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Things I Love Thursday- Envirosax…again May 14, 2008

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 I know, I know, I already told you I loved my Envirosax bag. But here is a quick update. I use these things all the time. I love how cute and hip I look pulling them out of my bag at the grocery store. I used them on vacation to put all sorts of stuff I had accumulated that didn’t fit in the suitcase. I have gotten my mom using them and even got into a chat with a boutique owner today who said she was hoping to carry them. I love them so much that I contacted the company to tell them of my love. They responded by sending me another bag to try.

Yes, Envirosax has come out with a new line of bags specifically geared towards kids. So now, you can teach your kids about being stewards of the earth and they have a bag that fits their own style and personality. Apparently this is working around here because when I took Lily shopping with me tonight and tried to use a plastic bag she totally called me out. I only used it on the chicken because the thought of raw chicken juice touching my sassy bag just seemed all wrong. Surely one plastic bag can take one for the team, just this once.

These bags work just the same as the adult bags. They fold down to the size of a large candy bar and can hold a whole lot of whatver stuff your kid is lugging around. I love them cause of the bright colors with fun, weird drawings on them. So your kid can be fashion forward and environmentally conscious all at once. Green is the new black ladies and it’s only right that our kids get on the hip train with us.


10 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday- Envirosax…again”

  1. Kelsey Says:

    Those look great!

  2. Okay so I read it the first time… but these do look great. Now if you could only tell me a great way to remember to bring them to the store. That’s my problem.

  3. Cool! I love these!

    Btw, I totally agree with your blogging advice and can you add next time–please, use paragraph breaks for your poor, blinded readers?

  4. MommyRidd Says:

    I use cloth bags that I bought from my grocer – I LOVE THEM, I use them to tote my kid’s toys around when we do day visits, all that extra hair stuff when we drive on vacations, etc.

    Can you tell me if the Envirosax can be slung over your shoulder? They look like they can only be carried by hand, not on the shoulder like a purse. Just curious – I love the prints!!

  5. They can totally be slung over the shoulder. In fact I sling a few at a time.

  6. Heather Says:

    I love these. i have been wanting to buy some, but I was wondering … when you go grocery shopping for a week’s worth of food do you use them? I would need about 20 bags for that. Or do you just use them other times you shop? Just wondering …

    ~Heather 🙂

  7. Heather Says:

    Sorry … I just saw where they say each bag is equivalent to 2 shopping bags. Do you agree? That would mean I would need about 10 (I usually come home with about 15-20 standard grocery bags. I would love to hear wht you think having ussed them … thanks!!


  8. Auntie S Says:

    I ordered these after I saw yours in March (and had read about them on your blog) The first time, I ordered 2 – one for a friend and one for me. As soon as I got my first order, I ordered the set of 5. I have given them as gifts, as well. I love having it in my purse, because I often forget the other “green” bags in the car. I have used mine for everything. I love it! They really do hold a lot!

  9. karenamundson Says:

    I want to order them but the flora ones are on back order. Is that what you have?? They look super cute. I’ll keep checking back.

  10. jenefur Says:

    I just won one on a blog contest, and also ordered the Retro Kitchen 5-pack! I’m so excited to get and use my new bags!

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