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Works For Me Wednesday- The “Mom I’m Bored” Edition June 3, 2008

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 My kids, thankfully, don’t utter that phrase too often. Well, Hannah still isn’t taking so she doesn’t offer any phrases, but she keeps us very entertained by putting on a ruffled dress up skirt and twirling around till she is so busy she runs into things. That is a big boredom buster here. So my advice is to rent my 2 year old for hours of endless entertainment. Word to the wise, she eats a lot and tends to get very cranky if she is woken up from her 3 hour afternoon nap early.

I kid, I kid…you so couldn’t afford to rent my kid (but if you want both for a weekend, I might cut you a bargain). What we really do to cut the boredom around here is some road trippin!! Although with the current gas prices, this might need some re-evaluation, we have several road trips planned for the summer (to be paid for my hiring my kids out for cheap entertainment).

Now, you might remember a while back, I actually posted some tips on how to road trip with the kids. I still stand by those recommendations, but recently I was made aware of another great website to help you plan your road trips that I have become a big fan of. Get Road Ready is a great website that has a some great features I must let you in on.

  • A Best of the Road map that has pre-planned road trips mapped out for you. Helpful for the uncreative or directionally challenged among us. I am actually super excited to check out all the things it suggests to do right here in Michigan, including Traverse City which we are already planning a road trip to in July.
  • Hello, Trip Activities!! I am going to bravely challenge the hubby to a round of State Capitals. Game on, baby.
  • Tips and Checklists: This is going to be my hubby’s department. Apparently the car has something called a spark plug that needs to be checked from time to time. Car talk=Klingon to me. My OCD father will be happy to know there are some tips about keeping your car clean because apparently “THE CLEANLINESS OF YOUR CAR IS A REFLECTION UPON YOU!!!” Was I yelling? So sorry. And don’t even try to throw the “I have kids in the car all the time” line at him. He practically vacuums them while driving.
  • There are even some coupons. Don’t tell Jenny, she has an addiction.

Here is a bonus for those of you who like some multimedia presentations with your blog post. The lovely people over at Get Road Ready have put together a little video with some of their tips.

Any fun road trips you have planned for the summer?

For more ideas, head over to Rocks in my Dryer.


12 Responses to “Works For Me Wednesday- The “Mom I’m Bored” Edition”

  1. Hey, great minds think alike.. my post is on road trips as well. Thanks for your tips, I’ll make use of them this summer. 🙂

  2. We are leaving for a week long road trip to Florida soon so that website will be a great resource!

  3. Heather Says:

    Hey – thanks for posting this. We’re planning a trip to Disney World this summer and our van will be jam-packed with family (we’re all riding together to save on gas), so we will have fun, but we need all the help we can get.



  4. bigbinder Says:

    Sweet, thanks! Our big Mackinaw trip is next week so this will be great.

  5. Char Says:

    Thanks for the linkage! This will come in handy when we head out to CO this summer. Granted, we won’t be needing the kid stuff, but it’s still good info.

  6. oh so many trips planned: Maine, upstate NY, and even Michigan. We just have to decide who’s selling an organ or two to pay for the gas! Great tips, thank you!

  7. Candace (Mama Mia) Says:

    Thank you for this site!! We’re roading tripping from Texas to Virginia soon and I’ve been looking for a site just like this.

  8. Debbie Says:

    With a 3 year old and a 19 month old, I have zero desire to take a long trip in the car, but I do find just driving around can break the monotony of the day up a bit. Again, the gas prices, but it’s cheaper than Target! Construction sites are always impressive for the 3 year old.

  9. Julie Says:

    We are traveling to the great state of Wisconsin (without kids, a 9 hour drive) in August for a wedding. We will stop the first night at my brother- & sister-in-law’s house, which is 3 hours away. I will have to check out these websites for the drive, since our 16-month-old isn’t a fan of sitting in her car seat for too long. I’m with her. I’d get bored, too!
    Thanks for the websites!

  10. Linds Says:

    This look great I was looking for something like this. Thanks!

  11. Look, Jill, I can stop whenever I want to. I JUST DON’T WANT TO!

  12. SAHMmy Says Says:

    Thanks for the links! Off to vacuum the car before the kiddos wake up–with thanks to your dad for the kick in the pants 🙂

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