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Works for Me Wednesday- Take Your Vitamins July 8, 2008

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  You know how you are supposed to take a daily vitamin. Well at least somebody says you should. And since they don’t make adult ones shaped like Pebbles and Bam-Bam, I can’t seem to remember to take mine. Ever. And I really want to be one of those people who remember to take their vitamins. It seems very responsible and grown up like.

So last week I decided to do something to help me remember. So I went out and bought one of those daily pill reminder things (they probably have a way more technical name). Then I put my daily vitamins in there. A multi, some fish oil,  a calcium, whatever else I decide throw in there.

Now the system isn’t fool proof (or child proof so be careful). But it has raised my vitamin taking percentage from about 10% or the time to about 60% so that is something right? I am sure my bones, brain and other vital organs are thankful. And if I could just carve them out into the shape of Dino and flavor them like berries I would surely be at 100%.

For more tips, head over to Rocks in my Dryer.


17 Responses to “Works for Me Wednesday- Take Your Vitamins”

  1. Lady Why Says:

    I can NEVER remember my vitamins… even when I was pregnant I would only take my vitamins once in a blue moon. Maybe your system will help me. I’d be thrilled with 60%!

  2. Now why didn’t I think of that! I need to take my vitamond too. 😀

    Come try out my finger-licking good, messy, sticky, but SUPER easy BBQ rib recipe:

  3. I have to write it on my “to do” list, and wouldn’t ya know it, I miss more days than I hit. Go figure. Maybe I should get me a little box! Thanks for the tip.

  4. Slacker Mom Says:

    I’ve been using this sytem to help The UIC take his meds every day – so far (knock on wood) – it works. 🙂

  5. How about tasty adult gummy vitamins? Mmmmm.

    I keep them right by my toothbrush so I don’t forget! You can also take 2-4 of the kids vits. When I was preggers. I couldn’t swallow adult vitamins and the prenatal chewables were so darn expensive. My Doc had me take 4 of the kids chewables.


    Thanks for sharing your “blue hair” tip. I will see you in Boca 🙂 for a game of shuffle board. In all seriousness, I do like this idea, because I typically take my vitamins one a week.

  7. jennifer Says:

    I am also bad about taking my vitamins, I think I am going to use you idea. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Carol Says:

    Those things are great! I’ve used one for years and it works for me, too!

  9. canearl Says:

    That’s a good idea. I always forget if I took them or not- at least that way you’d know.
    I saw on 20/20 the other day that Vitamin D is one of the best supplements to take – FYI.

  10. becky Says:

    I also take gummy vitamins. The One-a-Days would make me nauseous if I didn’t eat them with food, and I didn’t want to eat them with food b/c my nutritionist/old college roommate friend always told me how the calcium and iron would cancel each other out or something like that (I always had milk in my cereal for breakfast). So I figure the gummy ones are better than nothing. At least I take these ones.

  11. Jennifer Says:

    Pill organizers are great!

    For your multivitamin you can actually take a kids chewable. The amounts are almost identical to a basic adult multi-vitamin because anyone over 4 years old needs about the same. The fish oil will still have to be the boring swallow kind but maybe you can boost you percentage from 60% to 80% with the ever appealing flinstones!

  12. Heather Says:

    According to my mother, a nurse/nutritionist, 2 Flintstones = 1 adult multi-vitamin. If you take an additional calcium supplement, take it later in the day than your multi vitamin. Your body can only absorb 30% of your RDA of calcium at a time, which is what a typical multi contains. For that matter, don’t take your vitamins with milk, either. Coffee, tea, citrus or tomato juice and soda will all negatively effect how your vitamins are absorbed. Water is your best best for proper absorption, preferably a full glass of water. If it makes you nauseous to drink that much water and take vitamins at the same time, eat a light snack with your vitamins.

  13. Veggiemomof2 Says:

    I remember to take mine by putting the pill box (i have one like yours) w/my oatmeal that I eat every morning. My evening pill box is beside my bed.

  14. Audra Krell Says:

    I drink my vitamins by adding a pack of “Go Greens” to a waterbottle. Now the people around are grossed out by the green liquid in the bottle, but I feel so much better when I drink it, and I get another 2 cups of water in that way!

  15. I like to steal Bubbalu’s Gummyvites because they taste JUST like gummy bears…yum!

  16. Devon Says:

    Hi! Thanks for checking up on me! We’re doing well…just not much time for commenting! I DO find time to read occasionally, though. 🙂

    I have sooooo much trouble taking vitamins. Part of it is a mental block that was created by years of sickness and lots of meds, I do believe. I try to set them some place that I CAN’T miss them. Then, the only trouble is convincing my stomach that it’s ready to take those suckers! YUCK!

  17. Jen Says:

    I used to be so good about taking my vitamins but have completely slacked off on it. I guess one of those pill things would be helpful, but I’m gonna feel so old using it. Thanks for the tip.

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