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Now if I could just find some sparkly red shoes March 9, 2008

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  1. When you lose an hour because of Daylight Savings Time, but lose said hour when you are in a time zone that is 1 hour behind your own, is it possible to get much more screwed up with when you should be eating meals and going to sleep. Cause I am pretty sure I ate lunch at 10:15 in the morning this morning.
  2. How much of a rockstar is my husband that when I came home from being out of town for 3 days, the house was clean, the kids were bathed, the dishes were all done and the laundry was done. I am leaving more often 🙂
  3. There is a party going on and I am thoroughly missing it. I PROMISE I will come look at the blogs of all the wonderful bloggers who have stopped by mine and left such nice comments. I just thought it might be a tad rude to walk in the door, peck my hubby and kids on the cheek and retreat with the laptop. Anywho, if you are a new, regular reader, I could not be happier about that. I still love all you old faithfuls too.
  4. I did not find it rude however to immediately run to Walgreens as soon as the kids were in bed to spend the rebate gift card that came in the mail while I was gone. I bought like $50 worth of stuff and ended up being owed $9.50 in rebates without spending anything out of pocket except some pocket change. To say I was a bit excited is the understatement of the year.
  5. That Dorothy sure knew of which she spoke. The cool thing was-this weekend, I got to discover that in two different ways. Still seeing that man of mine and those 2 beautiful girls trumps a Maid-rite any day.

7 Responses to “Now if I could just find some sparkly red shoes”

  1. Summer Says:

    Oh man, I wish my hubby would miraculously clean the whole house for me sometime. I think he did it once, a long time ago…

  2. Britni Says:

    I’m with you on the Daylight Savings thing. I had a 7:00 AM flight from Kansas City to DC Sunday morning so I got up at 5:30 AM (which was really like 4:30 AM because of DST) and flew to DC which is an hour ahead anyways. So basically I lost two hours of my life in less than three hours. Needless to say I passed out on the bed at noon yesterday and slept for three hours… then couldn’t go to bed last night. Hopefully I’ll get back on schedule soon.

  3. Happy home-coming! It’s always good to get away, but better to come home. Party on!

  4. Char Says:

    Man – I never get to come home to a clean house when I go away (even for just one night). How do you do it – I know, I bet it’s hypnosis, or maybe it’s that 30 day challenge you’ve been working on!

  5. misty Says:

    I have never had a rebate check come back… I get all the bad luck! (your husband IS a rockstar!)

  6. SAHMmy Says Says:

    #2–Total Rockstar! Go hubby!

  7. Kati Says:

    aren’t rebate checks wonderful?!! I’m waiting for mine from AT&T!

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