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And it’s done (for 3 whole months) June 3, 2008

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  Remember this? Yeah, that was in October. Tonight, it finally is done (actually, I could be jinxing them cause as I am writing this, the game is not quite over, but I firmly believe God has heard and will answer my hockey widow prayers). As a good wife should, I listened to the game on NHL radio while my husband was out watching the game. I even cheered a little. But I am not gonna lie, I cheered mostly because the season is finally done. And frankly, now that I am not getting facials out of the deal, I just don’t have it in me to fake excitement about this sport any longer.

Can you imagine if there was “musical season.” It lasts 9 months. Every month we went to a live show and I watched one on TV every other night. Then the playoffs came and I started peppering every conversation with statistics about the Tony awards and the eternal debate over whether Bernadette Peters was better as Annie Oakley or the witch in Into the Woods (way too tough to call). I would put a Rogers and Hammerstein bumper sticker in my back window of my car. Plead with the hubby for a room to hang my movie posters from Chicago and Grease.

*Poop it just got all tied up with 33 seconds left in the game. COME ON WINGS!!!!!

I am doing it. I will call it Broadway 08-09 (it needs a way snappier title, cause that one is lame-o). Whose with me. Ok, so maybe your thing isn’t musicals (which is just sad, cause you are missin’ out on some spontaneous breaking out of singing and perfect choreography in the middle of an otherwise monotonous day). But what sport do you suffer through and what would you like to equally make your hubby suffer through?(baseball widows you are equally suffering through a season that never ends- chime in) Cause I am thinkin’ come September we launch operation “See how long this season is that you make us suffer through, now here is a taste of your own medicine.” Again with the title…you can’t really fit that on a t-shirt. And make no mistake, there will be t-shirts.

*You have to be kidding me. THREE OVERTIMES LATER and the Wings have lost. That means there is yet another game. Too late to write new post. Grrrr.


10 Responses to “And it’s done (for 3 whole months)”

  1. Heather Says:

    You made me LOL this morning with this. I am feeling very blessed that the only thing my hubby is into is drag racing (he has a car and drag races) and I enjoy it also. Other than that I am not a sports widow and I am thankful 🙂 ….

    Your musical analogy was hilarious!

    ~Heather 🙂

  2. I suffer through football and would love for him to go with me to a musical too!

  3. Char Says:

    Thankfully I don’t have to suffer through any type of sports season, but I would totally be into a musical season reguardless.

  4. Ooh I would love for a musical season. You would think that we’d have a lot of shows come out here in DC, but we really don’t. It’s pretty sad.

  5. Kati Says:

    the only sport my hubby is into is tennis..hard to be a tennis widow…although he does disappear into the land of video game from time to time…

  6. Barb VB Says:

    Your biggest mistake was to assume the game was over. Never jinx a hockey player, or team for that matter, these boys are very superstitious. My hubby always says there are three seasons, college football, hockey and summer. I love both of these sports (and summer) so all is well here, good thing, because with boys and one tom girl, I’m sure my life will be filled with sports, it has already started.

  7. Tracye Says:

    This is so freakin’ funny!

    I was in many musicals in college. I think a perfect world would be one in which everyone broke out into song and dance during the day… and miraculously everyone knows the words and moves.

    I’m a fishing/deer hunting widow. Deer season isn’t too terribly long, but here, you can fish year-round. He even watches it on TV. Fishing. Hunting. On TV. When it’s on, all I can think is, “Somebody kill me now.”

  8. Ryan Says:

    You made them lose. God punished your sarcasm and your diabolical scheme to elevate musicals to the standard of his perfect creation, hockey.

  9. jodi Says:

    LOL – when I was in college, ESPN SportsCenter was all the rage and so many of the guys I knew watched it CONSTANTLY. I remember praying that my future husband wouldn’t be a sports addict…looks like God answered that prayer…I think I like sports more than my DH. Which is convenient for the most part, but I wouldn’t mind watching a little more football in the fall…and I love college basketball, but he’s just not interested…pretty much all he’s interested in is watching our alma mater in football…but I don’t complain – it could be far worse! 🙂

  10. erin g Says:

    I’m a college football widow, so I feel your pain. Whether Clemson gets a W or L on any given Saturday in the fall determines the mood of my household for an entire week. Hang in there.

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