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Frugal Fridays- Pay In Full March 27, 2008

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frugal-friday-2-736462.png So I did it. I signed Lily up for kindergarten next year and wrote the enrollment check. We are doing Christian school next year which will require some financial sacrifice, but we are so thrilled with the school, we are all about doing whatever we need to to make this our school home. So I am sure from now until August you will hear me freaking out about this. Actually, not the money, but that my little baby girl is going to kindergarten. Yes, there will be crying and clinging and freaking out. Me, not her. She will be like “See Ya!!” I will be in a heap.

So anyway, I noticed when I was looking over the enrollment info that there is a discount if you pay the whole year upfront by July 1. It isn’t a huge discount, but I am never one to turn down a discount if at all possible. So we will be paying upfront to keep a small amount of the tuition to ourselves. This got me to thinkin. One time I had a medical bill that was quite large. I am pretty sure there was some painful pushing out a child involved. Anyway, when I called to set up a payment plan, the woman told me if I wanted to pay the whole bill upfront, there would be a 20% discount on my amount owed. Bingo! Done and done.

So if you are staring at a large sum of money you owe on a bill, it never hurts to ask if they will reduce the bill if you pay it all in full upfront. I am pretty confident this won’t work on a bill that earns interest cause let’s be honest, they want that interest to accumulate, but I guess you could always ask. The worst they can say is no and you look like an absolute fool 🙂

Has this ever worked for you? I am curious to know what kind of bills this works for so I can get put my haggling skills to work. My skills are a little rusty from a winter without garage sales, but the church rummage sale season starts tomorrow so you can bet I will be back in shape soon. That and in line when the clock strikes 9. I am getting a little butterfly in my tummy just thinking about it. Perhaps I need a little more excitement in my life?

For more frugal tips, head over here.


15 Responses to “Frugal Fridays- Pay In Full”

  1. Tasha Via Says:

    That is pretty cool=)

  2. Heather Says:

    Thanks for the reminder!
    I need to check with my daughter’s preschool to get the date for discounted pre-pay! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I would have forgotten.

    In our experience, doctors are especially willing to give a discount when they’ve already been paid by insurance and our balance due is co-pay.


  3. Jennifer Says:

    My Dentist does this. They figure out what my insurance will pay, and if I pay the balance all up front, I get like a 4% or 5% discount. Not much but its something!

  4. Georgia Mom Says:

    The school tuition is a great one! We always paid ours in full and it could be pretty decent savings. Now you have to actually have the money to pay it up front, but it’s nice not having to remember to make that payment each month and saving that money. We always pay up front, unless we can get a no interest loan for it, then we use that. I’d rather have my money than them!

  5. Shell Says:

    I do this with my 3 year olds dance school so I’m sure it could be done for other activities.

    Sometimes the savings are only 10% but better in my pocket than theirs…right?


  6. the character Says:

    Believe it or not if you have cash and need new furniture, they are willing to go way down on their price if you can pay in full. I had a friend that got a leather seated couch that was $2000.00 b/c she had cash she only paid $1200.00. Now that is some haggling. Anyway, I have done it with furniture, hospital bills, credit card companies, and computers. It all comes down to cash cash cash and some skills. I love this topic!!! Thanks for bringing it to the top!

  7. lifeafterbaby Says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who does this. Dan thinks it is shameful and gets embarrassed and leaves the when I am haggling on prices. And come try to haggle your way down on prices at MY garage sale. I rarely, if ever, let them talk me down. I usually up-sell! Or people come back the next day and buy it full price after thinking it over.

    Seriously though, it’s a great reminder not to just close your eyes and write checks. Always ask if paying in cash or paying in full will get you a discount.

  8. Britni Says:

    There are a lot of things like this for me including car insurance, health insurance, etc. If you just pay the whole year’s premium up front it’s a little cheaper. It’s not normally worth it to me but sometimes.

  9. I agree with Britni, I do this for my home and auto insurance. I even think our trash bin was discounted because we paid for the year (?).

  10. joy Says:

    kindergarden! oh my gosh i think i’ll die next year when she just goes to preschool. Congrats on this new stage in her life and thanks for the tips.

  11. katmaxx Says:

    My kid’s orthodontist does this. You get 10% off the bill for paying your share after insurance in full. You get 20% the 2nd kid’s set for doing this.

  12. My FIL had quintuple bypass surgery YEARS ago. He received his FIRST bill with one of those trying-to-courteous-but-not-at-all-courteous “pay this because it’s late” notices. He called to tell them that it wasn’t late, he had only been released from the hospital a few days, but he would be glad to pay it in full as soon as he could write the check. At this point, they offered him 25% off the full bill if he paid it over the phone with his credit card.

    This, like your bill, was a very high medical one. Thankfully, he had a credit card with a high limit.

  13. Yes, medical bills are a good place to start with the paid in full discount. On the other hand, if they refuse to work with me (only medical, not everyone else!) and discount a paid in full price, suddenly I am only able to pay $25 a month. I paid off the anesthesiologist for Maybelle’s birth a month after she turned 2.

    My car insurance does this too, and so does City water and trash.

  14. mytotalchaos Says:

    I’m just not a haggler…. as much as I wish I could be it just doesn’t come out the way it needs to in order to be effective for me. However, I think over the phone I would be much better at it so I could work the doctor/hospital bills on that one. Thanks for the tip!

  15. jubilee Says:

    My cousin once paid for a brand new car with cash. And received a substantial discount. The best part was that he haggled them waaaaaaay down before mentioning that he had cash to pay with up front. I don’t know may people who can buy a brand new car with cash though . . .

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