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Things I Love Thursday- Pledge Multisurface wipes July 9, 2008

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Blogging from the road today, but I can’t let all 5 of my readers down that link to TILT, so I am taking a break from my vacation to blog. That is the kind of dedicated blogger that I am. Let’s see if we can set a world record for TILT participation, shall we? If you would please go read the rules over here, especially if you are a first timer, that would prevent anyone from getting put in the “naughty chair.”

Anyway, this week I stumbled upon a great new product that has helped me in my quest to be the laziest cleaner ever. You see one stupidly easy task that I hate doing is dusting. I don’t know why, but I suspect it is because it was one of my chores I always had to do growing up. Along with ironing. Another chore I currently load. I am a firm believer that all problems can be traced directly back to and blamed directly upon your parents. You may think that is unfair to my parents, but I figure someday my kids will be blaming a whole host of things on me so it will all come full circle.

Anywho…the dusting. I discovered that Pledge has taken one step out of the dusting. The spraying part. Which was really quite taxing. Now, they have a wipe with the stuff already on it and you just pull it out and wipe stuff down. Miraculous. Put this is not the best part. There’s more!! You don’t just use these babies on wood. I used these on my hubby’s bathroom mirror which was covered with what appeared to be a large amount of toothpaste spittal. I could barely see myself anymore. Also somehow my laptop screen was covered in little fingerprints. Can’t imagine how that happened. One swipe…gone.

According to the website, you can use it on a whole host of surfaces. And you can keep using it from surface to surface until it is too dirty or dry. Then you just toss it. Again, this is probably not my most earth friendly moment ever, but did I mention how lazy of a cleaner I am? I am justifying it by saying that these things will be replacing all sorts of other cleaners in my house that are probably toxic and or in non-recyclable containers. What do you think, would that fly with Al, Leo and their posse?

Here is a bonus frugal tip a week early. These are on sale at Walgreens this week 2/$6. Then there is a coupon in 6/15 Smart Source that is buy one, get one free. THEN, there is a rebate (#21) you can apply for on Walgreens website (you can email me if you want more info) where you get $2 back for every 2 you buy which essentially makes these $.50 each!! You can do this for up two six of these. Aren’t you proud Jenny? And don’t worry, you will still get a frugal tip tomorrow for Frugal Friday. I am like the postman, I deliver rain or shine….or vacation. Which I am getting back to right now.

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8 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday- Pledge Multisurface wipes”

  1. every time you post, i get more and more convinced of our freakish twin-likeness. lazy cleaning, coupons, fingerprinty laptops…it never ends!

  2. bigbinder Says:

    I am so glad you took a break from your – break. We always say that we are not saving for our childrens’ education – they can take a loan for that. We are looking for a 529 plan that allows for the funds to be used for psychotherapy instead. How’s that for parental confidence?

    I love any kind of cleaning wipe. I figure that you can either wash a rag with all of those horrible chemicals on it, and use water and energy, and the horrible chemicals go down the drain OR – you can just throw it away! See? No environmental guilt.

  3. I LOVE Pledge wipes! The mirror AND the counter in one fell swoop!? Count me in 🙂

  4. Brooke Says:

    don’t have a blog – so i can’t have fun with mister linky. but i did want to participate and say that i LOVE Kraft Shells & Cheese. it actually saves me money because i rarely have milk on hand, so buying just to make mac & cheese wouldn’t make much financial sense. and i can cook it a million different ways.

    would it be breaking the rules (don’t wanna sit in the bad girl chair) if i added a 2nd thing that i love? its a great place to get new recipes – and a million and one different ways to cook with shells and cheese!

  5. ofebers Says:

    Yeah, another carnival!

  6. Courtney W. Says:

    I LOVE these wipes. They clean anything!! I hate cleaning but this makes it SO much easier!!


  7. bananas Says:

    WIPES!!! I lurve wipes.

  8. Barbara Says:

    I love wipes! I use the Clorox wipes an awful lot, but trying to be a little more earth friendly and use spray and rags… That spraying and washing rags is a lot of extra work though!!! 🙂

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