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Things I Love Thursday- Hampton Inn April 9, 2008

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 More travel info from our spring break extravaganza. In the spirit of full disclosure I should note today was not the finest day of travel. The hubby had to work. I think I have failed to mention the reason we are on this trip. My husband essentially has a 10 minute presentation to give in Niagara Falls so we are tagging along. But today I had to drive him 15 minutes to his conference, then 15 minutes back to the hotel so Hannah could nap and Lily could watch 2 hours of TV (I seriously needed some quiet time). Then 15 minutes back to pick him up, and 15 minutes back to the hotel so we could eat dinner. Net out: too much driving around and sitting bored in hotel rooms, not near enough fun being had.

Somehow because Niagara Falls is such a tourist trap the chain restaurants in the area have decided to jack up their prices to ungodly degrees. We ate at Rainforest Cafe last night and our bill came to $75 for 4 of us and there was no appetizers, desserts or alcohol involved. When I spend $75 on a meal there had better be a few glasses of wine involved. Tonight we sat down at TGI Fridays (very briefly) and I realized they were charging $30 for a steak. I am more than willing to pay that for a steak at a high end steakhouse, but at TGI Fridays give me a break. A hamburger was $17. So we left and found a Johnny Rockets with semi-normal prices. And I drowned my sorrows in a Oreo milkshake.

What does this have to do with the topic. Well, the first night of our trip we stayed at a Hampton Inn. This is my second experience with the chain and I am beyond impressed. First of all we got there at night and were greeted by a very friendly staff member and there were fresh cookies waiting for us. Soft, yummy, dried cranberry, white chocolate chip cookies. Then when we got to our very clean, nice room there was a hand signed note from the manager welcoming us to the hotel. Setting next to it…a package of Chips Ahoy cookies. The cookie bonanza would have been enough to make me a fan for life, but there is more.

The wireless internet is free. Note to hotel chains everywhere: I should not have to pay to use the stinkin’ internet at your hotel. Ever. And if you want me to love you, provide me with a lapboard so I can use my laptop in bed while watching the large array of channels you have provided me with. The internet is the key to my heart (that and cookies). Sitting in bed, eating cookies, while surfing the internet is pure bliss.

Then there is the free breakfast. You know how some hotels throw out a pack of doughnuts and call in “continental.” Not here. French toast, sausage, oatmeal, cereal. Hot stuff, cold stuff, well stocked. They even have little bags at the checkout counter that are already packed up for you in case you need your breakfast to go. If you want to eat there, they have a large dining room that is clean and well tended too. And you can eat while reading your USA today which they slip under your door in the morning.

As I said, I think I have only stayed in Hampton Inns twice, but both times my experiences have been above average for a chain in its price range. And it is part of the Hilton chain so you get Hilton points when you stay. The hubby actually had a fair amount of these accumulated so we got the room for free. Bonus! I will be looking for this chain whenever we travel cause it is now my personal fave. It’s all about the cookies people. Check them out!


11 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday- Hampton Inn”

  1. Brother A Says:

    I hate staying at the marriott because they charge $12 a day for internet…it is a scam but they know business travelers will pay it!!!

  2. Georgia Mom Says:

    Great advice! I have stayed at a few Hampton Inn’s and can’t remember if I liked them or not. But, I’m always looking for a sure bet, when it comes to hotels. I hope your trip continues to go well!

  3. Candace (Mama Mia) Says:

    Thanks for the tip. We’ll be staying in a hotel several times when we go to Virginia this summer. I’m going to keep them in mind.

  4. Char Says:

    I think we stayed at a Hampton Inn once out in Maryland – and it was so late when we arrived that they kindly threw in the 2nd night for free even though we didn’t end up staying. Good place!

  5. Beth Says:

    On a recent trip we ended up staying at several Hilton Garden Inns…obviously also a part of the Hilton chain. In this particular area they were running a special so we stayed there for less than the cost of the Hampton Inn. The special included a wonderful breakfast buffet (with a chef cooking eggs to order!) that saved us a ton of money. We would eat “brunch” there every morning and be way too full to eat any lunch. Sometimes had to grab the kids a sandwich or something, but for us adults it was easy to stay full till supper.

    Plus the hotel was so clean and light and airy and pretty…we were traveling in winter to make a somewhat difficult family visit, and having a nice place to come back to at night made life a lot easier.

    I sound like a commercial for Hilton! 🙂

  6. Britni Says:

    I normally stay in Sheratons, but I may have to try out Hampton Inn.

  7. CoCo Says:

    You ate the USA Today????

  8. emilypage Says:

    Did you get the cloud nine bed with the super awesome white, fluffy duvet and all the pillows? I loved their duvet so much, my in-laws bought me one for Christmas last year. Sleeping in their bed was like sleeping on a cloud! You can buy their products at

  9. ivy six-pack Says:

    Headed to Hampton Inn this weekend…ah, glorious comfy bed to myself!!! and cookies! Mmmmmmm

  10. Toni Says:

    Thanks for the tip. However, between the milkshake and cookies – I am now hungry!

  11. Thank you Mrs. Anderson for the wonderful comments that you left about our hotel and staff. Your good word and recommendation means more then any other advertisement. I am very pleased that you enjoyed your staff in Port Huron. I hope to see you again soon!
    Sara Dauphinais
    General Manager
    Hampton Inn Port Huron

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