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I Am The Easter Bunny (without the creepy costume) March 23, 2008

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easter-bunny.jpg So let me be clear, we aren’t big promoters of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. We do them, we just don’t make a huge deal out of them. We have actually been conflicted as to even acknowledge them at all, but for now, we are. So we have a main dish of Jesus’ birth and resurrection with a small side of the make believe costumed people. Do you know what that means? I am the Easter Bunny…if you’re a mom, doesn’t that just blow your mind?!

I still remember discovering my mom was the Easter bunny. While looking for cedar chips to change my hamster’s cage, I stumbled upon a huge cache of candy. Suddenly the pieces all came together. I had suspected due to some rumors around school, but I was saddened nonetheless. So I immediately ran and spoiled it for my younger brother. Cause that is what being the oldest is all about. 

So, this morning I awoke at the crack of dawn and put candy all over my living room. Apparently when I was buying candy I thought I had 9 kids cause I have 3 full bags or candy that I didn’t even open. And 5 that are 50% full. And I gave my kids way too much candy. Cause I needed to use up some of these bags. So I wouldn’t eat them (although it is possible I still am sneaking candy out of the kid’s baskets). This is the dark side of CVSing that nobody warns you about.

I am a very sucky Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. I spent the morning telling my kids about the Easter candy that they missed and saying things like, “I think I put a few more over there.” Thankfully my kids were too busy shoving chocolate in their face to notice. I am no better at Santa. After they open a present I say things like, “Yeah I thought you might really like that book….uh I mean Santa thought.”

Thankfully I haven’t had to be Tooth Fairy yet. I will probably trip while sneaking the tooth out from under the pillow, waking up my child who will catch me with the dollar in my hand. Then I will confess the whole thing. Yeah, you should probably keep me away from your children.


10 Responses to “I Am The Easter Bunny (without the creepy costume)”

  1. Georgia Mom Says:

    That cracked me up!!! I’m not a fan of either, as well. I’ve never told them about the Easter Bunny. They’ve always known it was us that gave them the baskets. Thankfully we don’t own 30 DVD’s that talk about the Easter Bunny. But, Santa is just too big to fight. So, I play along. I’m terrible too. I’m sure my kids will catch on soon since I’ve made that slip up about a 100 times. “I got that for you on that trip last summer”. Oops! “I knew you would like that”. Oops! I’m with you on that one! Glad your kids liked all that candy!


    Its such a short lived world of magic, why not enjoy it to the fullest? They have plenty of years to hear about all the “real” meanings. We do present our children with the true meanings, its also fun for just a moment in time, a couple times a year, to step into their world of make believe and amazement. I think sometimes we tend to forget the fun side and they are only little once.

  3. Kristi Says:

    The tooth fairy…My daughter just found one of her teeth that she lost. I had put it in my jewelry box and forgot about it. Yeah, she found it so I had to make something up. I had told her that the tooth fairy takes your teeth and leaves you something. My new story was that the tooth fairy lets us keep the first tooth that falls out because it is such a big milestone. She understood. She told me she thinks the tooth fairy builds castles with all the teeth she collects. Hmm…interesting thought!

  4. Char Says:

    The tooth fairy is actually easier than I thought it would be.

  5. Britni Says:

    You think maybe one day the kids will actually be not too busy looking for the candy to care that you’re telling them. Hey who knows that the Easter Bunny didn’t tell you exactly where to hide the eggs/candy?

  6. I’m pretty bad at all of the above too. Who knew parenting would involve SO much lying?

    My kids both lost a tooth last week and they wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy asking for pixie dust. I gotta get them out of public school.

  7. canearl Says:

    It does blow my mind that we’re the Easter Bunny and Santa. We keep it really low key too. It always trips me out when I think about how my parents did that stuff for me and now I’m doing it for my kids.

  8. Tammy Says:

    Try explaining to a very disappointed 7 year old how the Toothfairy forgot….just forgot….

    He’s my second and so with the 1st one already having lost 10 or so teeth it’s hard for the “toothfairy” to remember err….stay awake until the time he finally falls asleep. I’m really in trouble when the 3rd starts losing her teeth!

  9. stacey Says:


    i love traditions, so i probably play up each holiday more than you, but i am always pleased when i hear the kids make remarks regarding Jesus as He relates to whatever holiday we are on. then i know they are still getting the true meaning!

    enjoy your candy!

  10. jubilee Says:

    We had our first visit from the tooth fairy this week. And she almost blew it by tripping over toys. She also almost gouged out the eyes of the child in question while making the attempt to reach under his pillow. It was dark. Apparently, the tooth fairy is long on arms and short on eyesight. Said child was delighted in the morning. Though how he still believes in the tooth fairy and not the easter bunny or santa, I, I mean, the tooth fairy, will never know. I think I just created my post for today. Thanks!

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