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Memorial Day Weekend- Better Known as the day the pool opens May 23, 2008

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  When I moved to my current hometown from Chicago, one of my first goals was to join a pool. We moved in summer and the thought of being in a new place with nothing to do was my worst nightmare. My father-in-law got us a gym membership for a house warming gift because it had a bit outdoor pool. Normally, I might be offended if someone gave me a gym membership for a gift, but I know this was because he knew of my strong desire to spend my summer stretched out beside a kiddie pool (at least that better be why he got me a gym membership).

I didn’t have a pool to go to in Chicago so I was unaware that once you have children, relaxing by the pool goes by the wayside. Instead, you spend your time making sure your children don’t drown and getting in and out of the pool every 5 seconds because your child is cold, tired, hungry, has to pee, bored, got splashed, has to pee, accidentally got water up their nose, is hungry or has to pee. Fun times. Then you have a second baby and the fun just doubles.

My problem is slightly compounded by the fact that my normally extremely helpful and hands on hubby cannot resist the pull of the water slides. If you drive by my pool on any given weekend you will find a line for the water slide filled with 4 foot tall beings…and my hubby. And his face looks every bit as thrilled as theirs when he comes off one of those babies.

Then there is the ever present problem of spending large amounts of time in a swimsuit. After popping out 2 kids. Why, oh why, did we stop wearing those swimsuits that covered us from neck to knees. Cause my pool seems to be filled with a bunch of women who are either a) married to a good plastic surgeon, b) spending way too much time at the gym and way too little time eating or c) genetic freaks of nature. None of these options bodes well for my general well being and self esteem.

Still, with all these factors in play, I still live for the weekend when the pool opens. And I spend many of my days there all summer long. I squeeze into the suit, slather my kids with sunscreen, head towards the water and hope for the best. You know why it is all worth it? Free (actually, not even close) entertainment that tires out my kids so much that they go to bed early and sleep like a baby. And really, doesn’t that make it all worth it?

This post is for a contest going on right now over at the Parent Bloggers Network. They are partnering with Huggies Little Swimmers and giving away a great “Summer Fun Essentials Package” (which I am hoping includes a nanny who likes to play with my kids at the pool while I lay out and read People magazine). Head over there for info on how to enter.



4 Responses to “Memorial Day Weekend- Better Known as the day the pool opens”

  1. Heather Says:

    Yep … it’s that time of year here too. And I’m with you – if I didn’t look like a total freak I’d be finding myself one of those old-fashioned swim suits! Oh well … grin and bare it, right 😉

  2. anne Says:

    That reminds me–I’ve got to get some kind of swimmy tube for baby! I can’t wait to go to the pool/beach this summer!

  3. anne Says:

    Thought on the suit…if you’re somewhere that you don’t know anyone, couldn’t we just pretend we were pregnant again? stick it out as far as possible? Maybe? Please? Sigh…

  4. Candace (Mama Mia) Says:

    Some people have been known to take their kids to childcare and then go to the pool alone :). If my gym had an outdoor pool where I could lay out for 2 hours in silence I would seriously consider it. My gym just has and indoor lap pool. Which would mean I would have to swim laps. Oh well.

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