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Frugal Friday- My Last Post About Dishwashers (Probably, well maybe) June 26, 2008

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  Well, I just can’t resist carrying the dishwasher theme one more day. Let’s recap what we have learned so far for those of you joining us (can you stand the suspense?)

  1. I have deep seeded dishwasher issues. Let’s just get that out in the open.
  2. You should arrange your silverware in your dishwasher in an orderly and slightly anal fashion.
  3. Cascade rocks, whether liquid or little cubes of ingeniousness. And although it is typically a bit pricey you can usually stock up when Walgreens is doing a P&G deal (see how I threw in an extra little frugal tip? That’s a freebie)

Now here is a dishwasher confession. Despite my anal retentive dishwasher ways, I have never been one to use a rinse aid. It just always seemed like an extra unneeded expense and when I use Cascade my dishes don’t really get rinse spots (reason #49 I love Cascade). However, I read that it speeds drying time and if you live in a place with really hard water it is essential. Do you use it? Just curious.

Anyhoo, I recently read that one of God’s greatest inventions, vinegar, is an excellent rinse aid (reason #366 I love vinegar). Bonus: way better than commercial rinse aids for the environment. All you do is unscrew the rinse aid cap and fill the well with white vinegar. Bonus #2: if your dishwasher parts or the inside of your dishwasher is looking a bit dirty, fill the actual detergent dispenser with vinegar and run and empty load (also gets rid of funky towel syndrome). Then when people come over you can distract them from the messiness in the rest of your house with the sparkling inside of your dishwasher (as well as it’s perfect organization and appropriately sorted silverware containers…well that would impress me).

For more frugal tips, head over to Biblical Womanhood.


13 Responses to “Frugal Friday- My Last Post About Dishwashers (Probably, well maybe)”

  1. the lizness Says:

    I am going RIGHT NOW to do that to my dishwasher. I hate putting bottles and caps in there because it never seems clean enough.

    Funny how I don’t mind stuff on the plates everyone else but the baby uses …

  2. Nicole Says:

    I’m so glad you posted about the vinegar in the dishwasher…I was just wondering if that would work! I’ll definitely put it in the rinse aid thingy, too.

    I guess I kinda have dishwasher issues, too 🙂

  3. I’m having a heck of a time getting my dishes clean. We are using the Electrasol gel packs and they aren’t cutting it, however, we got them for 75 cents a box (on sale w/coupon) so guess who has 7 more boxes?! Any ideas to help me get the dishes clean? You seem to be an expert at this point. 😉

  4. Leslie Says:

    Yes, vinegar in the dishwasher really does work! I sometimes use it when I’m washing by hand to give the dishes an extra sparkle. You can also use it in your washer as a fabric softener!

  5. twithhoney Says:

    Yeah! Another use for vinegar.

    We don’t really need rinse aid in our dishwater but my mom does. She has really hard water and if you skip the rinse aid everything has a white film/spots on it.

  6. mom2fur Says:

    I remember reading somewhere that the main ingredient in those rinse aids is…white vinegar! So who needs to spend all that money.
    Regarding Cascade–yep, it rocks. I figure by the time I end up re-washing dishes with the cheap stuff, I might as well just buy it. I like the pillow things because there is no waste with them. They also seem to be a lot cheaper if you buy the biggest tub of them you can!

  7. jubilee Says:

    Vinegar seems to be the new wonder product. Only not really new. I hear it works in coffee makers too.

  8. Audra Krell Says:

    Cascade Complete is all you need, even with hard water. Putting Cascade Complete plus a rinse aid just makes for more powder on the dishes.

  9. So, last summer our dishwasher sucked. Enough that I asked the appliance guy who came to fix the oven about our sucky dishwasher. Blah blah blah. Two weeks later, I mutter to my b-i-l about sub par dishwasher quality in fromt of neighbor & she says entire neighborhood is suffering. Multiple neighbors have called Sears multiple times. Turns out they were just using a different well for a bit!!??**!!??

  10. skiplovey Says:

    I’m going to give this a try because I think our rinse aid doesn’t do .. well what it’s supposed to do. Plus we’re out of it and I’ve got a big bottle of white vinegar.

    now what can you do about the white chalky buildup that’s all over the racks?

  11. Having just had a MAJOR dishwasher upgrade (from crappola to ZOWWIE) we are doing a test in our house. I am not rinsing ANYTHING for this next load just to see what happens.

    Cause we like to live on the edge.

    I’ll let you know what happens. It could be monumental.

  12. Donielle Says:

    I’ve used only vinegar as a rinse aid for months and love it! Actually;y works better than the expensive stuff! I think I may have an obsession with the stuff seeing as how every cleaning post on my blog mentions the it. And now my mom went and got me the book “1001 uses for vinegar”. Looks like I have about 901 more posts to go!!

  13. Update Update! I have completely clean dishes…and I didn’t rinse them AT ALL.

    I am a happy woman.


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