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I’m Moving!! July 13, 2008

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  Are you still there, on the edge of your seat. I hope your butt cheek hasn’t fallen asleep cause that would really stink. Anyway, I just wanted to first announce that I am not pregnant. And I mean that for real, not in a Ashley Simpson sort of way (People readers, I know you know what I am talkin’ about). Maybe it is the fact I haven’t been to the gym in 2 weeks and have been eating multiple rounds of fast food and my mom’s chocolate chip cookies on my vacation that led you to think that was a baby in there. I can assure you, I have just put on a few.

Anyway, I have taken the plunge and gotten my very own website!! I am so excited. It has actually felt like having a baby. I keep going there and staring at it, making sure it is OK. Smiling over this thing I have created. Actually I didn’t create it at all, but I will tell you all about who did if you will just head over and join me.

Wait, wait, wait. First I need you to help me out. If I am so lucky to be in your blogroll, could you change the address. Same if you read me in bloglines or some other sort of feed. If you are a subscriber, you don’t have to do anything, I will take care of it for you. I have been really nervous about making the switch, fearing I would lose you so please come with me. Pretty please.

Ok….now Go!!


Sharing the Love June 14, 2008

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 My friend Stacey over at Look Mom Look!has passed on this lovely award. The great thing about this award is that it is also a mini-PSA reminding you to consider organ donation. We are big here in the Diaper Diary household about donating it all cause you can’t take it with you. So check out the link below for more info.

The rules of this award are: SHARE THE LOVE!!! Share this award with all those blogs out there that you love. All the people who make you smile. All those that make you laugh. All those that make your day. All those that leave uplifting comments on your blog. **All I ask, is that you include a link to this post with the award and ask your recipient to do the same**

So this award goes some of my most loyal commenters of late. See if you comment you get things!!  Amanda, Krista, Donielle,  Julie, Kati, Erin, Toni and Playful Professional. Also all my commenters named Heather, cause their are like 8 of you and you all comment very regularly. So if your name is Heather and you ever comment on this blog, this award goes to you. I probably tagged way to many people and I probably left out some too. Sorry about that, but thanks to all my regular readers and commenters. YOU ROCK!!


Things I Love Thursday- YOU!! June 4, 2008

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 I realized today (Wed) that it is actually my one year blogging anniversary!!! How fun is that? And it almost slipped by unnoticed. So today I am paying tribute to you, my wonderful readers.

Some of you have been with me from the beginning. Mom and the hubby were the first two to comment cause they are required to love me and my blog, but then I got a few strangers who started reading and are still loyal commentors. And then a few of my friends started blogs and I found a bunch of friends already had blogs and an obsession began. Now even the hubby has a blog.

451 posts, 4777 comments (a bloggy carnival or 2 will do your numbers wonders) and even 4299 spam comments (thanks to viagra and the sex challenge) later, here we are. So thank you all for going on this little adventure with me. I sincerely love every comment and am trying to get better about following up on them. You have made this so fun and I have enjoyed making some “bloggy” friends. Weird little thing, this world wide web.

You know what I want for my anniversary? More comments!!! This is officially your day to come out of the woodwork and tell me you love me :). And I am not above bribery. I am offering up one of my mother’s beautiful scripture names personalized as you wish. If you have always wanted one of these during the bloggy giveaways, but there were way too many people entered, here is your chance. I don’t have near that many readers 🙂 The contest will end next Wednesday at midnight when we will begin celebrating another unnamed special occasion.

If you don’t want to be entered in the contest, leave a comment anyway and tell me not to enter you. The goal is comments people. I want to wake up and be flooded with them. Cause comments are like crack to a blogger and I can’t get enough (note: I have never actually tried crack, nor do I condone it’s use, but I couldn’t think of another analogy). Wait I just did. Comments are like chocolate to a women who is in the throes of PMS. Come to think of it…chocolate would be an excellent anniversary gift. Forget the comments, send chocolate 🙂


A Fashion Find May 12, 2008

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 As I recently mentioned, I love fashion. And I love fashion tips. I have tried lots of fashion magazines and while they give me some ideas, I have no intention of paying $300 for a white t-shirt. And last time I checked 3 inch heels didn’t work so well at the park. So I need practical advice. Recently I scored a free subscription to Seventeen magazine and before you laugh, let me just tell you I read it cover to cover. Besides being a little disturbed by the content, I was loving that it highlighted some clothing and makeup options that were actually affordable. And wearable despite the fact it was catering to young girls. The articles-a bit hoochy, the clothes-not so much. So despite the fact I will not be letting my daughters read this publication, I found some great buys.

Also, my good friend Jen has launched a blog as well as a new website for her business. If you live in or near Chicago, you should definitely check out her personal styling services. She goes through your closet and takes you shopping to find clothes that flatter and are affordable. Think of her as a WAY nicer version of Stacy London. And she is a mom so she is not going to send you to the park in a mini skirt and high heels.

If you don’t live in Chicago, you can still benefit from her stylish advice at her blog. And the advice is free!! I have ripped off many style tips from her over the years and she is undoubtedly one of the most stylish people I know. So check her out and start looking fabulous!!


I might just fail 8th grade Geography March 14, 2008

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countries_qvh7ovnral.jpg61 *for some reason this widget won’t post. The net out is I named 61 countries in 5 minutes. I would love for you to take the quiz too, but I can’t get the stupid link to work.

Ok, here is the problem. All the country names have changed since I was in school. Eastern Europe, Russia, Africa…hello, you people keep changing your names every couple of years. I would also like to state for the record that the test would not recognize Egypt. Last time I checked that was a country. Unless they decided to move the ancient pyramids to North Dakota and nobody told me.

This is just one of 412 reasons I am not homeschooling my children. I fear I would be lost after 3rd grade. And that is just too embarrassing to subject myself to. This is also reason 247 that I might need to get some sort of life that doesn’t involve taking online geography tests on Friday night while sitting next to my hubby who is searching for LOSTconspiracy theories online. The excitement around here is palpable.


Get Your Blog On March 7, 2008

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Ultimate Blog Party 2008 So 5 Minutes for Mom is hosting the 2008 Ultimate Blog Party. Never one to miss a good party I thought I would join in. Actually I am never that hesitant to turn down a good party, but you know what I won’t miss…free stuff. There are like 100 prizes to be won. You know what else I never miss…an excuse to blog. So I am soooo in. Here is the deal. All sorts of ladies around the blogosphere are participating. To join in click on the flashing picture above or on the sidebar. Then let the party begin!

If you came over via Mr. Linky, welcome to my blog. I began blogging less than a year ago and had no idea how addictive it would become. I also had no idea how many friends I would make in the process. Maybe, just maybe, we could be friends too. There is a very rigorous screening process and the hazing can a bit daunting, but if you make it through, the perks are outstanding.

To learn a little about me, check out here or here. I blog everyday (nearly) about anything and everything. And you will find I don’t embarrass easily. Wanna know about my thoughts on Christian sex? Here ya go. The voodoo curse that was put on my house? That would be here. My shortcomings as a mom? Here and probably a half a dozen others. Reasons to avoid the gym? Gotcha covered. I suppose sometimes I am serious and heartfelt too, but those don’t seem near as fun to link to as this.

Hope you enjoy your visit. If you comment, I try really, really hard to check your blog out too. I am so excited to discover some hidden treasures. Remember if you want to play along, head over here.


Aw shucks February 9, 2008

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Tiffany over at Life on the Road gave me a couple awards and tagged me for a meme. I have already done the 7 random things meme. So I am just going to pass the awards on.

amazingaward.png I don’t know if you noticed, but I have recently added some new blogs to my blogroll. I am passing this award on to some of my newest reads.

Lifenut– This woman has the best blog headers around! And her writing ain’t so bad either 🙂

Moosh in Indy– She makes me giggle

Nap Warden– A stay at home mommy or a superhero? You decide.

Sarcastic Mom– I discovered her while NaBloPoMo. Name says it all.

Still His Girl– SAHM to girls, loves God, loves chocolate…nuf said

Toddled Dredge– This blog is just brilliant. And I don’t know what exactly the name means, but I love it.

spread_the_love_award.jpg Award #2. See that other part of my blogroll. The bloggers I have the good fortune to know in real life. The few who understand the crazy obsession that a blog can become. The few who don’t think it’s weird that I even have “blog friends.” You all get this award. Go spread the love!!

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  • A Little Bit Crazy
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  • Adventure Mom
  • Big Binder
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  • Good Idea Momma
  • Grand Rapids 4 Huckabee
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  • Look, Mom, Look!
  • Mom to Two Boys
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  • Resouling the Stilettos
  • Sunshine Eyes
  • The Left Bower
  • And if anyone else wants to do the 7 random things meme have at it. Let me know you did it so I can see if you are weirder than me.