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Frugal Fridays- Cheap Cleaning May 29, 2008

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 One more post about cleaning and then I should probably spend some time….cleaning. The house has begun to fall apart around me while I run the garage sale of the century. Although my sink is still shiny!!! (I really can’t take credit, my mom came over today and did my dishes while I wasn’t looking).

Do you know you can clean on the cheap by making your own cleaning products? The easiest is vinegar and water in equal parts. You can use it to clean countertops and floors in the kitchen and bathroom. I just keep mine in a spray bottle from sold old cleaner I ran out of.

The other miracle cleaner we all have sitting around the house is baking soda. Sprinkle it on your sponge to get rid of tougher stains in the tub and kitchen sink. You can also use it to unclog drains instead of that yucky Drano stuff. Finally, mix some rubbing alcohol and water and you got a great window cleaner. You can also use it to keep your sink shiny- flylady style.

Now you are thinking, what about my wood surfaces. However will I dust? I just avoid it, problem solved. But if you prefer your house to not have thick layers of dust on every surface, you can make your own with 1 cup of olive oil to 1/2 cup of lemon juice.

Any I forgot? I am newly replacing my pricey and environmentally poopy cleaners with the homemade kind so I would love any tips on what works at your house. Saving money and the environment. Doesn’t that earn my some sort of tiara?


12 Responses to “Frugal Fridays- Cheap Cleaning”

  1. I love the lemon in the microwave trick…

    Sqeeze the juice of 1/2 a lemon in a bowl with equal part water, microwave it for 5 minutes, then easily wipe gunk off of inside of microwave.

    Then, put the lemon down the disposal to give your kitchen that yummy lemony scent.

  2. Devon Says:

    I’m going to email you a link to a blog that I read that has recently put up some “recipes” for cleaners. She’s kind of scared about the whole cyberspace thing, so I don’t want to post her link on here, but you can look at it and post some of her ideas, for sure! 🙂

  3. Donielle Says:

    I totally use both vinegar and baking soda. It’s all I’ve used fin months! I also use hydrogen peroxide and vinegar together as a disinfectant. I use it in my kitchen all the time, especially after I mess around with meat. (Don’t mix together, just spray one then the other. And keep the peroxide in a dark container. I just bought a tall bottle of it and found a sprayer to fit in it)
    Other ways I use vinegar:
    *As a rinse agent in the dishwasher – you’d never know it wasn’t the kind you shell out big bucks for.
    *As a softener in the washing machine. Helps rid the clothes of detergent residue so you don’t get static in the dryer.
    I think I have a couple more on my site ( under healthy home cleaning) but can’t think of more offhand.

    And for dusting – yea, I totally avoid it too. Unless of course we’re having some major company!

  4. Heather Says:

    I have a book I love called “Clean” (by Michael de Jong) – it’s full of recipes for household cleaning products using five ingredients (lemon juice, vinegar, baking soda, and two others I can’t remember). Check it out!

  5. Michelle Says:

    Thanks for the great tips!

  6. I also have found that the 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 water mixture works better as a carpet cleaner than anything else I have tried.

  7. Hmmmm… I was trying to avoid thinking about how icky parts of my house are, but you’re just reminding me! Fine, I’ll go vacuum something. 🙂

  8. Kati Says:

    I’ve started doing this too. Just a warning though, vinegar can eat away your grout!! 🙂 And who wants to re-grout something? Not me!

  9. Alana Says:

    Vinegar can also be used as a more eco-friendly way to kill weeds. We have a lot of thistle weeds – pulling them generates more growth so you need to kill them before you pull them up. I just pour vinegar on them and the next day they are easy to pull up. (works best on a sunny day)

  10. Paige Says:

    I want to hear about the yard sale of the century!

  11. bigbinder Says:

    You let me know how this stuff works out. I am a total skeptic, but I trust you.

  12. Toni Says:

    As always thanks for the great tips!!

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