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Things I Know To Be True June 23, 2008

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  1. If your regular aerobics instructor is not there and you see that the woman who is teaching the class, although very nice, is known to sing loudly along with the music and regularly shout “Who Hoo!!” you are probably not going to enjoy the class as much as you usually do.
  2. If your you or the hubby (that would be the hubby, I don’t rise early EVER) sets the alarm so that he can wake up early and work out, your kids will wake up during the night culminating in a 5:40 am wake up call.
  3. If you have worn the same bras for years on end, chances are that the new bras you try on in your size will seem oddly small. But only around your chest, not in your actual boobs. Those babies have shriveled up like a raisin after nursing 2 kids. And you will be sad when you try on the “Super Sexy Push Up Bra” and they still look that way.
  4. If you drop your children off at your parents for the afternoon so you can go to the doctor, chances are they will behave like angels only to unleash some exceptionally nasty behavior on you for the rest of the night.
  5. If you go to CVS at an alternate time than when your usual cashier (who you know and who knows you on a first name basis) is working, you will get hassled about the coupons you are using forcing you to add a Twix candy bar to your total to deal with the stress.
  6. If someone wants to pay you $20 to participate in a taste test that actually is a “smell test” in which you smell various samples of cereal and provide feedback, that is a pretty easy $20.
  7. If your brother and sister in law get you a pedicure for your birthday, you can assume they know you fairly well. Also, you must use it as soon as possible on the day it arrives. That kind of thing can’t sit around collecting dust. Especially when my toes were beginning to look a bit funky.
  8. I will never grow tired of listening to the song “Falling Slowly” which won the Oscar last year.
  9. There is nothing better than sitting on your patio in a lounge chair with I-tunes playing, a glass of wine and your trusty laptop keeping you company.

There really seems like there should be 1 more observations to round it out to an even 10 so throw a couple in the comments dear readers.


8 Responses to “Things I Know To Be True”

  1. karenamundson Says:

    If you just started a yoga (or what I like to call “stretching class”) and you are suppose to put your legs straight out and touch your toes yet you can barely touch your knees you know you’re not as young (and flexable) as you use to be. 😦

  2. A day at work is much better if started off with a daily does of blog reading.

  3. Jane Says:

    Tell me the bra size thing isn’t true. Please!? I keep hearing it.

    I, too, love it when my baby acts up driving me crazy, then acts all angelic with other people, prompting them to question all my complaints and telling me how “easy” my baby is. Maybe I DO need to stop whining about her, though – she’s getting big enough to understand what I say.

  4. Amen on the CVS thing and the bra thing. A friend of mone once described her post-nursing boobs as “two sad flaps of skin with a nipple attached.”
    so sad, so very, very sad!

  5. CoCo Says:

    There is nothing better than grandkids!! (and mine are always perfect!!!!)

  6. Andrea Says:

    When you go to target to return something because let’s face it, most things you buy at target are not neccessary, and you can’t find that dag gun reciept anywhere…you might as well figure out a way to use the unnecessity or search frantically for that reciept. Customer service motto – No receipt no return!

  7. jubilee Says:

    If you eat 20 minutes prior to working out with P90x your dinner will revisit you.

  8. tangerines in socks…best post nursing boob description I’ve ever heard

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