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Works For Me Wednesday- Rubber Ducky You’re The One March 18, 2008

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worksformewednesday.jpg  So I haven’t been feeling up to par the last few days. Tired, a bit lightheaded, stomach-achey, even a little nauseous. If I didn’t know better I would think I was having morning sickness. But I know better so don’t get excited. Anyway, I am sick of being sick and tonight felt like I was in need of some pampering. Which is odd cause I have been getting a fair amount it at the spa. But I needed pampering of the home brewed kind. So I announced to the family that I was going to be taking a bubble bath and needed them too all STAY AWAY!

So here are my tips for a fabulous relaxing time in your tubby.

  1. Set the mood:Hopefully your bathroom has a dimmer switch so you can dim the lights a bit. Nobody needs harsh lighting while in the buff after bearing 2 children (can I get an Amen?). Candles are much better. Smelly candles are even better cause sometimes, let’s be frank, a bathroom just don’t smell so great. Put on some classical music or Enya type stuff (or Yanni if he doesn’t creep you out too much).
  2. Bubble up the tub: Your options are endless. You can go old school , fizzy, luxurious or even dirty. You can try bath salts if you don’t like actual bubbles (but I will have to declare you crazy). There are just a bazillion recipes on the internet for make your own salts, fizzies and bubble bath if you are handy with Google.
  3. Get yourself a bath pillow:Mine is an aromatherapy one the leaves my neck tingly and smells purty. If your thrifty, you can make your own. There is nothing like laying on a hard ceramic tub to put a crink in your neck so make sure if nothing else you put a towel under your head.
  4. Lock your door: This is a late edition to the list. Otherwise you might have a 4 year old popping in every few seconds.  “What are you doing? Why are you taking a bath? Can I take one with you? How much longer? Will you come play with me? How come I can’t have bubbles?” Yeah, not so headache relieving. Plus your husband may poke his head in a few times to remember what you look like naked.
  5. Bonus tip: Chocolate and a glass of red always make for a better day. How relaxed you become depends on how much you partake. Ahem.

Don’t you deserve a “Calgon take me away” evening? Get those bath toys out of the tub and hop yourself in.

For more Works For Me Wednesday tips head over to Rocks In My Dryer.


12 Responses to “Works For Me Wednesday- Rubber Ducky You’re The One”

  1. Britni Says:

    I love baths, especially the first ten minutes when the water is extremely hot and relaxing.

  2. I really need to get a neck pillow! You’re right — that’s the worst when you have to lean on the actual tub.

  3. What a fantastic idea. I forgot that moms can take baths too. Honestly, it’s been a few years since I have. (I do shower every day though, really I do!) I just may have to do this. Thanks!

  4. maudie Says:

    I love baths myself, I take one every morning and I meet my daily date in my bath–it’s my quiet time with the Lord. So don’t forget an inspirational book for your bath time!

  5. Kelly Says:

    Thanks for reminding me to enjoy a bath every once in a while. Great tips, too!

  6. Tammy Says:

    You made that sound so nice…I have a jetted tub in our bathroom and I don’t use it nearly enough. I think I’ll have to soak for awhile tonight! Thank you!

  7. marquita Says:

    My favorite part is the chocolate, and the…ahem : >

  8. joy Says:

    oh man i love me a good bath! valentines was the last time i took one, i even have one of those jets you hook to the bath tub with suction cups. soo nice. Thanks for the reminder tho. i’m over due for another

  9. My bath and me-we’re like this (crossed-fingers). You’ve got it down pat, I’d say. Relax away and feel better soon!

  10. adventuremom Says:

    I tried taking a bath at the end of my pregnancy. It was such a joke and I could not wait to turn the hot tub back on. You will have to come over 😉

  11. Some day my bath will come!! We ordered a nice new jacuzzi tub for our new master bath. Until then. I’m destined to take a bath in a teeny tub in the kid’s bathroom surrounded by fish and seahorses!

  12. SAHMmy Says Says:

    I don’t think I’ve taken a bath since my first baby was born over four years ago. Sounds divine.

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