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Happy Mother’s Day! May 11, 2008

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 Happy Mother’s Day everyone!! I tried to post last night, but WordPress was down, but since it is, in fact, Mother’s Day right now, this works. Best Mother’s Day gift so far- the kids slept at my parents so I was not awoken (is that a word?) at 6:30, but slept until the glorious hour of 8:15…until my dad awoke me to tell me I forgot to give them diapers. Still, I am able to blog in peace and that is a gift.

I could spend time talking about what a wonderful mother I have, but I already did that here, and as my close friends and family will tell you, too many mushy displays of affection make me break out in hives and start to twitch (I am pretty sure it is my mom’s fault). I could also go on and on about how much I love being a mom and what a blessing it is, but I am pretty sure I have done that before to and besides, I want to talk today about what is truly important…

I GOT A SCOOBA!!!!! The Scooba is the Roomba’s more talented sister who washes and dries my hardwood floors. I actually got it last week cause it was on sale at Linens N Things and the hubby used a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon cause they accept competitors coupons, making it $100 cheaper than on amazon. HE BOUGHT IT WITH COUPONS!! Seriously, could he know me any better? Anyway, this little robot has been cleaning my floors, pretty much daily. At first I thought, well I can’t really tell if it is doing much. Then I cleaned out the filter and the tank. Gross. So this is one less chore I will be doing. If only, they made a robot to clean my toilets. Seriously, shouldn’t we be living like the Jetsons by now? Where is my Rosie?

So here is wishing all you mommies a Happy Mother’s Day. May your kids lavish you with tons of kisses, hugs and love and then may they take a long, long nap 🙂


13 Responses to “Happy Mother’s Day!”

  1. Right now, I think the scooba and the roomba are the most romantic gifts in the world. I wish I had one or both of them. Lucky you!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. I am so jealous. I want one of those for my tile floors. I hate mopping.

  3. Mandy Says:

    I got a Roomba for my carpets this Mother’s Day. I love it as well. I must look into this Scooba thing….


    I am glad that I am such a wonderful friend of yours. Maybe your SCOOBA needs some exercise and he can walk down the street to my house. Did you name the SCOOBA yet?

  5. oh man! i MUST get one of these!! even if i have to STEAL IT!!

  6. bigbinder Says:

    I’m happy you and your Scooba are getting along so well! I am totally jealous. Yes, I am coverting thy Scooba.

  7. bigbinder Says:

    I’m happy you and your Scooba are getting along so well! I am totally jealous. Yes, I am coveting thy Scooba.

  8. Now, if Scooba just had a cousin who could go around ahead of him and pick up all the mess in his way ….


  9. SAHMmy Says Says:

    Thanks for the blessing–got my nap! Hope your Mother’s Day was fabulous! Scooba sounds fun–would provide hours of entertainment for the kiddos too…

  10. Tweety Pie Says:

    Tell me more about the coupon. What was the coupon that Linens N Things accepted? Thank you!

  11. Candace (Mama Mia) Says:

    I’m trying so hard not to covet right now :). I would love a Scooba!! Glad you had a nice Mother’s Day.

  12. chanelireli Says:

    Happy Mothers Day! I didn’t even know there was even a scooba! Seriously, why didn’t you tell us? I am totally coveting one now. Do you love it? Can you tell the difference besides the gunky filter? Maybe the scooba deserves its own post.

  13. Tweety Pie Says:

    Thank you for responding to my question.

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