staying at home more? Really explore the space.

    Stick with me and I’ll have you poopin’ in gold diapers.

  16. UGH! I know how you feel both my boys and I were sick for 3 weeks with the nasty of nastys cold. I had no voice for a month! Not fun at all!

  17. adventuremom Says:

    I have no idea what your cowbell’s are refering too but when we got the illness in my house I cleaned everything with bleach and sprayed Lysol on everything and even opened all the windows in the bedroom to air out the rooms. It was gone in a week and knock on wood, has not returned.

  18. Leigh Says:

    I love that your a mom that uses facebook. lol…very cool

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