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Frugal Fridays- Save at the Pump April 3, 2008

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frugal-friday-2-736462.png I was inspired by a post at my friend Jenna’s blog about how to help save on gas. I thought I would add my 2 cents to help you save a few cents.

  1. Keep your tires inflated: Under inflated tires can lower gas mileage by 0.4 percent. Check your manual to see the proper inflation and head to the air pump. With any luck you will find one that is free. You can save up to 10 cents a gallon.
  2. Stay on top of oil changes: Make sure you are using the correct oil for your car or you could reduce your fuel mileage by 1-2 percent. Most oil change places will also give your car a once over which could help them spot…
  3. Change your air filter: A clogged air filter may cost you up to a 10 percent loss in gas mileage. These are really easy to buy and replace yourself and that should save you some money when you are getting your oil change.
  4. Don’t top off your gas: Is this extremely difficult for anyone else? I just really like round numbers. The automatic shut off is there for a reason. Most likely that extra gas you add is just going to seep out. Just thinking about it makes me twitch a little.
  5. Tighten up your gas cap: I read that 147 million gallons of gas evaporates every year cause people aren’t tightening their caps. (If only there was a cap for people)
  6. Drive the speed limit: Did you know that for every 5 mph you drive above 60 mph you are paying an additional $0.10 per gallon for gas. If I do all the others can I still speed?

Of course there are all the oldies but goodies. Walk more, drive less, carpool, take public transportation. Sometimes those are easier said than done, but something to always keep in mind. I know I am having trouble with the gas budget right now so I need any help I can get. Any other tips I missed?

For more tips on being frugal, head over to Biblical Womanhood.


10 Responses to “Frugal Fridays- Save at the Pump”

  1. Niki Says:

    Great tips!


  2. lifeafterbaby Says:

    Thanks Jill! Seriously, the gas cap for people would be a top seller…

  3. Chandra Says:

    I just had 2 tires fixed with slow leaks! How much money should I start saving?

    Thanks for the tips!

  4. Donielle Says:

    Not topping of is soooo hard! Gotta love those round numbers! I’ll actually stop it before it clicks off if I can.
    I know, I’m such a dork!

    Great tips, thanks!

  5. Well, you can do what I do….stay home! 🙂 We have a grocery store within walking distance, and my husband bikes to work.

    The car actually doesn’t get used too much, which is good, because the gas prices kill me!

  6. Britni Says:

    Places like Costco and Sam’s Club sell gas normally for about 10 cents cheaper for members. That’s almost worth buying a yearly membership for me just to save money on the gas. It definitely helps the gas budget.

  7. Stacey Says:

    Great tips! Here are a few more…

    ~Fill up when your gas tank is HALF EMPTY. The more gas you have in your tank, the less air occupying its empty space. Gas evaporates quickly.

    ~Fill up your car or truck in the early morning when the ground temperature is still cold. Remember that all service stations have their storage tanks buried below ground. The colder the ground the more dense the gasoline. When it gets warmer gasoline expands, so buying in the afternoon or in the evening….your gallon is not exactly a gallon.

  8. CC Says:

    I’m so bad at most of these! Aack. I need to work on car maintenance more!

  9. erin g Says:

    If only there were a cap for people??? HA HA I’m still laughing about this one! 🙂

  10. Ms Peters Says:

    …whatever happened to those days of full service gas stations? They would do all that stuff for you – fill up the tank, check the tire pressure, check the oil… it was much easier then.

    Since you are all giving out these great ideas, I thought that maybe I should share one with you too. A few months ago when I had my Lexus serviced at the dealership, they told me that I should consider installing something called Envirochip on my car. They told me that I could save hundreds of dollars with the device because it allows me to use regular unleaded fuel instead of premium.

    Right now I am saving about $8 a week in gas and I don’t have to do anything. If I remember correctly, the chip doesn’t even have to be replaced for 3 years!

    Now that’s full service!

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