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Should I Be Worried? June 16, 2008

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  Hannah is what we might call a quirky little girl. Actually, she may not be at all, but the fact she can’t talk has led her to express herself in very unusual ways. She makes up “words”, gestures, facial expressions…who knows what else, to get her point across and although I have gotten pretty good at figuring her out, others might be confused. She is constantly entertaining that is for sure. And I am thinking when all is said and done, she is still a little quirky 🙂

She loves it when we laugh at her antics. Which is a mixed blessing. She is typically very happy as long as someone is giggling at something she is doing, but if you accidentally laugh at something inappropriate you are doomed. Lily is her biggest fan and eggs her on in all sorts of positive and negative ways. They are quite a pair. Few things bring me as much joy as watching their relationship develop. Lily often tells Hannah that she is her “bestest of friends.” Right before she steals her toy and Hannah scratches her face.

Anyway, lately Hannah is exploring what it means to be two. We’ve had a few “throw yourself on the floor and scream” tantrums. A couple of “I can’t hear you” moments when I am telling her no. A whole lot of wanting to do things herself without help. But the funniest to me is her opinion on clothing choices. It really has no rhyme or reason. In fact, if I distract her I can put on what 2 seconds ago was completely unacceptable. Sometimes, it’s a pair of shoes, sometimes the bow in her hair…my personal favorite is about which pacifier she will take. She can be in the middle of the biggest, most tired meltdown and if I hand her a certain pacifier, she looks at me as if I am crazy. It is the same exact pacifier as all her other ones. But she knows the look of it and just won’t take it.

Sometimes, in the middle of the night when her pacifier falls out, I go in and put that pacifier in, just to mess with her.

I guess it’s possible quirky runs in the family…


4 Responses to “Should I Be Worried?”

  1. Jane Says:

    Reading this confirms my opinion that my 14-month-old has already started her terrible twos stage – I’m guessing we’re in for a long one!

    There are times when I try all five of her NUK pacifiers, and only one will do. Help us all if that one is no where to be found. And it varies as to which one it is.

    She does the sit-down/scream routine some days, too – today she DID NOT want to be dressed. I have no idea why. She quickly went from giggles as I chased her around to screams when I caught her then to giggles again when I let her go. And then she DID NOT want to be picked up to go downstairs. And so the day went.

    Anyways, babies are so wonderful, quirks and all. It’s the quirks that make them unique, after all!

  2. erin g Says:

    ha ha that’s hilarious that you change her paci out! I’m glad nathan’s not a paci addict, although sometimes (like when he’s screaming at the grocery store) I wish he WOULD take it. if I try to offer him a paci to calm him down, it infuriates him… mom, do NOT shove that thing in my mouth!!! pay attention to me!!! but if I wrestle him enough, I can get his thumb in there, which actually does soothe him, when he remembers to use it. the problem with the thumb is you can’t take it away when they outgrow it, so I hope he doesn’t get too addicted to that either! anyway this post made me laugh out loud! 🙂

  3. Emily Says:

    Oh man, I laughed out loud as well- that she looked at you like you were crazy! HA! I am so thankful that my 5-month-old is a ways from terrible 2, yet somewhat leery that those days will come a little too soon.
    Great post! Good to know what I may be up agaist in the future …

  4. jubilee Says:

    too funny and quite reminiscent of our son’s i’m-not-terrible-just-two phase. he was very particular about his bink and we could never fool him.

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