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Frugal Fridays- Cheap Cleaning May 29, 2008

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 One more post about cleaning and then I should probably spend some time….cleaning. The house has begun to fall apart around me while I run the garage sale of the century. Although my sink is still shiny!!! (I really can’t take credit, my mom came over today and did my dishes while I wasn’t looking).

Do you know you can clean on the cheap by making your own cleaning products? The easiest is vinegar and water in equal parts. You can use it to clean countertops and floors in the kitchen and bathroom. I just keep mine in a spray bottle from sold old cleaner I ran out of.

The other miracle cleaner we all have sitting around the house is baking soda. Sprinkle it on your sponge to get rid of tougher stains in the tub and kitchen sink. You can also use it to unclog drains instead of that yucky Drano stuff. Finally, mix some rubbing alcohol and water and you got a great window cleaner. You can also use it to keep your sink shiny- flylady style.

Now you are thinking, what about my wood surfaces. However will I dust? I just avoid it, problem solved. But if you prefer your house to not have thick layers of dust on every surface, you can make your own with 1 cup of olive oil to 1/2 cup of lemon juice.

Any I forgot? I am newly replacing my pricey and environmentally poopy cleaners with the homemade kind so I would love any tips on what works at your house. Saving money and the environment. Doesn’t that earn my some sort of tiara?


Things I Love Thursday- Clorox Disinfecting Wipes May 28, 2008

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 Why not just continue on with the theme of “my clean house” that we have begun this week? I am up to my eyeballs in a massive 6 family garage sale I am hosting tomorrow so hopefully this is coherent. I have blogged before about my love of Lysol Disinfecting Wipes (and the guilt I still carry over the environmental impact of using these babies), but I was asked to try the Clorox brand, and I thought, why not?

Verdict: I like these even better. Going into I figured a wipe is a wipe, but that is so not true. The smarties over at Clorox have made their wipe thicker and more textured which allows it to clean even better and last a little longer. FYI- it is also helpful to know that they are:

  • Effective against common bacteria such as Staphylococcus (Staph.), Salmonella, and E.coli*
  • Pre-moistened disinfecting wipes that kill 99.9% of germs including viruses that cause colds and flu
  • Sounds good to me. Nothing worse than a house full of sickies. Also I loved the scent. I was given lavender to try and yummy. I would not advice actually eating the wipe, but it smells really good and I prefer it strongly to the generic smell of anti-bacterial clean. You might too, unless you are my friend Jen, who believes your house isn’t really clean unless it stinks like bleach.

    Here is my note to the good people at Clorox. Recently, I have also tried Mr. Clean’s Disinfecting wipes (cause I scored them for free while doing a little Walgreening a few weeks ago-p.s. when you shop drugstores, like I do, their names become a verb) and their container kicks your container’s booty. So you should think about that. Cause right now it is a toss up for which one of you gets my life long disinfecting wipe loyalty. And if I made you both arm wrestle for it, I am thinkin’ he would easily win (check out those biceps!). And I know my loyalty is far too precious to throw away on an arm wrestling match (I warned you, FRIED BRAIN).


    Works For Me Wednesday- Fill Your Sink May 27, 2008

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       In my new quest to fly high I have been trying to tackle the biggest and most important fly lady rule. Fly ladies say it with me…SHINE YOUR SINK!! So I am trying to keep my sink dish and pan free.

    Here is our previous system. The family puts dirty dishes into the right side of the sink that I load into the dishwasher. If you haven’t read my 100 things you might not know that I am a expert at loading the dishwasher. Absolutely no one else is allowed to load it cause frankly, they just screw it up. Just between you me and the lamppost (how weird is that expression?), I have also been known to rearrange other people’s dishwashers when they aren’t looking. It’s a sickness, don’t judge. Sometimes, things get loaded right away, other times, I’m not gonna lie, they might sit there a little while.

    The pots, pans and other odd shaped things that don’t fit in the dishwasher go in the left side of the sink. The hubby is in charge of those. Depending on life, those may or may not sit there for a while too. I’m not callin’ him out, just keepin’ it real (don’t I sound hip and cool?). I am just thankful I don’t have to do it cause I hate cleaning pots and pans.

    The new system: when I am cooking lunch and dinner, I fill the left side of the sink with dishsoap right when I start. As I cook, I throw things in there. They soak while we eat, and then before I leave the kitchen, I quick wash them up. At least, I have done this for 2 days now and it seems to be working. I give it 2 more before I get tired of washing pans and pass the job back to the hubby. But if I do manage to stick with it, isn’t it an awesome tip? That crazy purple fly would be so proud!

    For more tips that work (for a few days at least), head over to Rocks In My Dryer.


    I’m Flying…Again May 26, 2008

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     Do you know who this is? She is either a genius or tool of Satan. I have been riding on the fence on that genius/Satan thing for a few years now. I try her, then she starts to frustrate me with her demands for a clean sink and needing to wear my shoes in my house and her harping at me to go to bed at 10 pm. Yeah, wouldn’t that be nice?

    But, I have been feeling like the “home” in homemaker has been falling by the wayside so I am back on the Flylady wagon. I have discovered that she is slightly less annoying than before with a little less email clutter (although enough with the testimonials-I get it, you’re fabulous). And my house is staying relatively clean. So much so that when people come over I don’t have to do a mad dash to stash everything. And I will admit, it is nice to wake up to no dishes in the sink.

    Still, you know those compliments that are totally meant to be compliments, but somewhere in there is a tiny bit of an insult. Like, “Wow, you look amazing.” (cause you normally look like something the cat dragged home. Or “Holy cow, you have lost some weight!” (cause before you could have just slapped Goodyear on the side of you and called it a day).

    Well today I got a few, “Wow, your house looks amazing.” Which leads me to believe people have previously believed we were living in a filth hole. Or that I was sitting around eating bon-bons all day instead of tending to the house. It is more likely I was up to my eyeballs in coupons trying to score a good CVS deal or trying to track down my long lost childhood friend on Facebook. Actually some days it takes all that I have just to keep up with the dishwasher and the laundry (the cycle NEVER ends) with a pause here and there to yell at the kids. And by yell, I mean gently and lovingly remind them that, “YOU DO NOT SIT ON YOUR SISTER!!”

    But now with my fantastic system in place, I expect my house to remain clean for a good 4 days until I have grown again frustrated with that purple mad woman and let it go back to its usual sub par state of cleanliness. So frankly, you have a 4 day window in which to come over unannounced. After that you best call first so I can throw all the dirty dishes into the guest room.


    Today I was Inspired… May 24, 2008

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      Today I watched my mother cross the finish line of her first (and probably last) marathon. She is 59. It is more than safe to say that at 32, she would have kicked my butt. I would still be crying at mile 2.

    I will digress for one moment and let you in on a now famous story that will probably make it’s way into my eulogy somehow. In high school I went out for cross country. I am not sure why since I hated exercise of most any kind, but my parents were runners and somehow convinced me that this was the sport for me.  An athlete I am not. Anyway, the first meet comes around and suddenly despite lots of “practice” it occurs to me that I am going to have to actually run and that there are hills involved. And that the run is longer than from the couch to the fridge. So I do what any trained, superstar athlete would do when confronted with having to run a long distance (sadly, it was 2 miles). I wait until I go into a grove of trees and fake an fall which “injured” my knee. So clearly, marathons are probably not in my future.

    My mom has been training for 4 months. Today, she wore a metal denoting she ran 26.2 miles. I could not be more proud of her. I found myself tearing up so many times today watching her run (yes Courtney, I cried). I am just amazed at her strength, courage, determination and perseverance to finish this race. The best part for me was watching Lily meet her in the last stretch so that they could cross the finish line together.


    They actually held hands as they crossed the line, but I missed that in the picture. Of course, after they finished, I got asked the obvious question, “How come I don’t get a medal too?” I explained to Lily that you had to run in the race to get a medal. She looked at me like I was crazy and said, “But I did.” Oh sweetie, if only we got a medal for running the race for a few feet, we would need a bigger house to hold all of mommy’s cross country medals.

    I am so proud of you mom!! Feel free to send your congrats in the comments. She is my most loyal reader.


    Memorial Day Weekend- Better Known as the day the pool opens May 23, 2008

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      When I moved to my current hometown from Chicago, one of my first goals was to join a pool. We moved in summer and the thought of being in a new place with nothing to do was my worst nightmare. My father-in-law got us a gym membership for a house warming gift because it had a bit outdoor pool. Normally, I might be offended if someone gave me a gym membership for a gift, but I know this was because he knew of my strong desire to spend my summer stretched out beside a kiddie pool (at least that better be why he got me a gym membership).

    I didn’t have a pool to go to in Chicago so I was unaware that once you have children, relaxing by the pool goes by the wayside. Instead, you spend your time making sure your children don’t drown and getting in and out of the pool every 5 seconds because your child is cold, tired, hungry, has to pee, bored, got splashed, has to pee, accidentally got water up their nose, is hungry or has to pee. Fun times. Then you have a second baby and the fun just doubles.

    My problem is slightly compounded by the fact that my normally extremely helpful and hands on hubby cannot resist the pull of the water slides. If you drive by my pool on any given weekend you will find a line for the water slide filled with 4 foot tall beings…and my hubby. And his face looks every bit as thrilled as theirs when he comes off one of those babies.

    Then there is the ever present problem of spending large amounts of time in a swimsuit. After popping out 2 kids. Why, oh why, did we stop wearing those swimsuits that covered us from neck to knees. Cause my pool seems to be filled with a bunch of women who are either a) married to a good plastic surgeon, b) spending way too much time at the gym and way too little time eating or c) genetic freaks of nature. None of these options bodes well for my general well being and self esteem.

    Still, with all these factors in play, I still live for the weekend when the pool opens. And I spend many of my days there all summer long. I squeeze into the suit, slather my kids with sunscreen, head towards the water and hope for the best. You know why it is all worth it? Free (actually, not even close) entertainment that tires out my kids so much that they go to bed early and sleep like a baby. And really, doesn’t that make it all worth it?

    This post is for a contest going on right now over at the Parent Bloggers Network. They are partnering with Huggies Little Swimmers and giving away a great “Summer Fun Essentials Package” (which I am hoping includes a nanny who likes to play with my kids at the pool while I lay out and read People magazine). Head over there for info on how to enter.



    Frugal Fridays- Walgreens Coupon!! May 22, 2008

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     So I am about 5 diapers away from a naked baby’s bottom. Or an early potty training adventure. I have been looking for a good diaper deal, but there aren’t any this week so I was trying to make it until the next sales cycle this Sunday. That doesn’t seem to be happening.

    So imagine my delight when I stumbled across this. I still have a $3 register reward and some diaper coupons so I think I can turn this into a great deal. It’s only good on Friday the 23rd so head to Walgreens and pick up something good. Maybe the last of the Easy Saver free after rebate products. I heart Walgreens 🙂