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Spring Has Sprung April 5, 2008

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 Spring is a dicey proposition in Michigan. We can have snowfall well into April. It seems this year spring has been trying to arrive for a while now. Especially since Easter came so early. There was snow on the ground. And my poor girls were shivering in their short sleeved Easter dresses. I feel it is best they learn early that beauty is painful. That will make the brow waxing less of a shock.

Today I feel like spring really arrived. Everywhere you looked you saw it. The last stubborn piles of snow melted away. The birds couldn’t contain their songs. Kids riding bikes and playing catch with their dads. People beginning to assess what yard work needed to be accomplished. Men in shorts and sandals (seriously there are men out there who throw on shorts when it reaches 55 degrees). I sat in the sunroom like a cat absorbing the sun.

My mom used to do a cartwheel on the first day of spring every year (pretty confident she has stopped…Mom?). Isn’t that what spring makes you want to do? We have endured months upon months of cold and yuck and finally the earth wakes up and comes alive again. I much as I sometimes envy (and vacation in) warmer destinations in the winter time, I know in my heart I could never be happy in a place where I couldn’t experience all 4 seasons. Spring, summer and fall make the winter bearable. Plus, rumor has it while we enjoyed 65 degree weather today, all the people on spring break in Florida were greeted with rain. So excuse me while I….na, na, na, na, na, na. Apparently the one thing spring doesn’t bring- maturity.

This post was written for MamaBlogga’s Group Writing Project.


8 Responses to “Spring Has Sprung”

  1. kitchenscrapbook Says:

    Spring in MI sounds alot like Spring in WI… trying to arrive for awhile. This post was refreshing. And outside, it looks promising!

  2. I agree with the 4 seasons. I LOVED living in Georgia and miss it still.. but the anticipation of a well earned spring (or summer or fall, or, well just those three) is worth the wait.

  3. CoCo Says:

    Might try tht cartwheel today??

  4. Ginny Says:

    We had two very nice days this weekend in Michigan. I loved seeing the sun out. My youngest wanted her bathing suit on, lol. Had to tell her not that warm & to expect snow this month still. I think tomorrow is rain by us. We have been getting snow in April for years now, would be nice if this April would be snow free!

  5. Sounds like the end of our winter, too. It snowed yesterday (but the flowers are still blooming!).

    Thanks for participating.

  6. I hear ya about winter/spring in MI. I’m here in central northern MI and we’re in the mud season… ick. I can’t wait until I can see green grass and Technicolor flowers. When I do see those, I might be joining you in the na, na, na… 🙂

    Found you through MamaBlogga’s GWP. It’s nice to read another Michigander blogger. 🙂

    Warm regards,
    Michelle aka The Beartwinsmom

  7. Julie Says:

    I’m orginally from upstate NY where I’ve seen it snow on Mother’s Day and flurries on the 4th of July—no kidding.

    Your mom sounds like so much fun, I love the image of a cartwheel to usher in spring.

    I love your blog, it even feels like spring being here!

  8. Mama Zen Says:

    I couldn’t live anywhere without all four seasons, either!

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