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A Fashion Find May 12, 2008

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 As I recently mentioned, I love fashion. And I love fashion tips. I have tried lots of fashion magazines and while they give me some ideas, I have no intention of paying $300 for a white t-shirt. And last time I checked 3 inch heels didn’t work so well at the park. So I need practical advice. Recently I scored a free subscription to Seventeen magazine and before you laugh, let me just tell you I read it cover to cover. Besides being a little disturbed by the content, I was loving that it highlighted some clothing and makeup options that were actually affordable. And wearable despite the fact it was catering to young girls. The articles-a bit hoochy, the clothes-not so much. So despite the fact I will not be letting my daughters read this publication, I found some great buys.

Also, my good friend Jen has launched a blog as well as a new website for her business. If you live in or near Chicago, you should definitely check out her personal styling services. She goes through your closet and takes you shopping to find clothes that flatter and are affordable. Think of her as a WAY nicer version of Stacy London. And she is a mom so she is not going to send you to the park in a mini skirt and high heels.

If you don’t live in Chicago, you can still benefit from her stylish advice at her blog. And the advice is free!! I have ripped off many style tips from her over the years and she is undoubtedly one of the most stylish people I know. So check her out and start looking fabulous!!


5 Responses to “A Fashion Find”

  1. Ooh does she want to take on a new client in Washington DC. I need some fashion help!! I’m definitely going to check out her blog. Thanks!

  2. Fun! I love fashion too! But I am usually just so-so. I also love Stacy London but I am sure your friend is way cooler. I will check out the blog!

  3. Auntie S Says:

    I really enjoyed her blog. Thanks for sharing that with us.

  4. adventuremom Says:

    Oh, great blog sharing. I love her blog already and have a million questions for her 🙂

  5. adventuremom Says:

    By the way now I know your secrets to looking good. Watch out 🙂

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