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Works For Me Wednesday- Never Wake A Sleeping Baby April 29, 2008

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  If there is just one lesson you learn very quickly as a mother of young children, it is that once your children, finally, finally, finally fall asleep, you do not want them waking up. And you will inflict bodily harm and anything or anyone that wakes them up. I have thus far pretty good sleepers, but I am kind of a sleep Nazi and will stick pretty rigidly to a routine so that my children nap well. This could have something to do with my firm belief that naptime equals me time. So I am determined to have good nappers.

Sometimes however your kids foil you plans. What I really hate is when you get stuck driving around naptime. Suddenly you look back and your kid is dead asleep and you know the next few minutes are crucial to your enjoyment of the rest of the day. One false move and the transfer from the car inside results in a child who has woken up after a 20 minute nap somehow under the impression that this will suffice for the daily nap. You try and throw them in the crib, but they aren’t having any of that. They feel their nap is done and it is time to par-ty. For about and hour until you find yourself stuck in meltdown city for the rest of the afternoon. Yippee!!

So here is my trick to keep that kid asleep so you can have your 2 hours of peace and quiet to surf, I mean clean your house and do your bible study. First of all, obviously if they are still little enough to be in an infant carrier, they stay in the infant carrier. If they are in a normal car seat, I have a multiple step process.

  • I am a firm believer in the pacifier. If it has fallen out, make sure it goes back in. Otherwise the second you move them they will wake up so quickly it will seem like you have injected caffeine directly into their veins.
  • Bribe any older children in the car with toys, food, money…whatever works to keep them absolutely silent and to keep their hands to themselves.
  • Remove shoes in the car. Throw them on the floor which will probably come back to haunt you later as you search your house from top to bottom looking for their shoes.
  • This is the golden tip: Remove the car seat straps very gently and then take the coat off while they are still snuggled in the seat. Just slip their arms out as gently as possible. The car seat will cradle them better than if you try and wrestle that thing off while they are in your arms or lay them down on the changing table prying it off while shushing your baby and pleading with her to please fall back asleep (obviously we have tried a few methods that weren’t so successful in the past).
  • Pray all the way to their room, even more as you lay them in bed and then again as you go tiptoeing out of the room being careful to avoid that one spot on the hardwood floor that always creaks when you step on it.
  • Give older child chocolate, toy, money, hours worth of TV to reward her for not disturbing her sibling.
  • Plop down on the couch with a glass of lemonade and your laptop to enjoy a few minutes of heaven. Aaah.

That’s what works for me. For more fabulous tips head over to Rocks in my Dryer.


23 Responses to “Works For Me Wednesday- Never Wake A Sleeping Baby”

  1. Great tips! While I did this with the first child for sure, my second is lucky to get a nap at all! He doesn’t want to miss out on all the fun either so he doesn’t mind a short nap and right back up to play! The 3 hour ones are the best though!

  2. Wow. You mean your kids actually sleep through that sort of thing? My daughter didn’t even make it out of carseat/carrier stage before she was waking up when we took her out of the car … which is why I tend to do my blogging at midnight.

  3. Tracye Says:

    Ha! I love this!
    “somehow under the impression that this will suffice”

    Girl, have I been there. Still am, actually. I’m going to try the shoes off in the car next time, even if it means “Shoeless Joe” later on! But I’ve never been able to get him out still asleep. That’s reeeeeeeally tricky. Gotta work on it.


  4. My son has a 50% chance rate transfering him from the car to crib. However, I never thought about taking his coat and shoes off in the car. Thanks for sharing:)

  5. goodideamomma Says:

    Never worked for me, either. If they fell asleep in the car, I would just have to continue driving around with a nice big cup of Starbucks because once I stopped, it was all over. And as for my youngest, she never stopped screaming long enough to fall asleep anywhere I wasn’t holding her. But good for you for finding a few minutes peace at your home.

  6. goodideamomma Says:

    However, once they did fall asleep at home, I always put a “Do NOT Disturb, Baby Sleeping” sign on my door to keep neighbors and anyone else from knocking my door. I also unplugged the doorbell so that too would allow for more silence in the house!

  7. Ah! I remember those days! I love the bribing the other kids part! For some reason it sounds vaguely familiar, lol!

  8. Lady Why Says:

    Excellent tips from an obviously experienced mom!!

  9. When friends or family visit during napping child time, we enforce a stict “You wake them, You walk them” policy…Thanks for sharing what works for you!

  10. Devon Says:

    My daughter enjoys her sleep. Typically, she will transfer really well…even with changing a diaper after getting into the house and then getting into her bed. However, the dang garbage truck wakes her up EVERY WEEK and it makes me sooo mad! I really wish I could put a “don’t come into our cul-de-sac between the hours of 1-3” sign up. That would help. 🙂 Being 33-1/2 weeks pregnant, I fear that this next baby will not be such a great sleeper since I’ve been so spoiled!!!

  11. Going to try some of these. We have a poor success rate and will try anything!

  12. Kati Says:

    sometimes i don’t even bother to take the shoes off! but usually he’s just wearing flip flops so no big deal. i also leave every thing else in the car until i know success has been achieved..purse, groceries etc. i usually have success 8 times out of 10!

  13. Toni Says:

    I feel your pain. I have that problem with Hunter as well, 5 minutes of sleep in the car and we are in trouble!!! I will roll down the window a little some of the times if weather permits to distract him some. Or I will start talking loudly to him.

  14. Audra Marie Says:

    LOL – I can so relate! I have six kiddos. I’ve even been known to roll the windows down in the suburban and hang out reading a book on a Spring day to let my little one finish their nap. 🙂

  15. Mandy Says:

    Great post. I think we can ALL relate!

  16. Babychaser Says:

    Great tutorial!!! I’ll have to try it sometime. So far our method has been more like, “NONONO… don’t you fall asleep!” This effective approach is accompanied by shaking of the feet, tickling and singing wild songs. Of coarse, I’m talking about a toddler now.

  17. Andrea Says:

    How many times have I done those same things! My kiddo still falls asleep in the car, it’s great because i can plan around stuff and know that he will sleep for atleast an hour or so. Another thing to add, try to change the diaper before you head home so you don’t have to change it while they are asleep!

  18. Amber Says:

    I love it!! I can really relate.

  19. joy Says:

    I am a Nazi about Lucy’s nap too. She is 17mos old and still transfers great into her bed. Not entirely asleep but i don’t mind letting her cry for a bit to work it out and fall back to sleep. A few min of pain for a good after noon and night is worth it. the coat and shoe thing works great too. she is a thumb sucker so as long as that bad boy is in we are good. I just had a successful transfer today actually 🙂

  20. Emily Says:

    LOL! I think most mommies can relate to this one, and you really did make me laugh. 🙂

  21. We have a 0% transfer rate at this point.

    I HAVE to be strict about Bubbalu’s naptime (meaning, be stuck at home) cause if baby doesn’t sleep, Mama ain’t happy….

    …and, if Mama ain’t happy….

  22. SAHMmy Says Says:

    The perfect post! Love this 🙂 When I was pregnant with my second kiddo I drove 40 minutes with #1 son for OB visits . I’d bribe him with the promise of a sip of Coke if he could make it the 20 minutes to the McDonald’s halfway home. If I could keep him awake until he got his cheeseburger and toy he would stay awake the rest of the way home. I had had had to nap everyday–totally worth the 10 crappy toys I had to buy 🙂

  23. HolyMama! Says:

    FANTASTIC POST. I also believe in never waking the kid, and usually try to be at home well before a kid falls asleep in the seat but the next time it happens, i will remember your sage mommy wisdom.

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