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Things I Love Thursday- MY NEW LAPTOP!!!!! March 12, 2008

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laptop.jpg “Say Hello To My Little Friend.” I have my very own laptop! Not my hubby’s that I have to steal from him for the night. My own! Can you tell by the plethora of exclamation points how excited I am? Now the hubby and I can sit next to each other on the couch with our respective laptops and blog away. Without any of that annoying “How long until I can have that?” “Are you done yet?” “Can you make sure Rocks In My Dryer hasn’t posted WFMW yet?” “She has!!” “You made me miss out posting!!!!” “You’re hogging that thing!!!!!!!” I am just hypothesizing about possible conversations of course.

The only downside…Windows Vista. Weird and takes getting used to. Solitare is very animated with cartoon like cards. I didn’t pay for Office so I miss that. Otherwise a big, big, big fan. And I have been trying to make a very conscious effort to not completely ignore my husband and kids. The jury is still out on that one. I am trying people. But it is here, in the living room (kitchen, family room) all the time. Starring at me. Begging me to come check my email or read a blog. It taunts me. Is there some sort of support group for this?


15 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday- MY NEW LAPTOP!!!!!”

  1. Ha, I know the feeling. We have 2 computers already and are fighting over those. But yet, I still want a laptop so I can watch tv and blog. 🙂 If life were only that grand….

  2. kailani Says:

    Congratulations! I feel like I spend more time with my family since I got my laptop. At least I can be in whatever room they’re in now. 🙂

  3. Tammy Says:

    Congratulations! I’ve been wanting a laptop for ages now but am honestly afraid to get one…I spend so much darn time on this computer as it is…. I’m afraid with a laptop I’ll be sucked even further into this blogosphere!

  4. Janis Says:

    Congrats! What a wonderful purchase! I have a desktop and hubby has a laptop, but I love to curl up on the couch with his computer. I need one of my own, too!LOL

  5. Phyllis Says:

    I so KNOW what you are experiencing. Hubby picked out a PINK one for me for Mother’s Day last year. It has become an appendage. I seriously can’t imagine life without it.

    But. I’m with you on Vista. There are some things about it that I really don’t like had to just learn to live with them. It doesn’t help matters that hubby had a totally different OS and can’t always help me figure things out. (I get around on the internet great, but the files in my own computer…not so much).

    Anyway, enjoy it!! =)

  6. Congratulations! I know how you feel. It is a VERY big deal. Watch how protective you become of it. I have BITTEN THE VERY HEADS off of family members for tampering.

  7. Thou Shalt Not Covet, Thou Shalt Not Covet, Thou Shalt Not Covet.

    I’m really happy for you! I think that it’s better if I keep the desk-top. I’d hole up in my room all day if I had a lap top. Might not be so good for the kids :).

  8. stacey Says:

    so cool! have fun!!

  9. Jessica Says:

    Enjoy! We have a lovely laptop also. But… not wireless. So much for sitting in couch-ly comfort and surfing the blogsphere.

  10. Britni Says:

    Yay that’s pretty exciting! I have two computers of my own actually… my husband has his new laptop for law school, and I’ve got my old laptop and his desktop. Too bad neither of them are new or exciting 😦

  11. Becky Says:

    You are not alone. My fiance has threatened to password protect my computer so I can’t stay up late checking blogs after he leaves my place. 🙂 I don’t think we’d be good support group partners. 🙂

  12. Toni Says:


    I haven’t had any big problems with Vista yet. However, sometimes when something won’t download the first time or the Internet closes and restarts by itself I wonder, is it the ghost of Windows past or is it Vista…

  13. Char Says:

    If there is a support group will you let me know! My biggest tip is however not to let your new love take over your life too much and interupt your new challenge. Some nights even though we sit next to one another we still don’t have many meaningful conversations.

  14. phil Says:

    hey, for a free office solution that can open and save in MS office format, check out, it’s a good substitute.

  15. adventuremom Says:

    I bring my work laptop home and our living rooms looks like a meeting room of the minds in the evening.

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