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Things I Love Thursday- Arbonne Skin Care March 26, 2008

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arbonne.jpg A friend of mine who is also an independent Arbonne consultant recently asked me to review some products from their skincare line. I was all to happy to oblige. Cause I have been dealing with some breakouts lately. Like I am 13 again. What is up with that???? Well, I am happy to report that thanks to Arbonne, they are almost completely gone (I am not going to lie, I have some pesky hold outs).

Arbonne’s products are developed in Switzerland, made with natural ingredients, never tested on animals and formulated without any animal products or by-products. Their products also don’t contain mineral oil, dyes or chemical fragrances. I also can report that they smell good despite the fact they don’t add chemical fragrances. I was given the NutriMinC® RE9® line to try. It is their anti-aging line so I fully expect after I few more months of use I will look 13 again, minus the zits.

Now, I am not going to lie, these products are pricey. Not too bad, just like higher end department store lines. But the upside is they are really concentrated so you don’t need very much each use. Which means, if you do it right, you should be able to make these last a long time. Also if you want to become a consultant yourself, you can get all the products at a discount. You can get your own account for $29 for the first year and $15 each year after that. You can work it just like a Costco membership.

Which brings me to my next point. Arbonne isn’t sold in stores. It is sold by independent consultants. You can be very successful selling for extra income as a stay at home mom if you are interested. My understanding is that it doesn’t take a lot of time and you can make decent money. If you are interested in either the products or being a consultant I would love it if you contacted my friend Adorawho was kind enough to hook me up with the samples. I hear that if you sell enough you get a white Mercedes which beats a pink Cadillac anyday (and buy that I mean no offense to you lovely Mary Kay sales ladies, I love my Mary Kay lipgloss).


9 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday- Arbonne Skin Care”

  1. thecharacter Says:

    I use ARBONNE!! I used it first and then became a seasonal consultant to get the discount. Plus at Christmas you can not beat the deals for gifts that they offer. My family loves to get the sea salt scrubs, lotions, and such. Much cheaper than other pricey stores. Plus plus plus they come in medium/small containers so you can give one person two scents if you so desire! Anyway, they have many wonderful things. Let us know how your skin improves.

  2. I’ve always wondered what that was. Hmmm…I’ve seen stickers on cars. It sounds divine.

  3. Britni Says:

    I went to an Arbonne party and loved the stuff. When I’m old and rich I’ll get some.

  4. Shell Says:

    Yep. I fell in love with their products last year. I had no intention of getting involved with a network marketing company, even though I used to teach on this very subject.

    I had gone back into the research end of MLM as the market I dealt with was in Europe so I began looking at the US market as I moved from Europe to NC.

    It just shows you the opportunities that are around every corner. It was my hairdresser gave some of the skin-care line to me. I said as a ‘customer’ it was phenominal. I used to use Clinique, which is great, but hand on heart I see better results with Arbonne.

    I don’t know if Adora has any reps in NC but if not I’d be more than happy to point people in the right direction through the moderator.

    Kind regards,

    Michele (Shell)

  5. Auntie S Says:

    I just started using Arbonne a couple months ago. I signed up as a consultant so I get the products at a discount.

  6. stacey Says:

    What fun to pop on and see my favorite color orange! I have run my Arbonne biz for 3 years this month and continue to be impressed daily! I love sharing the products and if someone wants to know more about the biz that can come after they fall in love with the products! With your own number, you can actually get products from 35-80% off even if you are just in it for the great products!

    That was so sweet of you to do that for your friend!

  7. Why do you keep saying “i’m not going to lie”? That makes me think you’re lying…

  8. Traci Says:

    I was wondering how to get in touch with Shell. I would love to discuss the network marketing industry with her. I have never meet anyone (besides paid speakers) who have studied MLM.
    I can be reached at Thank you for your consideration.

  9. Great work. Enjoyed reading your blog.

    Keep up the good work.

    Dianne Gilbertson
    Dianne’s Skin Care”

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