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Oh Max, you had me at hello April 13, 2008

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 I am a dog person. Nothing against cat people. I don’t for the life of me understand you, but I am sure you are still good folk. I just have always been a dog person. By the way, cats sense this and they stalk me. They crawl up on me and refuse to leave me alone. They are like Hari Krishnas in the airport trying to convert me.

Anyway, I remember having dogs for a lot of my growing up. I just always assumed when I “grew up” I would have one too. Actually I did briefly buy a dog on a whim in graduate school. 3 months and $750 dollars later, I gave him to a family who lived on a farm so I could move to Chicago. I am sure my parents will be leaving a comment on this post detailing the stupidity of this dog ownership decision so I will just leave it at that.

So every once and a while, the hubby and I discuss it. Never with much seriousness because we have 2 toddlers and we like to travel on a whim and who would watch the dog. And who would walk it (the hubby) and take care of it (oh alright, probably the hubby). And we have these 2 little kids who would think it was cool for a while, but it would be just like having another toddler around, except one who is much more likely to poop and pee on the furniture. We are already at high risk for that as it is, so really why add one more stress?

Cause I really, really want a dog sometimes. Not the house covered in dog hair, or the barking, or the caretaking, and especially not the vet stuff. But the snuggling and the cuddling and the curling up on your lap while you blog, that I want. I have this strange affection for pugs. Actually any breed of dog that is so homely it is adorable (bull dogs, boston terriers, etc.). So every once in a blue moon I go lurking around Pet Finder looking at the cute, adoptable dogs just to fulfill my doggy desires. It’s like window shopping for a pet. Looking without any intention to buy.

A couple of days ago, I stumbled upon this:


Ok, seriously. He is a puggle/bulldog mix. Could you just eat him up? And that face is just saying, “Please, please take me home.” And his name is Max which is coincidentally the name of my dog I had for 3 months back in ’99. Man I loved that dog (for 3 months). Do you think it’s a sign? So somebody talk me down off this ledge. Cause I am thinkin’ Max would make a great Mother’s Day present. Or a Scooba. Do you think a Scooba will cuddle with me while I blog?


20 Responses to “Oh Max, you had me at hello”

  1. adventuremom Says:

    Oh he is so precious but… the work a dog takes is so much more than a baby. Just have another baby and the mood for a dog will pass. They are such a nice idea but in reality at least I know we could not handle it with two kids. Cats are easy though 🙂

  2. Michelle Says:

    I too love dogs and am the worst person in the world to talk anyone off as I just adopted Elinore off of petfinder last Sept. and then Manola again off of petfinder and traveling with our already two dog family from KC to north of Minneapolis. Nothing would change my mind or desire to have them and after 2 days of non-stop pee soaking fun, I love little Minnie just as much as I did when I first got her. Their petfider photos are posted on my pics. Lots of work for all that love you get and loyalty and I do not have children and I take all 3 to the office each day so I may not be a great judge! Regardless, love the blog, you had me cracking up again and again.

  3. Oh my gosh, you are making me want a dog even more. I would love to get one, but we are the same way- we just travel on a whim and are never home to play with it. Every time I see a puppy I want to stop and pet it, and my husband will never let me because he knows I’ll get attached. And I love pugs… but I think the puggle/bulldog mix may be the winner.

  4. I have a pug and I love him. They are a lot of work though and shed like crazy. I got a black one because he seems to shed just slightly less than the fawn ones we had when I was younger. Pugs are good lap dogs once they are older and fatter. Mine is 2 1/2 and still has a lot of that puppy energy. If you have kids pugs are great.

  5. M Says:

    Have a black lab. Have three kids. Had the dog before the kids. Dog got attention. Now, dog is lucky she gets feed. Enough said???

    P.S. She is a good dog but it is just one more thing for me to clean up after.

  6. He’s adorable all right. Just remember, it’s hard to conjure up that image when they are peeing on your carpet or destroying your sofa. This is coming from someone who USED to be a dog person.

  7. Olivia Says:

    Don’t do it!
    Murphy won our hearts through with a picture like that. We even drove 3 hours to Duluth, MN to get him.
    You know how I feel about him now. Plus, they told us he was going to be 70 to 80 lbs. Try 110

  8. Brother A Says:

    If you get a dog I will for sure play with it when I visit

  9. erin g Says:

    I’m not talking you off that ledge. A dog is WAY easier than a baby, once they’re crate-trained (then eventually housebroken). There are good doggy day camps all over, so a human weekend away is easy enough (for us anyway). And there are lots of weekends away where it’s very easy to take a pup – camping, the beach, etc. I can’t count the number of times we have found ourselves on the road with a car seat in the middle of the backseat and a pup on either side – i LOVE having my whole family together, all my children… human and canine. So I say go for it. I have never met anyone (though I am sure they’re out there) who got a dog and then claimed a WORSE existence – always better, happier, etc.

  10. CoCo Says:

    OK–this dog is adorable, BUT I have a feeling that the grandparents who live so close and handy would become dog sitters. Not sure how that would go over, but I have been talked into crazier things in my lifetime. P.S. The other Max was such a mistake!!!!


    DO NOT DO IT! You know why…. how many times must I tell you? Go to time out NOW!

  12. Auntie S Says:

    I have never been a dog person. We had one while growing up that was nervous, threw up, peed, and did things on people’s legs. ( I didn’t really know what he was doing until I grew up.) Then my daughters and husband talked me into allowing them to get this cute little puppy for an outside dog. They would feed it, etc. WRONG. Poor Snuggles lived her life on a chain in our backyard. No life, even for a dog! Then our daughter and son-in-law presented us with a granddog. Well, I have grown to love Sophie and even enjoyed petting her while she sat in my lap. My solution – I got a cute, sweet, adorable stuffed dog at our local drug store. His name is Fritz. I can pet him when I need that comfort, but can leave without finding someone to care for him, do not have food or vet bills, and no pee on the carpet!! My mom bought a stuffed dog after my dad died and it was good company for her. I say, “Go with a cute stuffed dog to get your puppy fix.”

  13. Auntie N Says:

    Well, I’m the wrong person to ask. Max is adorable and I don’t think pugs are cute!!! We are dog lovers and can’t imagine life without one. However, be prepared to pay vet bills because dogs are just like kids. We just got done paying for minor surgery at the emergency animal clinic because her anal sacs got impacted (where or where is Brother A when you need him?????) Boy was she in pain for about 3 days. Wish she could talk and tell us when she needs to go to the vet. Love having her snuggle with us, however, she believes she is people and should go with us wherever we go! Has blocked the door a few times!

    Soooooooo, Auntie S is right. So is CoCo and Brother A. Now of course, I’m right too! So, the bottom line is go for whatever works for you! Were behind you all the way, however, the owner cleans up the poop.

    Love ya.

  14. Andrea Says:

    Oh my gosh…so cute! But try to remember, he won’t stay that small. Say it to yourself over and over. Believe me, we have a beautiful golden retriever who was the cutest little pup ever…and then she grew and now she leaves hair everywhere and snores loudly at night. I’m with you 100% on the cat thing…I especially hate when they rub on you (whole body shiver). Hope you can come by sometime…

  15. Char Says:

    I love my dog, but in all honesty it’s like having a 2nd child sometimes listening to Clare tell me how the dog’s doing this or bugging her, or whatever else. The dog hair was far more than I bargained for, but the cuddles on the couch at night when Brad’s not around are so much more worth it. Doing a dog sitter isn’t so bad, but kenneling them when you can’t get a dog sitter is expensive!

  16. I loved my dog. Then when I had kids, I hated my dog. Now I am back to loving her. I’m glad I could be of help.

  17. jubilee Says:

    He is cute, but DON’T give in! Look away! Look away! Plus, they multiply at the most inconvenient times.

  18. OMG!! He is so cute!! Look at that face! My brother and his wife breed bulldogs and I love there wrinkled faces. Max is too cute! I have a big/ HUGE dog with three kids (two toddlers). He’s no problem at all and they adore him! Probably not helping huh?

  19. Jack's Mommy Says:

    LOL! how cute! i am a dog person too…don’t really like cats at all (i can so relate to your commentary on the cats!). I’m 25, married, and have only been without a dog for 2 years out of my entire life (and that was immediately following my birth). When my hubby & I married in 2006, my 2 dogs stayed at my parents house (they’re old and we feared a move would upset their psyche) – but my hubby brought a black lab into the marriage. Then 2 months later I adopted a chow puppy who has become my heart… and then along came her puppy (who we kept) whilst my hubby’s boy lab moved in with my mom and dad ( avoid more puppyfied accidents). I couldn’t imagine life without a dog!

  20. Paige Says:

    You’d be surprised at how cuddly those Scoobas can be. I know I don’t mind when my Roomba follows me around the kitchen picking up crumbs.

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